Perfect Lies - Recap

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The scene opens with Rex asking Julia, “the maid of honor” about their plans. Julia replies that it will not be Vegas, but Vancouver. Vance warns the girls about leaving Amy alone with her childhood friend Doddy, who will join the bachelorette party later. Vance complains that too much of Doddy’s influence on Amy might spoil his Henry Higgins work. Rex nudges Leigh asking who Henry Higgins is. Leigh says that he is a politician. Amy says that the guys should keep Vance away from strip clubs. She says she doesn’t mind the nudity, but Vance likes helping injured women. Vance says that they are camping in the mountains. Dave boasts it was his idea and Julia talks about his scouting achievements. Leigh tries to say something, but Vance hugs Amy and says that he promised not to hide anything from Amy. Julia and Leigh disagree, saying that revealing everything they are about to do might be a bad idea. Vance says that their trip will be about ‘deep emotional transcendence’, but Dave argues it and says that it is not going to be.

Rex, Vance and Dave arrive at the camp site. Rex asks whether his trousers went well with his shirt. Dave replies yes without looking, making Rex slightly upset. Dave says that they look old. Rex takes it well, and Vance tells both of them how strongly he already feels the connection working. Rex tells them how Leigh was a perfect match for him because she can stay up and party for long hours unlike the other girlfriends he had before. Rex sighs and tells them he misses her. Meanwhile, the girls have reached their Vancouver hotel room. Leigh sprays some of Rex’s cologne saying she misses his scent. Julia has booked a spa for a massage. While Amy and Leigh are thrilled to hear it, Doddy knocks on the door. She and Amy are very happy to see each other. Doddy suggests that they should all start drinking, but Julia says she has a massage planned. Doddy argues that it will not be as fun as what she has on mind, and Julia gets slightly disappointed. Doddy says that she has a surprise in her suitcase.

Leigh quietly tells Amy that the things that Doddy is doing should be reserved for the maid of honor, who is supposed to be Julia. Amy then reveals that Doddy actually thinks she is the one, because of a promise Amy had made to her when she was 12. Leigh panics, and reaches for Rex’s cologne once again. The guys set up their camp. Rex asks Dave whether the fire is safe and he replies that fire is fine. They lie down on their backs holding each other’s hands, enjoying gazing at stars. They see a comet and Dave is quick to name it. Vance asks for the time, and Rex replies that it is 8:15. Vance tells them that the moment of transcendence came faster than he expected. However, Rex says that he is changing plans.

The girls are at a bar with Doddy, who makes a brash comment about Julie. She replies with a snub. Leigh takes Amy aside again and tells her how the “maid of honor” confusion was making her panic. Meanwhile, the guys reach a strip club, where Vance gives a stripper some money. He tells her to buy a book on mortgage financing. He also gets the stripper to meet them in a room. The girls keep drinking at a bar, Amy dances with Doddy. Julia approaches Amy and her and Doddy are about to get into a fight over going to a different place, when Julia asks her who does she think she is. Doddy reveals that she is the Maid of Honor. Julia is upset and Amy pretends to be oblivious, saying she is sloshed. Back at the strip club, the stripper meets the guys in their hotel room, and asks for the bathroom. She comes out wearing Amy’s wedding dress and Vance objects to it politely. She agrees to take it off, but when she turns around, the hip of the dress catches fire. Vance panics, and Dave tries to put it off by throwing some sand. It does not work. He then grabs her around with a large cloth and manages to put it out.

The next morning, the guys wake up to a messy room, and immediately start recollecting what happened. They remember that in the attempt of airing away the stripper’s perfume from Amy’s wedding gown, they were holding it on the limousine’s roof and they lost it when it flew out of their hands. They go looking for it and find it stuck on a tree. Meanwhile, the girls wake up in their hotel room and Doddy complains about a distracting sound that made her sleep unsatisfying and walks into to another room. Julia tells Doddy that Amy told her to be the maid of honor just six months back. Doddy gets disappointed. Amy pretends to not know. The guys come back to Vance’s place, where Rex tries to make some corrections on the wedding dress. Vance tells the guys that he cannot lie to Amy. Rex concludes that Vance has to lie, breaking his promise.

Amy comes back and asks Vance about what happened. Vance tries to cover up the story by saying they came back earlier to play board games. He tries to explain that the guys accidentally spilled their drinks. However, he panics and calls up Rex and Dave on conference after Amy asks about the sand. Vance tells them there are too many loopholes in the story, but Dave tries to sort things out by calling them over. The guys answer Amy’s questions and Dave tries to explain that he was making a drink. Vance shouts out that it was a ‘frozen hurricane’. Amy asks Dave the recipe to check if it is true. Dave hesitates at first, but manages to do it. This gets Amy happy and she hugs Vance. Julia asks who the real Maid of Honor is. Amy confesses that Doddy and Julia can split it. Julia gets angry with her and divulges what really happened with the wedding dress. Dave had already told her the real story. Amy blames Rex for changing the plans on going to a strip club saying that Vance and Dave were keener on camping. Leigh is quick to defend him. Amy demands an apology, and Vance tells her that he is sorry. Amy refuses to accept it, and stomps out. Vance follows, but threatens Dave and says that he is going to tell Julia Dave’s biggest secrets on Julia’s voicemail.

Dave tries to keep Julia’s cell phone with him, waiting for Vance’s voice message. Julia asks him why she would keep it with him. Dave tries to find an excuse to switch it off. Meanwhile, Amy tells Julia that she has told Doddy that Julia will be the only maid of honor, and that she won’t have to split it. Julia’s phone starts buzzing, and Dave begins to panic. They know it is Vance. Dave blurts out the secret that he couldn’t make it to the next level in scouts because he got caught “exploring himself in his tent”. They realize Vance only left a message to Dave. Leigh shakes her head telling Dave that he is not very smart. Later, Rex, Dave and Vance get back together to have burritos and cold beer over an afternoon game. Vance tells the guys that they were still lifelong friends, but Dave replies saying Vance is not getting a moment. Rex complains about the interruption and requests them to ‘transcend’ during the commercials. The episode ends.