Perfect House - Recap

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The scene opens with Dave and Julia talking about how Joe is a trainer and Julia asks who he is. Dave describes him and leaves out the fact that he is the black guy at his work. Julia laughs at the fact that Dave can’t say that he is the black guy. Amy tells Vance a story about her day and Vance says that the details are not important and to get to the end. Vance can’t understand who Amy is talking about. Rex and Leigh tell about their trip to London and the couple listening to them is thinking that they are insane. Rex and Leigh asks if they are boring them. Julia is still teasing Dave about the fact that he didn’t care what skin color Joe had and asks if he can discern genders. He says that he is going to go out for a bit and walk the dog.

Vance and Dave are trying to sell a house and the couple says that it is not in their price range. Vance is sarcastic and asks if it was ever in their price range. Vance is upset and says that they deserve a house like this and they should have been rich. Dave says that the owners are out of town and Vance suggests they stay at the house for a bit. Dave says that it is unethical and that they shouldn’t do it. Vance turns on the TV and it covers the entire wall. Dave is impressed. Later, Rex goes to Dave and Julia’s and tells that Leigh has tennis elbow. This is normal for Leigh to fake an injury because she does it all the time with sports. Rex says that he needs a partner and Julia is one of the best. He asks her and she accepts. Rex says that they are going to have a fun time and win.

Dave gets into work the next day and says that they can tackle the hard work. Vance tells Isabella that they are working somewhere else and go to the home they are trying to sell. On the court, Rex and Julia get ready and both Julia and Rex are loud grunters. The opposing team asks them to not grunt so loud and Julia asks if she can keep her man satisfied. Leigh is getting jealous. At the house, Vance and Dave are playing a game of croquet and Dave says that the sellers are not going to be back for another 36 hours and that he is pulling and all nighter. He says that he just has to text Julia. She calls him and Dave says that it is only for a night and Julia says that it is fine. Dave says that he and Vance need some guy time. Amy is upset that Vance is with Dave and says that Vance and Dave’s friendship is better than what they have with them. Leigh says that Rex used to have friends, but they fell to the wayside, meaning that Leigh told them that Rex was dead. Rex comes in and tells that he is there to pick up Julia and calls her a wang. Leigh is jealous.

Dave gets in and finds that Amy is there with Vance. He is upset that she is there and to make things worse, Vance and Amy start to make-out. Dave leaves angry and tries to slam the door, but it has a slam-protection on it. The next day, Amy and Vance have breakfast at the seller’s house and Dave comes in and says that the Fosters wanted to see the house. Vance thinks that Dave is mad at him for allowing Amy to be on their guy’s night. Dave is trying to sell the house and Vance is telling lies about the house to make the Fosters not want it. Dave asks to talk to Vance outside. Meanwhile, Rex and Julia are almost to the finals and Leigh tells that her tennis elbow is better. Vance and Dave argue outside and Vance tells him to admit that he is mad at him. Dave pushes Vance in the pool and Vance says that he can’t swim. Dave dives in to save him, but Vance was joking. The Fosters come out and catch them fighting and Dave says that he can show them to the kitchen.

Leigh, Rex and Julia get back from the tennis tournament and Rex is upset at getting 2nd place. Leigh lost 13 games in a row. Leigh apologizes and that she ruined his chance for the big trophy. Julia offers to teach her and she says that she gets ugly when she plays. Julia starts to teach her, but it is no use. Julia and Dave are driving and Julia tells Dave that he needs to make up with Vance because they always have a stupid reason to get back together especially when Vance ate peanuts, even though he is allergic, just to make up. They get to Amy and Vance’s and Amy tells Vance that Dave caved. Dave says that Julia made him come. Dave says that Vince did a thoughtless thing. Vance tells that he left him at the DMV when he got together with Julia. Vance plays a message from 3 years ago and both he and Amy mimic the message. Dave apologizes to Vance. They make up with a hug and Dave tells that it is alright. Dave says that the sellers don’t get back for a while.

They all go over there and Vance says that if they ever get rich, they live together. There is a door that is opened and Dave says that the sellers are home. They pack up everything and run out of there as quick as possible. Later, Dave and Julia mimic Vance’s message and Vance says that they memorized it and that is not cool. Dave and Julia say that Vance has a standard message and prove it by playing the same message from a week ago.