Perfect Exes - Recap

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The scene opens with Leigh brining a large bouquet of flowers into a room where all the organizing work has begun. Rex is writing up cards using calligraphy with a huge feather pen. Julia, the maid of honor, is testing the food. Dave tells Leigh that he likes how she has been able to influence Rex into creativity. Rex turns to Dave and complains how his kayak is now hanging from the ceiling because he does not use it. Vance and Amy step in. Leigh is delighted to see them and asks for their lists of things to be arranged. Vance and Amy hand out their individual lists to Leigh. She praises Amy’s beauty, but immediately regrets saying it and hands out the lists to Dave and Julia. Vance discovers that Amy has invited several of her ex-boyfriends from Leigh’s table arrangement chart. He tells Amy that he doesn’t like that, and starts taking off the names from Leigh’s chart. Amy explains that unlike Vance’s past relationships, hers end with a permanent bond. Leigh tells Vance that if they take Amy’s exes off the list, they would be left with 40 pounds of salmon. Leigh compliments Vance’s hair, to which he calms down for a while.

Later, Dave has Vance’s list of things to do, and Julia has Amy’s. Both reach the wedding planner’s office individually, and make completely opposite requests. Vance tries to get one of his own exes to the party, but fails. He gets even more irritated about the issue when Leigh, Rex and Amy laugh about it. He then threatens to create a scene at the party. Amy gets a little worried about it. Leigh says she needs to find a way to prevent Vance from doing something embarrassing. Rex tells Amy that Vance is only showing his weakness. Leigh then tells Amy that she loves it that Rex is least bothered about her past boyfriends, and that she held a similar view on Rex’s past relationships. Leigh reveals that she has a file of pictures and letters of her exes in her office room at home and Rex does not bother. Rex did not know about it until then, and gets a little surprised. However, he pretends that he is not bothered. Leigh asks Amy if she wanted to have a look at the file, and she is excited. They leave Rex in a perturbed mood.

Julia and Dave are at a hotel, talking to the staff about the arrangements. Julia argues with a receptionist about placing wine bottles in the hotel room, instead of fruit baskets. She asks for the supervisor and discovers that Dave was talking to the supervisor. He placed his requests successfully. They discover Mimo in the hotel. Julia exclaims that Amy wanted Mimo to stay home, and Dave reveals that his list says the opposite. They look at the list and realize that they are in direct conflict, even on matters such as having the room televisions in proper condition.

Dave walks into Vance’s room and finds him drinking a beer. He is planning on a special way to make a scene over the invitation of Amy’s exes. He asks Dave if turning over a table will be a good idea. He says he has done it before, but it will be something new for the out-of-town guests. Dave ignores that and puts the two lists in front of him. He realizes how conflicting they are. He discovers that Julia had her way with the lists in most of the cases. He expresses disgust on how Dave could give in on of the songs he specifically did not want played at the party. Vance tells Dave how Julia has been manipulating him and exercising mind control, not just with the lists, but with other things. However, Dave manages to calm him down by saying that he has something much better than Amy’s plan to host the first round of drinks in the hotel bar. Meanwhile, Amy has finished looking at Leigh’s file of ex-boyfriends, and she comes to tease Rex a bit. He continues pretending that he isn’t bothered with it. However, he reacts when Amy says he should be worried about one, Steve. Amy asks him if it only took a real name to get him jealous, and Rex becomes unable to hide his curiosity on the file. He flings off a sharpener carelessly, which hits a switch. He sets of in motion unknowingly and it keeps moving until it hits the kayak. It drops on a table filled with champagne flutes. The crash is loud, but Rex keeps thinking who Steve might be.

Vance is still angry over the invitation of Amy’s exes. Leigh sends him into a limousine saying that he should go golfing with some out-of-town guests. He hops into the car, and greets four men inside. After they introduce themselves by their names, he realizes that they are Amy’s exes. Leigh has recorded a video encouraging them to bond, and Amy comes on later, saying she approves of the video. Meanwhile, Dave comes up to Julia and tells her that he has an alternative to her plan of starting the party drinks at the hotel bar. He suggests a Tiki bar, but Julia does not agree. He then complains how she has always been getting her way. Julia tells him that is natural because he is a people-pleaser. Julia tells Dave that he gives in to her preferences, but she is the one to be blamed if they have not worked out. Dave gets enthusiastic and says that he wants to handle the arrangements without Julia’s interference. Vance is angry in the limousine, and expresses his rage about the bonding plan to the other guys. However, he communicates unwillingly and finds out that they are not that bad.

Rex has not been able to get over the same Steve. He keeps imagining whether the guy was a hippie, or the guy who started Facebook, and curses all of them. Amy leaves through the door not bothering to answer any of his curiosities, but tells him that he could have a look at the file himself. Dave is confused about the venue and he wants Julia’s suggestions. However, Julia ignores him. She walks away, but Dave ponders a variety of plans including bowling and murder mystery themes. He gets stuck on the idea of scavenger hunting, but Julia refuses to reply from another room. Meanwhile, Vance and Amy’s exes go drinking. He learns that she left all of them without warning. He feels slightly awkward about it. Rex tries to get Leigh’s file out. Leigh steps in when he is about to find it. Rex, caught in the act, admits that he is no better than Vance, saying he cannot hold back his curiosity. However, Leigh is happy to show her file, and begins with a thirteen-year-old boy’s picture. Rex is shocked thinking Leigh’s a pervert, but she tells him that she was also thirteen at the time. Rex comes across Steve, who was Leigh’s boyfriend in college, and was a tennis player. He curses him again saying he should hunt him down. Leigh then brings out a file where she has kept letters and pictures sent by Rex’s ex-girlfriends, and says that she always hid them away because she did not want him to see. Then a naked picture comes out, but they agree to shred it.

Later at the party, Amy is pleased about the arrangements and praises Dave. She finds her ex-boyfriends there, and tells them she is glad to see them. Vance appears in front of Amy, and complains to her that she deserted quality guys without warnings, and that was wrong. Amy replies that each of them had great qualities, but she found all of them in Vance. The wedding couple meets Dave and Julia, and thanks them for making the fabulous arrangements. Although most of it shaped up according to Julia’s ideas in the end, Dave’s plan of filling the place with foam actually happens. Julia covers her glass to prevent foam dropping into her drink, but gets into the mood a little later. The couples dance, but the lights go off after a while. Then someone is heard shouting “I am shot,” and Dave mutters he forgot to cancel the murder mystery plan. The episode ends.