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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

A mystery man named Finch contacts an ex-CIA agent, John Reese, and offers him the chance to save people. Finch can identify someone involved in a future violent crime, but is unable to confirm if they are the victim, the perpetrator, or a witness. Reese's first case: determine what danger a young woman district attorney faces and stop it.
Guest Stars: Natalie Zea as Diane Hansen | Susan Misner as Jessica Arndt | James Hanlon as Detective Stills | Chris Chalk as Lawrence Pope | Brian d'Arcy James as Assistant DA James Wheeler | William Sadler as Anton's Father (Mr. O'Mara) |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Drayer as Anton (Anton O'Mara) | Jermaine Crawford as Michael Pope | Anthony Mangano as Detective Kane | Leon Addison Brown as Charles Robinson | Louis Vanaria as Azarello | Andrew Stewart Jones as Doyle | Kristine Johnson as CBS Newsperson | Alfredo Narciso as Forensics Tech | Wolfgang Scheitinger as Wheeler's Son (Henry Wheeler) | Charlie Moss as Judge | Gregory Lay as Transit Cop | Bruce MacVittie as Defense Attorney | Kevin Murphy (4) as Anton's Friend
Director: David Semel
Songs: Massive Attack -- Angel

2 :01x02 - Ghosts

The Machine gives the Social Security number of a girl that has been dead for two years. Reese and Finch try to track down an apparent ghost while Finch remembers his partner's objections when he first created the Machine.
Guest Stars: Brett Cullen as Ingram | Ritchie Coster as IRS | Molly Price as Elizabeth Whitaker | Valentia de Angelis as Theresa Whitaker | Danny Mastrogiorgio as Derek | Remy Auberjonois as Jimmy Calhoun | Randall Newsome as Alderman |
Co-Guest Stars: Al Sapienza as Precinct Detective | Anthony Mangano as Kane | Michael Medeiros as Solnick | Conor Romero as Deacon Page | Leigh Zimmerman as Sasha | Fred Aresenault as Winston | John Hillner as Businessman |
Uncredited: Brennan Brown as CIA Suit | Ashley Bryant as IFT Employee | Berto Colon as Hitman #1
Songs: Handsome Boy Modeling School -- The Truth

3 :01x03 - Mission Creep

Reese and Finch try to help an ex-Marine who is working with a gang of other ex-soldiers who rob banks to cover their debts. Meanwhile, Carter comes to the realization that Reese isn't the cold-blooded killer she initially believed.
Guest Stars: James Carpinello as Joey Durban | Keith Nobbs as Straub | Vincent Laresca as Detective Molina | Susan Misner as Jessica Arndt | Lili Mirojnick as Pia Moresco | Charles Borland as Businessman #1 | Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Sam Latimer |
Co-Guest Stars: Rey Lucas as Willis | Akintola Jiboyewa as Teddy (Teddy Dalloway) | José Ramón Rosario as Cop | Gregory Jones as Businessman #2 | Rick Zahn as Police Officer |
Uncredited: Elizabeth Masucci as Stacey Myles
Director: Steven DePaul
Songs: Massive Attack -- Live With Me

4 :01x04 - Cura Te Ipsum

Dr. Megan Tillman, a workaholic ER physician, comes up on the Machine. While Reese and Finch watch her, Fusco has to deal with a drug cartel that wants their drug money back.
Guest Stars: Linda Cardellini as Dr. Megan Tillman | Adam Rothenberg as Andrew William Benton | Manny Perez as Diaz | Kristen Bush as Vicky |
Co-Guest Stars: Anthony Mangano as Kane | John Fiore as Captain Womack | Philip Hernández as Cartel Heavy | Kim Sykes as Therapist | Brendan Titley as Intern | Almeria Campbell as Nurse | Kevin Henderson as Scumbag | Sean McCarthy as Lee | Jorge E. Cordova as Police Officer (as Jorge Cordova) |
Uncredited: Laura Woyasz as Redhead
Director: Charles Beeson
Writer: Denise Thé

5 :01x05 - Judgment

When a judge's son is kidnapped, Reese and Finch try to help him. However, he isn't interested in putting his son in further danger by accepting their help.
Guest Stars: David Costabile as Judge Samuel Gates | Michael Cerveris as Jarek Koska | Zabryna Guevara as Monica Ramirez | Bill Tangradi as Leon Josef Turski | Pawel Szajda as Drost | Meredith Patterson as Angela Markham | Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick as Sam Jr. |
Co-Guest Stars: Allan Louis as Olson | Sebastian Arcelus as Matthews | Ash Christian as Onestate Tech | Mike Houston as Officer Fordes | Robin LeMon as Foreperson | Paul Molnar as Uniform #1 | Adriana Gaviria as Christina (Christina Rojas)
Director: Colin Bucksey
Writer: David Slack
Songs: The XX -- Intro

