Perfect Wedding - Recap

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The scene open with rehearsals under way for Vance and Amy’s wedding. The wedding minister asks that if someone has an objection to the wedding, now is the time to raise it. Immediately a young man comes rushing in playing the ex-lover. He says he is Amy’s first love, and tells her not to marry that man, pointing towards Vance. Leigh interrupts with a couple of claps. She hints to Rex, Dave and Julia about where they went wrong, and gets them to revise their tasks in the case of such an occurrence. Rex points out the protocols, and need for the drills in case Julia, the maid of honor falls off the stage, goes through a nipple-slip incident and other possibilities. Julia complains she does not want to be singled out in the drills.

Vance and Dave are together, and are about to catch some sleep on the night before the wedding. Vance tells Dave that he likes spending it with him. Dave replies he is too, but Vance is upset about Dave’s socks, calling them ‘distancing’. Dave says he needs them on because his feet get cold without them. Amy buzzes Dave on the phone, and gets him out to the door of the guys’ room. Amy is with Julia, the maid of honor and she thinks that Amy has gone to the loo. However, Amy came to the guys’ room to have a word with Dave. She says she is nervous about the wedding because of the way Vance has behaved recently. She complains he laughed too hard at Dave’s joke a little earlier, and fears that she might be left alone at the altar. However, Dave promises her that Vance will do no such thing, and allows her to leave on an encouraging note.

Leigh appears on the altar mice to get the wedding staff on their toes. Dave goes up to Julia, who is busy tying the flower ribbons in the wedding space, and tells her about doing the toast for Vance and Amy. Since they have planned to keep it funny, Dave shows that he wants to do it in place of Julie and they get into an argument. Leigh bumps into them and tells Dave, the best man, that he should be looking after Vance, and Julia that she should be doing the same for Amy. Leigh turns around and finds Vance sitting in a pensive mood looking out of the window. Dave immediately manages to get his mood right by doing some funny acts on the other side of the window. Vance laughs a little hysterically, but manages to cheer up for a while. Rex joins them and asks about his role in the wedding, especially as Dave was getting most of the responsibilities. However, Vance disappoints him saying that all the spots are taken. Rex is still determined to take up a role.

The scene moves to a hall where the guests are beginning to party. Amy greets them hopping down a staircase in style. She is overjoyed and tells Dave and Julia that she is loving the attention and already feels she should have been someone famous. One of the guests is sulking about being single at this party, and she is immediately enticed by a handsome man of towering height. While Dave and Julia watch them, Leigh tells them that she hired him to do sweet-talking to guests to keep their moods good. Leigh then gets hard on Dave because he apparently was not looking after Vance. He told her that he is in the bathroom, but Leigh insists that Dave must know what he is doing there. Dave gets to the washrooms, and finds Vance stepping out in a sulking mood. Then Vance finds the wedding minister calling him to discuss some details. He tells Dave that she is heterosexual, and walks towards her in a way that suggests that he already likes her.

Dave and Julia are discussing the story-telling part, but Julia introduces him to an elderly woman. Dave manages to get her to listen to his story, especially because Julia will get the chance to do it live in public. Dave is also successful in getting some of the other guests and the hotel staff to listen to his story, and tells them to spread it among all those are to attend the wedding. In the meanwhile, Vance talks to the minister and expresses his worries about the event. However, the minister easily calms him down by holding his hand and saying he will be okay. Vance immediately blushes. Rex enters a room where Amy, Leigh and Julia are talking to each other about how cute a little dog will look as the planned ring-bearer. Rex is highly annoyed about not getting a role, and says that the dog getting the spot was very humiliating for him. Just as Rex is leaving the room, Leigh gets a buzz on her phone to learn that the flower girl is sick and cannot make it. Rex is only too happy to take her place.

Dave is in the salon, and Vance walks in. Dave trusts him about the wedding with Amy, but Vance has already got intensely drawn towards the wedding minister. He confesses that to Dave and tries to convince him that Amy is not the girl for him. Rex struts in to the salon and says he has found himself a spot. However, Vance and Dave are in an intense conversation. It is just more than an hour to the wedding, and Vance runs out of the salon to confess to Amy that he does not really love her. Immediately Rex and Dave run after him, and when the bridal room door opens to Vance, the ladies see Vance being thrown off his feet by two men. Rex and Dave hold him down to the ground and coax him to make things look normal. Vance gets up and tells Amy that he could not wait to see her and that he loves her very much. Dave and Julia are getting ready with their speech, and Julia tells him what she has planned. It is a list of 10 reasons, why the wedding couple should not have got married. Julia thinks it will be funny, but Dave disagrees. Vance accidentally finds the list and gets messed up in the head thinking the ‘funny’ list to be true. He paces up and down his room and balcony, barely able to collect himself.

Vance escapes the wedding scene. He gets to the airport and says he can do with a ticket to any city with a thriving art scene. In the meanwhile, Dave, Julia, Leigh and Rex are looking for Vance. Leigh discovers Julia’s list, but thinks it is a note that Vance has left. While Vance is getting ready to board a flight, he finds Amy at the airport as well. Amy tells him that she escaped because she saw him lose his cool in the balcony. They get into a short verbal fight, but soon after that, Vance tells her how beautiful he found her when she mocked him, and they both kiss each other. They look for someone to get them married at the airport, but cannot find anyone. They sit down at the waiting lobby and realize that they like each other, but cannot figure out what to do.

Meanwhile near the wedding altar, Dave, Julia, Rex and Leigh are hoping that the couple returns. They try to call up Vance, but cannot reach him. Dave gets a call from Vance, but learns that the wedding will not happen. He shakes his head looking at Leigh and Rex, and announces the heartbreaking news with Julia from the altar. She howls tears and Leigh, disgusted with it, immediately asks Rex to cover her face. Dave, Julia, Rex and Leigh sleep in the same room. Julia wonders if Vance and Amy are going to break up. Dave tells her what happened to them can happen to anybody. She argues and makes him promise it won’t happen to them at least. Dave promises that they will always be together, even in the weirdest of circumstances. Rex jokes that he and Leigh will stay together longer, and as the four of them sleep on the same mattress, the episode ends with them complaining about the size of it.