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Season 3

46 :03x01 - Liberty

Reese and Finch work with their new partner, Sam Shaw, to track down a sailor on leave who is the next Number. Meanwhile, Carter deals with her demotion to beat cop, and Root makes herself at home in the sanitarium.
Guest Stars: Reynaldo Valentin as Jack Salazar (as Rey Valentin) | Max Martini as RIP | Bruce Altman as Dr. Ronald Carmichael | Alano Miller as Robert Johnson Phillips | David Valcin as Scarface | Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias |
Co-Guest Stars: Dan Amboyer as Don Juan | Roman Roytberg as Maksim | Alberto Bonilla as Angel | Sekou Laidlow as Swabbie #1 | Paulina Singer as Amber | Diane Guerrero as Ashley | Ben Horner as Jarhead #1 | Steven Ogg as Chuck | Tony Naumovski as Russian Thug #1 | Cosmo Pfeil as Devil Dog #1
Director: Chris Fisher
Songs: Nina Simone -- Feeling Good, The Black Keys -- She's Long Gone

47 :03x02 - Nothing To Hide

The newest Number is CEO Wayne Kruger, who makes his living brokering personal data. However, when someone starts exposing his personal life and all of its dirty secrets, Kruger vows to get revenge. Meanwhile, Carter puts up with a new partner.
Guest Stars: David Alan Basche as Wayne Kruger | Clarke Peters as Alonzo Quinn | Leslie Odom, Jr. as Peter Collier | Gary Basaraba as Stu Sommers | Brian Wiles as Mike Laskey | Paul Urcioli as Barry Timmons |
Co-Guest Stars: Tom Tammi as Neal Jenkins | Shannon Sullivan as Karen Mills | Bradford Cover as Aubrey Hayes | Megan Stanke as Haley |
Uncredited: Bridget White as Deedee Kruger
Songs: Ben Rector -- Falling in Love

48 :03x03 - Lady Killer

The team's newest Number is a wealth young businessman who stalks women, and may be connected to the death of one woman in particular. To lure him into making a move, Finch calls in Zoe to help Carter and Sam link up with the man. Meanwhile, Root plans her escape from the institution with some help from her unseen ally.
Guest Stars: Paige Turco as Zoe Morgan | Warren Kole as Ian Murphy | Bruce Altman as Dr. Ronald Carmichael | Ron Raines as Bruce Wellington | Boris McGiver as Hersh |
Co-Guest Stars: Kyle Sutton as Alex Wiley | Rachel Oyama as Veronica | Antonio Edwards Suarez as Thug #1
Director: Omar Madha
Songs: Pitbull -- Give Me Everything

49 :03x04 - Reasonable Doubt

The team's new Number is a New York lawyer under arrest for the murder of her husband, who supposedly disappeared at sea without a trace. The lawyer quickly escape jail and goes on the run, and the team has to track her down and determine if she's victim or perpetrator.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Rose Perkins as Vanessa Watkins | Paul Ben-Victor as Det. Gary Cameron | Annika Boras as Nicole Townsend | Al Sapienza as Det. Terney | Brian Wiles as Mike Laskey | Daniel Cosgrove as Jeremy Watkins | Anthony "Treach" Criss as Reginald "Reverb" Marshall (as Treach) | Jennifer Ikeda as Dr. Rachel Jensen |
Co-Guest Stars: Tim Jerome as Ancient Banker (Frank Morton) | Jennifer Restivo as Sarah Ellis | Emily Hsu as Olivia | Catherine Eaton as Jillian | Stephen Bradbury (1) as Old Man | Akim Black as Corner Boy #1 | Sean Phillips as Uni #2 | David H. Holmes as Ketamine Tweaker #1

50 :03x05 - Razgovor

The group's newest Number is a 10-year-old immigrant girl who has stumbled onto a massive drug-manufacturing operation... with ties to HR. Sam goes on the run with the girl but soon loses her, and vows to get her back no matter what. Meanwhile, Carter's life is at risk when her partner Laskey makes his move on behalf of HR.
Guest Stars: Danielle Kotch as Genrika Zhirova | Morgan Spector as Peter Yogorov | Brian Wiles as Mike Laskey | Al Sapienza as Det. Terney | Patrick Murney as Tremors | Stephen Tyrone Williams as Joseph Kent | Joseph Parks as Vadim Loginov | Robert John Burke as Simmons |
Co-Guest Stars: Gregory Wooddell as Eric Mathers | Ava Szymanski as Sameen | Robert C. Kirk as Jerry | Jun Naito as Murakami | Marja Harmon as EMT
Director: Kenneth Fink
Writer: David Slack