6 :01x06 - The Fix

Reese needs to get close to a secretive woman of uncertain occupation when her number comes up. Meanwhile, Carter investigates a murder tied to the evidence theft.
Guest Stars: Paige Turco as Zoe Morgan | Tim Guinee as Mark Lawson | Matt Servitto as Samuel Douglas | Brian Murray as Robert Keller | Adam LeFevre as Anthony Talbott | Al Sapienza as Det. Terney | Jeff Wincott as Allan Gilmore | Dan Hedaya as Bernie Sullivan |
Co-Guest Stars: Samuel Smith (1) as Slip | Anna Koonin as Dana Miller
Director: Dennis Smith
Songs: Cat Power -- New York

7 :01x07 - Witness

Reese and Finch hurry to save a schoolteacher who witnessed a mob hit. Meanwhile, Carter and Fusco pursue the mysterious Carl Elias, who is implicated in the murder of the man the schoolteacher saw die.
Guest Stars: Enrico Colantoni as Charlie Burton / Carl Elias | Enver Gjokaj as Laszlo Yogorov | Mike McGlone as Det. Szymanski (as Michael McGlone) | Olek Krupa as Ivan Yogorov | Morgan Spector as Peter Yogorov | Saundra Santiago as Patti D’Agostino | David Valcin as Scarface |
Co-Guest Stars: Al Calderon as Will | Gene Gillette as Joseph | Steven Boyer as Lead Dealer | Laurence Blum as Skinny Dealer
Songs: Nina Simone -- Sinnerman

8 :01x08 - Foe

A Cold War assassin goes after the members of his former team, and Reese and Finch try to stop him. Meanwhile, Fusco attempts to convince Carter that her shooter can do some good.
Guest Stars: Alan Dale as Ulrich Kohl | Laila Robins as Anja Kohl | Larry Pine as Wernick | Austin Pendleton as Pilcher | Aubrey Dollar as Marie Klein | Sherman Howard as Steiller | Lee Aaron Rosen as Heinlein | Annie Parisse as Stanton |
Co-Guest Stars: Jonathan Fried as Liaison | Kent Broadhurst as Hauffe (Heinrich Hauffe) | Bradley Dean as Contact #1 | Christopher Durham as Contact #2 | Matt McGorry as EMT #1
Director: Milan Cheylov
Writer: Sean Hennen

9 :01x09 - Get Carter

The Machine gives Reese and Finch Carter's number, and they are forced to deal with a number of suspects when they realize that crimelord Carl Elias has hired someone connected to her to kill her.
Guest Stars: Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias | Mark Margolis as Moretti | Jason Manuel Olazabal as Hector Alvarez | Francois Battiste as Bottle Cap | Anthony Azizi as Yusuf | Michael Mulheren as Lynch | Brian Avers as Daniels |
Co-Guest Stars: Jennifer Laura Thompson as Mrs. Kovach | Flint Beverage as Mr. Kovach (Eddie Kovach, as Charles Flint Beverage) | Victor Cruz as Mr. Castillo | Ed Moran as Sergeant Harris | Arianna Hoeppner as Monica | Maureen Sebastian as Mei Li | Kwoade Cross as Taylor | Gregory Lay as Officer Valentino | Danny Henriquez as Leonard
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Songs: The Radio Dept. -- It's Personal

10 :01x10 - Number Crunch

The Machine gives Reese and Finch four new numbers, and they soon discover that one of the Persons of Interest is already dead. Meanwhile, IA investigates Carter for her involvement with the mystery man, and the CIA tells her that they want Reese back.
Guest Stars: Michael Kelly (1) as Mark Snow | Bridget Regan as Wendy McNally | Michael Murphy (1) as Congressman Hallen | Jack Gwaltney as Davis Bannerman | Melonie Diaz as Paula Vasquez | J. Bernard Calloway as Dayne | Lucas Caleb Rooney as Diski | Selenis Leyva as Hosking |
Co-Guest Stars: Allan Louis as Detective Olson | John Fiore as Captain Womack | Darien Sills-Evans as Tyrell Evans | Jeremy Beck as Matt (Matt Duggan) | Helen Coxe as Claire (Claire Ryan) | Tracey Ruggiero as Nurse | Christina Gordon as Officer Demora | Keren Dukes as Aide | Morgan Weed as Co-Worker
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Songs: Unkle -- When Things Explode

