Matsya Nyaya - Recap

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Stanton interrogates a prisoner as Reese watches via laptop camera. He then checks his messages and discovers that Jessica has left him a message asking to talk after four years apart. Reese calls her back and she admits she didn’t know if he would call her back. He asks her about Peter and Jessica says that he’s fine, and says that she needed a friend to talk to. She admits that the last time they talked, he was right and they’re all alone. Before she can hang up, Reese tells her that he’ll be there in 24 hours, and she says that she’ll wait for him.

The Present

Carter meets with Reese at a bar and admits that she trusts him, but she’s not sure who she can trust on the force. She admits that she even suspects Fusco and says that she wants to know more about what Reese and Finch do. Reese tells her that she can work the next case with them and shows her a photo of a man at a nearby table, kissing a girl. Another woman comes in and Reese explains that she’s the man’s girl. When the newcomer draws a gun, Carter quickly disarms her and puts her under arrest. While Reese watches, Finch calls to say that they have another Number.

At the station, Fusco brings in a drug dealer and Captain Lynch comes and demands his overdue payback to the police. When the man says that he pays the mob, Lynch says that he’s paying HR now and demands his cut. The criminal says he’ll have to take them to the money and Lynch tells Fusco to go with him.

At the library, Finch suggests that they tell Carter about Fusco, but Reese says Fusco is safer if nobody knows what he does for them. Finch then tells Reese about their new Number, Tommy Clay, who has a wife Joyce and a nine-year-old son. There’s nothing suspicious about him, but he works for Grayling Armored Services and Reese will be training with him. Tommy, the hopper, works with a driver, Murray Langston, the driver.

Reese joins the crew as guard and they make a pickup at a bank. Tommy goes over the basics as they go onto the next pickup. Once he gets a chance, Reese calls Finch and warns that they’re not expecting a serious threat. Finch checks the licenses of nearby cars and gets a match, just as Langston says that they have men with guns closing in. Reese goes to investigate only to find Tommy wearing a clown mask and playing a prank. However, Finch warns Reese that the Machine is always right and something will happen.


Agent Snow checks in to see how Stanton is doing with their prisoner. He then tells her and Stanton that they’re being reassigned to China. When Reese says that he has a family emergency, Snow’s superior, Alicia Corwin, tells him that they have a missing item, a computer virus named Stuxnet, that they designed to disable the Iranian nuclear program. Reese and Stanton will be going after a Chinese version on a laptop, that was sold by a traitor within the Pentagon. Snow sends them to Ordos, a factory town that is now abandoned. The agents are informed that they’re on radio silence because their cell phones could be compromised. As Stanton leaves, Snow tells Reese that he’s to kill Stanton once they have the package. They’ve intercepted communications between her and a Hezbollah terrorist and figure that she’s compromised. Snow tells Reese that he can have all the leave he wants after he disposes of Stanton. Once he’s alone, Reese calls Jessica and gets her voice mail, and hangs up without leaving a message.

The Present

Back at the library, Finch tells Reese that he’s hacked the company records and confirmed the armored car route. Fusco calls Reese and tells him that HR is short of funds since Elias has gone to jail. Reese tells him to keep on HR and find out their players, and tells him he can do what he wants with the money. Once Fusco hangs up, he picks up his son Lee and says that he’s going to buy him some new sports gear.

Carter gets the license plate photos and tells Reese that it’s licensed to a 72-year-old man, and his son Frank Lowell and his buddy Mick Norton just got out of prison after stints for armored robbery. Reese tells Carter that he can cover it and then meets Langston at a diner. Tommy is outside meeting with his wife and son, and Langston dismisses marriage as a racket. When Tommy comes in, the waitress Ashley greets him and Langston notices she has an expensive bracelet. She says that it’s a gift from her grandmother and flirts briefly with Tommy, but Tommy insists that he’s married.

As they hit the road, Tommy warns Reese that it’s not an easy job, and notes that the one time he was robbed, he took two hits in the bulletproof vest and hazard pay. However, he says that the job is more boredom than anything. Finch calls Reese and tells him the stops while flagging the license plates. At one stop they pick up raw platinum for pacemakers, and the cases are worth $1.25 million each. Finch figures that they’re the target and Reese goes on alert. They pull out but nothing happens. The only stop let is a grocery store. However, as the armored car passes over a manhole, there’s an explosion and the car tips over.

Reese wakes up to the sound of two men firing at the car. He tells Tommy to stay put, busts out the back, and takes down one man. The other one holds Langston as a shield but Reese kneecaps him... but Tommy shoots him from behind and then kills Langston. He and the wounded robbers then drive off.


Stanton and Reese arrive in Ordos and the local military takes them to the border. The team leader takes their comm devices and gives them chem lights to signal when they’re ready for pickup. He warns them that they have 72 hours and then leaves with his men. As they go in, they figure that there’s more going on then they’re being told. They find a courtyard filled with corpses.

The Present

Reese wakes up in the OR and sees the doctors treat Langston on the next gurney over. Carter arrives and helps him to get out before the doctors realize that he’s gone. The bullet only bruised the skin because of Reese’s bulletproof vest. Reese realizes that he was there to stop Tommy, and Carter says that they’re checking his home. They figure that Tommy will need to fence the platinum, just as Finch calls. Reese assures him that he’s okay and Finch says that Tommy had a second phone and sent a text to signal the other robbers.