51 :03x06 - Mors Praematura

While Finch tries to protect an estate investigator whose Number has gone up, Reese searches for a missing Sam... unaware that Root has convinced Sam to help with a mission for The Machine. Meanwhile, Carter teaches Laskey about the reality of how HR operates.
Guest Stars: Kirk Acevedo as Timothy Sloan | Leslie Odom, Jr. as Peter Collier | Michael Esper as Jason Greenfield | Brian Wiles as Mike Laskey | Donnie Keshawarz as Nick Breckenridge | Robert John Burke as Simmons |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Von Berg as Morozov | Michael Zlabinger as Transport Operative A |
Uncredited: Sean Dougherty as Masked Man A
Director: Helen Shaver
Writer: Dan Dietz
Songs: DJ Shadow -- The Number Song

52 :03x07 - The Perfect Mark

The Machine sends the team the Number of a conman who claims to be a hypnotherapist and uses the information he obtains to access his patients' bank accounts. However, it turns out that one of the patients is a money launderer for HR... and they're not too happy to learn that someone is ripping them off.
Guest Stars: Aaron Staton as Hayden Price | Clarke Peters as Alonzo Quinn | Brian Wiles as Mike Laskey | Jennifer Ferrin as Natalie Boal | Al Sapienza as Det. Terney | Carsten Norgaard as Sven Vanger | James Joseph O'Neil as Decker | Steve Rosen as Nagel | Robert John Burke as Simmons | Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Cyril Creighton as Russell | Brian Keane as Sykes | Peter Brouwer as Auctioneer | Luis Scott as Soda Boy
Director: Stephen Surjik
Writer: Sean Hennen

53 :03x08 - Endgame

The Machine gives Finch thirty-eight Numbers, and he realizes that someone is planning to set off a war between HR and their Russian Mob allies. Meanwhile, Carter continues her own investigation into HR and remembers her past with her ex-husband.
Guest Stars: Laz Alonso as Paul Carter | Clarke Peters as Alonzo Quinn | Morgan Spector as Peter Yogorov | David Valcin as Scarface | Nick Mennell as Nikolai | Paul O'Brien (1) as Judge Andrew Monahan | Robert John Burke as Simmons | Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias |
Co-Guest Stars: Benjamin Livingston as Lead FBI Agent Barnes (as Ben Livingston) | Matt Dellapina as Officer Brady | Jeb Kreager as Det. Stan Mitchell | Kwoade Cross as Taylor Carter | Tony Ward as Officer Vogel | Tom Patrick Stephens as UNI | Markita Prescott as Lori | Tre Jamison as Young Taylor | Aleksander Mici as Russian Driver | Dustyn Gulledge as Russian Passenger
Director: Sylvain White

54 :03x09 - The Crossing

As Carter and Reese try to turn the head of HR over to the Feds, they discover that the organization has set up roadblocks and cut off every means of access. Finch tries to rally the the troops to help them, and is forced to turn to an unlikely ally who demands a high price for her assistance.
Guest Stars: Clarke Peters as Alonzo Quinn | Lee Tergesen as Detective Petersen | Khalil Kain as Officer Miller | Paul O'Brien (1) as Judge Andrew Monahan | Devin Ratray as Beat Cop | Robert John Burke as Simmons |
Co-Guest Stars: Matt Dellapina as Officer Brady | Sean McCarthy as Lee Fusco | Paul Woodburn as Ed The Guard | Jay Ward (1) as UNI #1 | Taylor C. Hays as UNI #2 | Jas Anderson as Blood Leader | Luis da Silva, Jr. as Trinitario Leader | Cullen R. Titmas as HR Detective | Zachary Fine as Federal Agent
Writer: Denise Thé

55 :03x10 - The Devil's Share

The hunt is on for Simmons after he kills one of the team. Finch and the others try to stop Reese from killing the crooked cop on the run, but soon realize that he's not the only one who wants Simmons dead.
Guest Stars: Clarke Peters as Alonzo Quinn | Richard Brooks as Lead Marshal Pollack | Brian Tarantina as Seamus C. Yorke | Robert John Burke as Simmons |
Co-Guest Stars: Kwoade Cross as Taylor Carter | Shawn T. Andrew as US Marshal | Kohler McKenzie as US Marshal #1 | Brett G. Smith as Team Leader | Bruce Winant as QMI Manager | Regi Huc as Ready Team One |
Uncredited: Damian Young as Therapist | David Valcin as Scarface | Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias | Kevin O'Rourke as Specops Psychologist | David Fonteno as Hospital Resident | Ross Degraw as Jimmy Ransone | Jessica Hecht as Psychiatrist | Laz Alonso as Paul Carter
Director: Chris Fisher
Songs: D.L.I.D. -- Colour in Your Hands, Johnny Cash -- Hurt

