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Perfect Job - Recap

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The scene opens with Vance and Amy out for dinner. Amy gets a piece of cake for herself and asks if Vance wants some. He says that he was only a little bit. However, he winds up eating the entire cake. Leigh and Rex are at a beauty salon and Leigh talks about how they should set up a woman who is single. However, Rex takes the laugh when he says that she can’t hold onto him. Julia is enjoying a bath and Dave comes in and splashes in the tub with her and splashes her. Rex, Dave and Vance get in and Rex says that he beat Vance again. Julia says that she wants to go out and go fundraising. Dave says that he is going to watch “The Wire” and Julia says that is their show. However, they show Julia watching it and she is only asking questions.

Amy comes in and says that she had a breakthrough. Vance guesses that she quit another job and he is right. Amy says that she had to quit the pet shop and set all the animals free. Vance asks if there was a severance package. She shows that she got one of the dogs. Vance tries to remain firm, but can’t when he looks at the puppy and says that he will call him “Little Vance”. Later that night, Julia stumbles in and says that they went karaoke afterward with Terry and Robert, her gay friends from work. Dave asks why he didn’t get a call. She is too drunk and just laughs. The next day, Dave tells Rex and Vance and Rex tells that whenever he is having fun, he tells Leigh always. Leigh is there and she tells that she is going out with friends. Vance loses to Rex and Rex says that he beat him in everything. He remembers that he has one more that they haven’t played. He uncovers a mini-pool table and challenges him to a game.

Meanwhile, Julie, Amy and Leigh are out to lunch and Julia says that it was fun to go out without Dave. Amy says that is why she goes jogging, which means that she runs around the corner and sits on the curb and reads a magazine. Julia gets a text from Terry saying that they are watching “The Real Housewives”. She leaves and Leigh asks Amy what she wants to do. Amy says that she wants a job where people respect her. Leigh says that Amy needs a wife and Amy asks if she wants to be her wife. She says that she does. Back at Rex’s, Vance is kicking Vance’s butt in mini-pool. The next day, Amy starts her new job and Vance and Leigh kiss her on the cheek and wish her luck. Later that evening, Julia has Terry and Robert over while Dave watches “The Wire” in his room. He hears that they are having fun and asks if his tv show is too loud. They tell that it isn’t. Terry asks Julia if they have margaritas and Julia says that she doesn’t know how to make them, but Dave does.

Meanwhile, Rex and Vance are still playing mini-pool and Vance finally beats Rex and tells that he is retiring from mini-pool. Dave joins Terry, Robert and Julia and immediately, Terry and Robert like him. Terry spills his margarita on a chair, but Dave fixes it right away. They are impressed and then say that it is getting late. They tell Julia that they will take a rein check on the “The Real Housewives”. The next day at Amy’s office, she gets back from lunch and Leigh is there. She says that she set up a meeting with Amy’s boss to have her pitch ideas. Amy says that she doesn’t have any and Leigh tells her to get some. Meanwhile, Vance is over at Dave’s and tells that Luke doesn’t like “Little Vance”. Terry calls Dave and invites him to a club later. Julia asks who that was on the phone and he says that Terry invited him to go out to the club. He asks if she wants to go and she says that she does. He says that he will ask the guys.

Julia goes out to her car and Vance comes in. He says that Julia is upset with Dave for that move and Julia says that she is. Vance tells her to drive. Meanwhile, Amy tries to talk to a client and gets frustrated. She gets a message from Leigh that is addressed to Rex and her. She tells Amy that she is going to do great in her meeting. Back in the car, Vance tells that Dave always steals people from others just like his friend that he had. Vance realizes something and has Julia turn around. He runs inside the house and finds Dave cuddling his puppy. Vance tells Dave that he has a dog named Luke already. Later, Amy is at the movies rather than at her meeting and Rex is there too. He says that he ditched his violin lesson and Amy says that Leigh is just putting too much on her. He suggests that they talk to Leigh together.

Julia goes to the club without Dave and dances with Terry and Robert. Meanwhile, Dave is with Vance watching “The Wire” and says that Vance is asking questions. Terry calls Dave and Rex shows up with the mini-pool table. Vance tells him that it is not going to happen. Dave comes back and says that Julia lied to him and that he is going to go to the club. He gets there and sees that Julia is having a fun time. He decides not to ruin her fun and leaves. He runs into Steve from work and he says that he was looking for a yogurt shop. Rex and Amy talk to Leigh and tell that Rex is failing in things because of the lack of affection. She tells Amy that she can’t be her wife anymore and Amy says that it is fine. Julia gets home and she tells that she lied to Dave and is sorry. Dave says that he is happy that she had fun. Later, Rex calls Vance up and says that “Little Vance” came over and if he doesn’t want him to eat regular dog food, he better get down to his place and give him a rematch.