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Season 4

69 :04x01 - Panopticon

The Machine finally sends a Number to the undercover Reese and Sam, and Reese tries to convince Finch to help them. When he won't, Reese is forced to go it alone to save two lives.
Guest Stars: Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias | John Doman as Senator Ross H. Garrison | Cara Buono as Martine Rousseau | John Nolan (3) as Greer | Jamie Hector as Link | Frederick Weller as Novak | David Valcin as Scarface | Andrew Polk as University Dept. Chair | Michael J. Burg as Department Store Floor Manager (as Michael Burg) | Navid Negahban as Ali Hasan |
Co-Guest Stars: Andreas Damm as Romeo | Jason Alan Carvell as NYPD Officer (as Jason Carvell) | Eshan Bay as Ben (Ben Hasan) | Tama Filianga as Lowlife | Shawn Parsons as Positivity Speaker | Leopold Manswell as Wood | Jimmy Martinez as Link's Lieutenant | Braeson Herold as IT Tech | David Carranza as NYPD Queens Officer |
Uncredited: Gregory Konow as Beat Cop
Songs: Ten Years After -- I'd Love to Change the World

70 :04x02 - Nautilus

Reese turns to a reluctant Finch for help with their new Number, a gifted mathematics student who is trying to win a bizarre urban game with a sinister ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Sam pursues her second career as a street thief.
Guest Stars: Quinn Shephard as Claire Mahoney | David Starzyk as David | Andreas Damm as Romeo |
Co-Guest Stars: Samantha Posey as Pushy Student | Dan McCabe as Hipster Geek | Quinn Meyers as Barista | Brendan Burke as Jackass Biker | Antoine Harris as Street Tough #1 | Marco Reininger as PMC |
Uncredited: Jim Ford (IV) as PMC #1 | Jae Greene as PMC #3
Director: Chris Fisher
Songs: Portishead -- Roads

71 :04x03 - Wingman

Fusco goes undercover as a man desperate to get a date, so he can get close to the new Number, a professional wingman. Meanwhile, Reese tries to impress the new captain, while Root takes Finch on a scavenger hunt on behalf of the Machine.
Guest Stars: Ryan O'Nan as Andre Cooper | Monique Gabriela Curnen as Capt. Moreno | Jason Pendergast as Mickey | Jamie Jackson as Janis |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Santangelo as Jumpy Jerry | Spencer Moses as Lenny | Ryan Woodle as Barry | Stephen Badalamenti as Roman | Ryan King as Rance | Hugues Faustin as Jude | Will Blomker as Nick | Anne Richardson (1) as Angela | Bernard Bygott as Tate
Songs: En Vogue -- Whatta Man (with Salt-n-Peppa), Frank Sinatra -- You're Just Too Marvelous for Words

72 :04x04 - Brotherhood

When a young brother and sister witness a gangland shooting, they take a half million in drug money and go on the run. Reese goes looking for the team's two new Numbers and finds the Brotherhood after them. Meanwhile, Finch turns to Elias for help.
Guest Stars: Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias | Jamie Hector as Link (Cordell Lincoln) | Amir Mitchell-Townes as Malcolm Booker | Rosie Benton as DEA Agent Erica Lennox | Winston Duke as Mini | Tobias Truvillion as Trig |
Co-Guest Stars: Kaci Walfall as Tracie (Tracie Booker) | Jermel Howard as Modeley | Alexandra Underwood as Queen Bee | Alex Moggridge as Thomsen
Director: Chris Fisher
Writer: Denise Thé
Songs: Emiliana Torrini -- Gun