56 :03x11 - Lethe

With Reese and Fusco absent, Sam and Finch take on a new Number: a man dying of a brain tumor. In the past, a young Finch pursues his interest in computers.
Guest Stars: Saul Rubinek as Arthur Claypool | Boris McGiver as Hersh | Leslie Odom, Jr. as Peter Collier | Tom Degnan as Agent Easton | Tuck Milligan as Finch’s Father | Chris Bert as Teenage Harold | Camryn Manheim as Diane Claypool |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeanine Serralles as Ross (Betsy Ross) | Parker Brightman as Young Harold (1971) | Jacob Rosenbaum as Stewart | Bob Walton as State Trooper | Nambi E. Kelley as Claypool’s Nurse | Joe Urban as Biker #1 | Eric T. Miller as Trucker
Songs: Stevie Ray Vaughan -- The Sky is Crying

57 :03x12 - Aletheia

Finch and Sam try to recover the Samaritan drives from whee Arthur hid them, but Vigilance and Control's team move in on them, cutting off their escape. Meanwhile, Control interrogates Root and gets unexpected answers, while Fusco tries to convince Reese to come home.
Guest Stars: Saul Rubinek as Arthur Claypool | Boris McGiver as Hersh | Leslie Odom, Jr. as Peter Collier | Jennifer Lim as Bank Manager | Tuck Milligan as Finch’s Father | Chris Bert as Teenage Harold | Camryn Manheim as Control |
Co-Guest Stars: John Nolan as Greer | Jeanine Serralles as Ross (Betsy Ross) | Tina Fabrique as Nurse | Justin Morck as Heyward |
Uncredited: Alma Cuervo as Diane Claypool | Mark David Watson as Thug | Donnie Kehr as Senior Officer

58 :03x13 - 4C

Reese tries to leave the country after Carter's death, but The Machine manipulates him into saving a Number... who may also be a "relevant."
Guest Stars: Sally Pressman as Holly | Samm Levine as Owen Matthews | Boris McGiver as Hersh | Bill English as Foster |
Co-Guest Stars: Marc Kudisch as Businessman | Adam Henry Garcia as Carlos | Lucy Martin as Older Lady | Maechi Aharanwa as Gate Agent | David Anzuelo as Colombian | John E. Brady as Second Marshal | Wallace Smith as Pilot |
Uncredited: Geraldine Hughes as Brenda | Michael A. Newcomer as Co-pilot

59 :03x14 - Provenance

No sooner has Reese returned to New York then the team finds itself helping a thief with an interest in rare antiquities... and keeping a loved one safe.
Guest Stars: Elaine Tan as Kelli (Jiao) Lin | Henri Lubatti as Agent Alain Bouchard | Gene Farber as Cyril | Christopher Neal Jackson as Farrow (as Christopher Neal Jackson) | Stelio Savante as Aris Zappo |
Co-Guest Stars: Curt Bouril as Guard | James Hindman as Museum Director | Megan Byrne as Museum Staffer | Nick Dillenburg as Armed Guard | Chloe Cheng as Kai Lin | Alexander Salamat as Uni
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Writer: Sean Hennen
Songs: Lo Fidelity Allstars -- Battlefield, The Propellerheads -- Take California

60 :03x15 - Last Call

The team's newest Number is a 911 operator, Sandra. Finch signs on at her call center as a trainee and soon learns that a mysterious caller plans to have Sandra erase valuable files... and will kill a young hostage if she doesn't.
Guest Stars: Melissa Sagemiller as Sandra Nicholson | Gavin Stenhouse as Detective Jake Harrison | Kathleen McNenny as Gina Kincaid | David Andrew MacDonald as Ron Kincaid |
Co-Guest Stars: Anthony Mangano as Detective Kane | Tyler Evans as Detective Mackenna | Carson Elrod as Todd | Robbie Collier Sublett as Brent Holm | Omar Gonzalez as Solano | Julian Shatkin as Aaron (Aaron Hollenberg) | Andrew Dolan as Forensic Specialist | Barrett Doss as Trainee | Nikiya Mathis as Operator A | Jesse Jensen as Operator B | John Parker (2) as Security Officer (as John Eric Parker) | Adam Pagdon as Man | Tommy Walker as Limo Driver
Director: Jeff Thomas
Writer: Dan Dietz

61 :03x16 - RAM

In 2010, Finch and his enforcer help their newest Number, a programmer who two CIA agents want dead.
Guest Stars: Camryn Manheim as Control | Neil Jackson as Rick Dillinger | Joseph Mazzello as Daniel Casey (as Joe Mazzello) | Jay O. Sanders as Special Counsel | John Nolan as Greer | Julian Ovenden as Lambert | Casey Siemaszko as Lester Strickland | Annie Parisse as Kara Stanton |
Co-Guest Stars: Noah Racey as Gunman | Dillan Arrick as Haley McNabb
Director: Stephen Surjik
Songs: Radiohead -- I Might Be Wrong