11 :01x11 - Super

A wounded Reese recovers from his injuries, and Finch sets him up at an apartment building where the Machine has given them the super's number. Meanwhile, the CIA follows Carter in the hopes that they can find Reese through her.
Guest Stars: Brett Cullen as Nathan Ingram | David Zayas as Ernie Trask (Ernest P. Trask) | Elizabeth Marvel as Alicia M. Corwin | Michael Kelly (1) as Mark Snow | Cotter Smith as Deputy Director Denton L. Weeks | Bill Heck as Rick Morris | Kelli Barrett as Lily Thornton |
Co-Guest Stars: Darien Sills-Evans as Tyrell Evans | Ramsey Faragallah as Morgue Tech (Dr. Farouk Madani) | Frank Deal as Doug (Doug Stanley) | Peggy Scott as Woman (Mrs. Fuentes, as Peggy J. Scott) | Angel Marrero as Gangbanger
Writer: David Slack

12 :01x12 - Legacy

Reese and Finch get the number of a young woman who is suing the state on behalf of convicts, and discover that someone wants her dead. Meanwhile, Finch visits with the son of an old friend, and Carter helps Reese for the first time.
Guest Stars: Michael Stahl-David as Will Ingram | April L. Hernandez as Andrea Gutierrez (as April Hernandez-Castillo) | Vito D'Ambrosio as Dominic Galuska | Curtiss Cook as Terrence Hill | Alex Cranmer as Chris Scollard |
Co-Guest Stars: Eric Ruffin as Jacob King | Tuck Milligan as Paul Kinsey | Barbara Pitts as Melissa Kinsey | Starla Benford as Gloria Copeland | Brian O'Neill as Judge Peterson | James Lloyd Reynolds as Slick Attorney | Jesse J. Perez as Dishwasher (Lou)
Director: Brad Anderson

13 :01x13 - Root Cause

Reese and Finch take on the case of a out-of-work construction foreman who is soon framed for the murder of a congressman. Finch soon discovers that he's up against a mysterious hacker who is his technological equal, and turns to former Person of Interest Zoe Morgan for help.
Guest Stars: Paige Turco as Zoe Morgan | Myk Watford as Scott Powell | Damian Young as Pete Matheson | Amy Hargreaves as Leslie Powell | Brennan Brown as Special Agent Ellis | Victor Slezak as Michael Eames |
Co-Guest Stars: Dan Ziskie as Senator Gene Atkins | Bill Cohen as Pawn Broker | Michael Milligan as Campaign Supervisor | Erin Kilgore as Mia Powell | Casey Predovic as Teen Guy | Ryan Breslin as Student | John Cenatiempo as Gage |
Uncredited: Rachel Miner as Root

14 :01x14 - Wolf And Cub

While Reese, Carter, and Fusco protect a young teenager out for revenge on the gangers who killed his brother, Finch worries that his dead partner's son Will will track down the woman who knows about the creation of the Machine.
Guest Stars: Michael Stahl-David as Will Ingram | Malik Yoba as Andre Wilcox | Brian Bradley (2) as Darren McGrady | Elizabeth Marvel as Alicia M. Corwin | Jon Michael Hill as Curtis | Michael Mulheren as Captain Lynch | Brian Reddy as Detective Hill | Aja Naomi King as Lisa |
Co-Guest Stars: John Fiore as Captain Womack | Ro Boddie as Brick | Michael Mandell as Keach | Sheldon Best as Trim | Helmar Augustus Cooper as Merchant | Thuliso Dingwall as Comic Kid | Julie Sharbutt as Secretary | Joshua Elijah Reese as Thug #1 | Jake Hart as NYPD Unit #1 |
Uncredited: Nnamdi Nwosa as Thug #2 | Derrick Simmons as Royal Gangbanger #1 | Roy T. Anderson as Royal Gangbanger #2 | Curtis Lyons as Royal Gangbanger #3 | Jeremy Sample as Royal Gangbanger #4
Director: Chris Fisher