Fusco is in the park watching Lee play when Lynch sits down with the detective. He tells Fusco that he needs him to pick up something in Brooklyn and tells him to wait for orders. As he leaves, Lynch warns him that failure isn’t an option.

At the station, Carter interrogates Joyce, who claims that she has no idea where Tommy is. She insists that Tommy is a good person and Carter shows him the box for the diamond tennis bracelet that Tommy took from a shipment. Joyce has no idea what it is and Carter realizes that Tommy was having an affair. She calls Finch, who is at the diner where Ashley works. He notices the bracelet that she’s wearing and checks her call history. There is one anonymous phone number and Finch texts a photo of Ashley to that number. He plans a spyware Trojan in the file to set off his GPS signal.

That night, Tommy takes the call and Finch sends Reese to the hotel where the signal is originating. When Reese breaks in, he finds the two dead robbers and he hears someone moving in the next room. Reese grabs the man and yanks him in, and discovers that it’s Fusco.


Reese and Stanton confirm that the people, software engineers, were gunned down. They find one survivor, who says that the intruders came and took a machine. He begs for something for the pain and Stanton shoots him dead. They enter the building and confirm that it was a professional team, and make their way to the processing room. They find the laptop and Reese wonders why the intruders left it, and Stanton suggests that they may have copied it. Reese figures that they’ll have to hole up until dark to wait for the extract.

The Present

Fusco explains that Lynch sent him there to meet with Tommy. HR set up the robbery and handpicked the shooters, and Reese tells him what happened. The platinum is gone and Fusco explains that if he doesn’t bring it back, then HR will kill him. Reese tells him that he’ll get it back and to stall for time with HR until he finds it. Once Fusco leaves, Finch tells Reese that Tommy destroyed his phone, but has confirmed that he uses “Ashley” as his password for everything. Ashley has just bought $5,000 in suitcases and they figure that she and Tommy are leaving town.

Fusco meets with Lynch, who doesn’t believe his story that Tommy stole the platinum. However, he focuses on tracking down the fences that could handle platinum and insist that Fusco stay with him.

When Ashley gets into her car at the end of her shift, she finds Reese in the car with her. He tells her that he knows the truth about her bracelet and asks her where Tommy is. Ashley claims that she doesn’t know and explains that Tommy was supposed to pick her up three hours ago. She figures that he’s gone without her, and Reese leaves her. He checks with Finch, who has checked a list of new sales of the burner phones that Tommy prefers with a password “Ashley,” and comes up with a message 45 minutes ago telling Tommy to meet at a boxing club. Reese heads for the address and tells Finch to call Carter in to make the arrest. Finch calls Carter and gives her the address, but Snow and Evans come into the station and she quickly hangs up. They know she’s talking to the FBI about Reese and warn her that they can’t be trusted with national security. Snow tells her not to talk to Agent Donnelly and says that they’re closing in on Reese. He warns Carter that she’s going to want to be on the right side of things.

Reese arrives at the boxing club as Finch tells him that Carter won’t be there. He gets behind Tommy and easily subdues him. Tommy refuses to tell him where the platinum is and Reese wonders why he threw it all away. The man says that he did it because he’s had nothing to show for ten years on the job, and he decided to take some for himself. Ashley arrives behind Reese and holds him at gunpoint.


As Reese and Stanton wait until dark, they eat rations. She says that they’ll be rendered obsolete by technology but he isn’t convinced. Stanton wonders where they get their intel and Reese points out that she used to advise him not to ask questions. The sun sets and they move out, Stanton in the lead. Behind her, Reese draws his gun.

The Present

Finch calls Fusco and tells him that they need his help. The detective is in the car with Lynch and says that he can’t talk.

Tommy ties up Reese and tells Ashley that the platinum is under the ring. Reese figures her for the brains and guesses that she’s the one who told Tommy to make his move. He explains that he never knows if the people he helps are the victims or the perps until he meets them, and tells Tommy that he’s going to be both. Ashley shoots Tommy in the back and Reese warns her that she’s dealing with tough people. Reese describes what she’s going through after killing someone for the first time, and warns her that the second one is harder. After a moment, Ashley takes the platinum and leaves, only to be shot down by Lynch as he and Fusco arrive. They take the platinum and Lynch recognizes Reese from their previous encounters. He slaps Reese a few times and Fusco says that they have to leave, and Lynch prepares to shoot Reese. Fusco shoots him dead and explains that he used Ashley’s gun so he can make it look like a double murder.


As Stanton sets off the chemical flares, Reese prepares to shoot her and then says that there’s something she needs to know. Stanton turns and shoots him, and explains that she was told that he was compromised. Reese tells her that he got the same orders and figures that whoever sent them wants to confirm that their package was destroyed... along with anyone else who has seen it. He warns her that she just gave them a beacon to locate them both. When Stanton turns to the beacon, Reese slips away and gets away from the city just as a USAF plane bombs the city into oblivion.

The Present

Back at the library, Finch wonders if they accomplished anything. Reese says that they stopped Tommy from committing murder.

Snow tracks down a bank account that Reese used in 2010 when he escaped, and used two days ago at a hotel. The two CIA agents break in but Stanton is waiting for them and shoots Evans and wounds Snow. She then tells Snow that they have some catching up to do.