62 :03x17 - /

The paths of Root and the team coincide when the Machine sends them all to protect a janitor who is wanted by both Vigilance and Decima.
Guest Stars: Yul Vazquez as Cyrus Wells | Leslie Odom, Jr. as Peter Collier | Colin Donnell as Billy Parsons | John Nolan as Greer |
Co-Guest Stars: Danielle Divecchio as Captain Rose Divecchio | Peter Rini as Dr. Stephen Carr | Alex Shimizu as Daizo | Matthew Stocke as Courier | Steve Lord as Skinhead | Joe Gately as Guard | Rose Sias as Uni
Writer: David Slack

63 :03x18 - Allegiance

While Decima gathers its resources to build a new Machine, the team receive the Number of an electrical engineer who is caught up in UN intrigue trying to help an Iraqi translator receive asylum in the U.S.
Guest Stars: Nazneen Contractor as Maria Martinez | Haaz Sleiman as Omar Risha | John Nolan as Greer (John Greer) | Michael Gill as Rene LaPointe | Casey Biggs as Ken Davis | William Abadie as Christos Sevon |
Co-Guest Stars: Usman Ally as Jamal Risha | Nicholas Khan as Prison Guard #1 | Amr El-Bayoumi as Legionnaire #3 | Robert O'Gorman as Annoyed Guy | Malachy Cleary as Attorney | Maceo Oliver as NYPD Patrolman | Alec Beard as UN Guard #1 | Don Guillory as UN Guard #2
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt

64 :03x19 - Most Likely To...

Finch sends Reese and Sam to a high school reunion to protect their new Number, while he travels to DC with Fusco to look more closely into the death of their last Number at the hands of Vigilance.
Guest Stars: Nestor Carbonell as Matthew Reed | John Doman as Senator Ross H. Garrison | Leslie Odom, Jr. as Peter Collier | Robert McClure as Doug Hemmill | James McMenamin as Toke | Rosa Arredondo as Alice | Joe Coots as Officer Jack Tanner | Camryn Manheim as Control |
Co-Guest Stars: Timothy Devlin as Phil | Jaiden Kaine as Federal Agent | Mark Light Orr as FBI Guard | Ryan Garbayo as Male Receptionist | Lipica Shah as Secretary's Assistant | Wayne W. Pretlow as Middle-Aged Man (as Wayne Pretlow) | Jim Watkins as Reporter #1 | Chagmion Atoine as Reporter #2 | Sandy Rosenberg as Leona Wainwright | Jared Johnston as Cabbie | Kelly McCormick as Slapper #1 | Elisa Van Duyne as Slapper #2 | Crystal Kellogg as Slapper #3
Director: Kevin Hooks
Songs: Mazzy Star -- Fade Into You, Cracker -- Low (Like Being Stoned), Hole -- Violet

65 :03x20 - Death Benefit

Finch calls Reese to Washington to help protect their new Number, a U.S. Senator. However, they soon discover that the people that they may have to protect the senator from are... themselves.
Guest Stars: John Heard as Senator Roger McCourt | John Doman as Senator Ross H. Garrison | John Nolan as Greer | Morocco Omari as Carlson | Murphy Guyer as Bruce Dunphy | Tracy Howe as Duran |
Co-Guest Stars: Daniel K. Isaac as Virgil | Stephanie Gibson as Leslie | Luis Bordoy as Ray | Marcus Lorenzo as Julio | Cortez Nance, Jr. as Disheveled Man | Kathleen Sullivan as Anchor #1 (as Kate Sullivan) | Maurice DuBois as Anchor #2 | Daniel J. Osipowich as SWAT Leader | David Adams (1) as Another SWAT
Songs: Daughter -- Medicine

66 :03x21 - Beta

As Decima uses Samaritan's feeds to hunt Reese and Shaw, Greer exploits Finch's greatest weakness in an attempt to lure him out of hiding: his love for his former fiancée, Grace Hendricks.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Matt Walton as Maybank | Daniel Kim as Virgil | John Horton as John Horton | John Herrera (1) as Bodega Owner | John Doman as Senator Ross H. Garrison | John Nolan as Greer | Carrie Preston as Grace Hendricks |
Co-Guest Stars: Rayniel Rufino as Bodega Gunman | Kristoffer Cusick as Terry | Tyler Bunch as Homeless Guy | Robert Manning, Jr. as Zachary | David Michael Garry as Dock Worker | Joey Sorge as Uniform | Ross Ruben as Umarov

67 :03x22 - Season 3, Episode 22

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68 :03x23 - Season 3, Episode 23

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2011
Episode Order: 23
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