15 :01x15 - Blue Code

Reese goes undercover as part of a smuggling to track down the Machine's new Person of Interest, but soon realizes that he's dealing with an undercover cop. Meanwhile Fusco is forced to approach the crooked cops, his former associates, to help out Reese.
Guest Stars: Michael Aronov as Daniel Tulley / Michael Cahill | Robert John Burke as Simmons | Michael Kelly (1) as Mark Snow | José Zúñiga as Neil Vargas | Skipp Sudduth as Detective Byrne | Susan Misner as Jessica Arndt | Reg E. Cathey as Davidson | Jonno Roberts as Peter | Robin L. Taylor as Ajax (as Robin Lord Taylor) | Jill Paice as Melinda Tulley | Annie Parisse as Stanton |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Berresse as L.O.S. | Mike Laurence as Hollister | Skylar Gaertner as Danny Cahill | Thom Sesma as Mr. Su (Su Chin) | Jimmy Palumbo as Detective | Walter Belenky as ESU Tech | Keith Eric Chappelle as Air Medic
Writer: Denise Thé
Songs: Karin Dreijer Andersson -- If I Had a Heart

16 :01x16 - Risk

Reese and Finch discover that their newest Number is a Wall Street prop trader who may be in involved in a multi-million dollar scam that will rob thousands of investors of their life savings.
Guest Stars: Matt Lauria as Adam Saunders | John Scurti as Uncle Bob (Robert Sowoski) | Noelle Beck as Sydney Baylor | Deirdre O'Connell as Joan | Austin Lysy as Victor | David Furr as Paul Ashton | Scott Cohen as Doug Rasmussen |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Houston as Officer Fordes | Bhavesh Patel as CSI Tech | Charles Socarides as Broker | Vladimir Versailles as Delivery Man | Carolina Bermudez as Reporter (Andrea Foxglove) |
Uncredited: David Valcin as Scarface | Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias
Director: Jeff Thomas
Writer: Sean Hennen

17 :01x17 - Baby Blue

Reese and Finch discover that their next Number is a six-month-year old girl who needs protection when her mother is killed and the baby is left at a clinic. To save her, Reese must turn to Elias for information despite the risks. Meanwhile, Fusco and Carter are both forced to choose sides.
Guest Stars: Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias | Robert John Burke as Simmons | Mark Margolis as Gianni Moretti | Mike McGlone as Detective Bill Szymanski (as Michael McGlone) | David Valcin as Scarface | Scott Bryce as Adnan Petrosian | Leslie Silva as Nurse Mary Abbot | Kate Hodge as Nicola Petrosian | Karl Kenzler as Dr. Marcus Adalian |
Co-Guest Stars: Erich Bergen as Bradley Petrosian | Anthony Mangano as Kane | Ray Iannicelli as Rafael Alvarez | Juan Carlos Hernandez as Sammy Cruz | Maria Elena Ramirez as Veda Cruz | Solomon Shiv as Novak | Paul Krisikos as Milos | Gregory Russell Cook as Oshin (as Gregory Cook) | Meghan Grace O'leary as Woman at Accident | Maria-Christina Oliveras as Cashier | Bret Lada as Bradley's Boyfriend | Jose Hernandez, Jr. as Latino #2
Director: Larry Teng

18 :01x18 - Identity Crisis

Reese and Finch must deal with a new Number who has very little electronic footprint. However, they soon discover that their "client" is actually two people with the same name, SSN, and bank accounts... and one of them is in great danger.
Guest Stars: Sarah Wynter as Jordan | Rhys Coiro as Hester | Seth Gilliam as Det. Desmond Franklin | Christopher Denham (2) as Kyle Morrison | Brennan Brown as Special Agent Donnelly | Al Sapienza as Det. Terney |
Co-Guest Stars: Rafael Sardina as Jekyll | Johnny Hopkins as Hyde | Omer Barnea as Josef | Mark Zimmerman as Richard Eckhart | Mariann Mayberry as Maggie | Ron McClary as Security Guard
Director: Charles Beeson
Writer: Amy Berg
Songs: Polica -- Amongster

19 :01x19 - Flesh and Blood

Reese and Finch receive Numbers on five Mafia Dons in New York City, and realize that Carl Elias is making his move. Meanwhile, HR leans on Fusco to produce Reese, and Elias leans on Carter to cooperate with him by abducting her son.
Guest Stars: Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias | Robert John Burke as Simmons | Mark Margolis as Gianni Moretti | Vincent Curatola as Zambrano | Paul Schulze as Gianni Moretti Junior | Tony Darrow as Caparelli | Lola Glaudini as Det. Sherri Lablanca | David Valcin as Scarface | Arthur J. Nascarella as Basile (as Arthur Nascarella) | John Magaro as Elias (Age 22) |
Co-Guest Stars: Kwoade Cross as Taylor Carter | River Alexander as Elias (Age 12) | Stephanie DiMaggio as Gloria | Joe Maruzzo as Soldier #1 | Mark Morettini as Soldier #2 | Anthony Giordano as Junior (Age 24) | Ansel Davis Brasseur as Officer | Ed Setrakian as Grifoni | Bryan Scott Johnson as C.O.
Director: Stephen Semel
Songs: Unkle -- Burn My Shadow