73 :04x05 - Prophets

While Reese is forced to undergo therapy for his violent tendencies, Sam, Root, and Finch try to help a pollster who has run afoul of Samaritan.
Guest Stars: Brett Cullen as Nathan Ingram | Cara Buono as Martine Rousseau | Wrenn Schmidt as Iris Kimball | John Nolan (3) as Greer | Kevin Kilner as Nick Dawson | Anthony Arkin as Mike Fisher | Caris Vujcec as Michelle Perez | Michael Bryan French as Governor Murray | Ned Van Zandt as Kevin Hatch | Jason Ritter as Simon Lee |
Co-Guest Stars: David Beach as Douglas Rogers | Jasmin Walker as Hotel Receptionist | Eileen Faxas as Host | Oriana Oppice as Woman With List | Kevin Prowse as Cop | Eric Gravez as Eddie
Director: Kenneth Fink
Songs: The Black Angels -- Young Men Dead

74 :04x06 - Pretenders

An unassuming insurance agent becomes a private detective to investigate the apparent suicide of a co-worker's brother, but soon gets in over his head. Meanwhile, Finch travels to Hong Kong to present a paper.
Guest Stars: Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias | Jessica Hecht as Beth Bridges | Erik Jensen as Walter Dang | John Nolan (3) as Greer | David Valcin as Scarface | Winston Duke as Mini | Michaela Waters as Elena Mindler | Ohene Cornelius as The Armorer |
Co-Guest Stars: Oliver Henzler as Banks Van Hess | Robert J Chang as HK Mugger (as Robert Chang) | Jeff Solomon as Mr. Needlehoe | Eddie Clark as Fake Evidence Sergeant | Lorraine Farris as Vault Receptionist | Mark St. Cyr as Airport Cop | Louis Lourens as Samaritan Representative | Yinka Adeboyeku as Airport Masked Man #1 | Kevin McGrue as Moto Masked Man #1
Director: Kenneth Fink

75 :04x07 - Honor Among Thieves

Finch sends Sam in to infiltrate a gang of thieves whose leader is the team's new Number. Meanwhile, Root helps Finch undermine Samaritan's newest scheme.
Guest Stars: Adrian Bellani as Tomas Koroa | David Vadim as Marko Jevtic | John Sparks as Jerrod Wilkins (as Johnny Sparks) | Nick Tarabay as Devon Grice (as Nick E. Tarabay) | Drew Hildebrand as Henrik Lengfelder |
Co-Guest Stars: Faina Vitebsky as Katya Rodchenko | Theodora Woolley as Brooks | Andreas Damm as Romeo | Cameron Pow as Gerald | Raushanah Simmons as Lila Ranes | Ryan Buggle as Sebastian Wilkins | Debargo Sanyal as Raju
Director: Sylvain White
Writer: David Slack
Songs: The Ax -- Infinity

76 :04x08 - Point of Origin

Reese volunteers to teach at the police academy to keep an eye on the team's new Number, a recruit who is spying on her fellow classmates. Meanwhile, Mini launches his plan to get the information he needs to bring Elias down.
Guest Stars: Adria Arjona as Dani Silva | Cara Buono as Martine Rousseau | Wrenn Schmidt as Iris Kimball | Winston Duke as Mini | John Nolan (3) as Greer | Mike Figueroa as Alex Ortiz | Jessica Pimentel as Floyd | Andreas Damm as Romeo | Luis da Silva, Jr. as Garcia | Jake Silbermann as Phil Lamm |
Co-Guest Stars: Faina Vitebsky as Katya Rodchenko | Rob Morgan as Howard | Angel Dillemuth as Meech | Tom Greer as Detective Walsh | Samuel Joseph as Trinitario Deputy | Elizabeth Ingham as Trophy Wife | Charlie Romanelli as Elvis Munson

77 :04x09 - The Devil You Know

Reese and Finch find themselves involved in a power struggle for control of the city’s gangs after Elias becomes a target for Dominic, the leader of the Brotherhood.
Guest Stars: Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias | John Nolan (3) as Greer | David Valcin as Scarface | Cara Buono as Martine Rousseau | Winston Duke as Mini | Jamie Hector as Link | Michael J. Burg as Cosmetics Manager | Salvatore Inzerillo as Gino | James LeGros as Bruce Moran |
Co-Guest Stars: Steve Beauchamp as Moving Truck Driver
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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2011
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