Season 5

91 :05x01 - B.S.O.D.

Reese and Finch attempt to save the Machine's source code before it deteriorates completely. Root finds it hard to deal with an onslaught of Samaritan's agents.
Guest Stars: Brett Cullen as Nathan Ingram | Carrie Preston as Grace Hendricks | Robert Manning, Jr. as Zachary | Ned Eisenberg as Detective Joseph Soriano | David Aaron Baker as S.A. Martin Leroux | Lisa Tharps as IAB Agent Glenda Sumner | Dikran Tulaine as Bela Durchenko |
Co-Guest Stars: Mason Alban as AK-12 | Michael Blaustein as Club Kid
Director: Chris Fisher

92 :05x02 - Snafu

The Machine ends up malfunctioning during a reboot and gives Finch and Root with the numbers of loads of people not involved in any crimes.
Guest Stars: Joshua Close as Jeff Blackwell | LaChanze as Mona | Paige Patterson as Laurie Granger |
Co-Guest Stars: Jasson Finney as Andrius | Anthony Grasso as Gerald | Nurit Monacelli as Rachel | Brian McCarthy (1) as Edgar | Deandre Leatherbury as Wally | Joe Lanza as Mikey | Nick Doolan as Reg
Director: Chris Fisher

93 :05x03 - Truth Be Told

Reese's cover could be about to be blown after he finds out that the latest POI has ties to his old colleagues in the CIA.
Guest Stars: Wrenn Schmidt as Iris Kimball | Annie Parisse as Kara Stanton | Keith David as Beale | Nicholas Baroudi as Ortega | Stephen Plunkett as Alex Duncan | Darren Goldstein as Tomlinson |
Co-Guest Stars: Colin Smith (1) as Waiter | Asta Hansen as Dinah Campbell | Brian McCormack as Phil Campbell
Director: Stephen Surjik

94 :05x04 - 6,741

Shaw escapes her captors, but the team is unsure of her mental state when she begins to act paranoid and reckless.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: John Nolan (3) as Greer | Julian Ovenden as Jeremy Lambert |
Co-Guest Stars: Anne Carney as Nurse | Eyas Younis as Hamid | Andrew MacLarty as Bobby Jackson | James Riordan as Surgeon | Brian J. Carter as Stewart | Kim Ramirez as Briggs | Jabari Gray as Murrow | Evan Leone as Lead Op
Director: Chris Fisher

95 :05x05 - ShotSeeker

Reese protects an NYPD analyst whose investigation into a software glitch has drawn the attention of Samaritan. Also, Reese and Fusco are threatened by an ally of Elias's, who is looking to avenge his friend's death.

Source: CBS
Starring Roles: Julian Rozzell Jr. as Julian Rozzell |
Guest Stars: Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias | Joshua Close as Jeff Blackwell | James LeGros as Bruce Moran |
Co-Guest Stars: Will Connolly as Ethan Garvin | Julie Cavaliere as Mary Mulhall | Peter Gray Lewis as JD Carrick | Brit Whittle as Ben Haas | Jean Ann Steeves as RTCC Supervisor | Jonathan Wilde as RTCC Dispatch | Romell Witherspoon as Cop B | Daniel Morgan Shelley as Amped Up Cop | Tyson Hall as 4D
Director: Maja Vrvilo

96 :05x06 - Season 5, Episode 6

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97 :05x07 - Season 5, Episode 7

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98 :05x08 - Season 5, Episode 8

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99 :05x09 - Season 5, Episode 9

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100 :05x10 - Season 5, Episode 10

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101 :05x11 - Season 5, Episode 11

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102 :05x12 - Season 5, Episode 12

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103 :05x13 - Season 5, Episode 13

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Final Season
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2011
Episode Order: 13
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