20 :01x20 - Matsya Nyaya

Reese's newest number is an armored car hopper and Reese goes undercover as his guard to protect the man. Meanwhile, Snow warns Carter to avoid the FBI while Fusco becomes further entangled with HR.
Guest Stars: Pablo Schreiber as Tommy Clay | Michael Kelly (1) as Mark Snow | Lenny Venito as Murray Langston | Elizabeth Marvel as Alicia M. Corwin | Michael Mulheren as Captain Artie Lynch | Virginia Kull as Ashley | Susan Misner as Jessica Arndt | Annie Parisse as Kara Stanton |
Co-Guest Stars: Gretchen Hall as Joyce Clay | Darien Sills-Evans as Tyrell Evans | Sean McCarthy as Lee Fusco | John Rue as Robbery Homicide Detective | Laurence Mason as Doctor | Briana Carlson Goodman as Dorie Mills | Gerardo Rodriguez as Drug Dealer | Terence Schappert as Team Leader | Tony Cheng as Ordos Victim
Director: Kevin Bray
Songs: Unkle -- Lonely Soul

21 :01x21 - Many Happy Returns

Finch tries to keep Reese off of a case by giving him his birthday off, but Reese soon learns about it anyway and realizes it related to a personal incident in his life.
Guest Stars: Dagmara Dominczyk as Sarah Jennings / Karen Garner | Jeremy Davidson as Brad Jennings | Judith Ivey as Sharon | Susan Misner as Jessica Arndt | Jonno Roberts as Peter Ardnt | Brennan Brown as Special Agent Donnelly | Fred Applegate as Medical Examiner | Kelly Coffield as Detective Marianne Nichols (as Kelly Coffield Park) |
Co-Guest Stars: Randall Duk Kim as Mr. Han | Samira Wiley as Triage Nurse | Roe Hartrampf as Bartender | Phil McGlaston as MTA Cop #1 | Akshay Kapoor as Clerk | Juan Carlos Infante as Ticketing Agent | Charlie Plummer as Kid
Songs: Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse -- Revenge

22 :01x22 - No Good Deed

The new Number is a security analyst who has uncovered something that the government wants to remain a secret: the existence of the Machine. Meanwhile, Reese digs into Finch's past and discovers what he's been keeping hidden.
Guest Stars: Jacob Pitts as Henry Peck | Brett Cullen as Nathan Ingram | Elizabeth Marvel as Alicia M. Corwin | Carrie Preston as Grace | Jay O. Sanders as Pennsylvania Two | Marc Menchaca as Fox | Al Sapienza as Det. Terney |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrew Weems as Ed Johnson | Kate Bond as Carrie Hale | Kelvin McGrue as NYPD Uni #1 | Kevin Nagle as NYPD Uni #3 | Brett Anderson as Vendor
Writer: David Slack
Songs: David Bowie -- I'm Afraid of Americans

23 :01x23 - Firewall

Reese and Finch set out to protect their newest Number, a psychologist who has been targeted for death by one of her clients. However, they soon discover their new case is anything but simple when HR, the FBI, and Alicia Corwin all come after them.
Guest Stars: Paige Turco as Zoe Morgan | Robert John Burke as Simmons | Amy Acker as Caroline Turing | Brennan Brown as Special Agent Donnelly | Elizabeth Marvel as Alicia M. Corwin | Anthony DeSando as Hans Friedrickson / Jimmy White (as Anthony De Sando) | Aaron Lazar as Terrance Baxter | Wayne Duvall as Councilman Seth Larsson | Jason Kolotouros as Jablonski | John Wu as RTCC Tech (as Johnny Wu) |
Co-Guest Stars: John Bolger as Sam Romano | P.J. Benjamin as Captain Peter Lewis | James Michael Reilly as Detective Sagan | P.J. Sosko as Lulick | Lesley Shires as Hotel Receptionist
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: On Hiatus
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2011
Episode Order: 13
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