Liberty - Recap

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Rafael and his date are crossing the street at night when a van pulls over and three masked man grab Rafael and drag him in. They drag Rafael into the van, say it's easy to get women when he's a diplomat's son, and plans to kill him because his father wouldn't work with the cartel. As they talk, they realize that one of them isn't who he seems. Reese introduces himself as a hostage negotiator and takes the kidnappers out as the van goes out of control. Rafael runs off as Carter pulls up in a squad car and wearing a patrolman's office. They greet each other and Carter wonders where Reese's friends are.

Sam is taking a carriage ride with a man, Don, who says that she's the most fascinating woman he's met. She knows all about how he rips off women and one of them was the daughter of a mobster who put a bounty on Don's head. The hitmen pull up and Sam opens fire. Fusco, disguised as the carriage driver, tries to get his gun out but by the time he does, Sam has taken their attackers out. She then tells Don to get out of town and change his name... now. As Sam walks away, Finch arrives and thanks her, but notes she might want to use a little less violence in the future. When Fusco complains about how she got him in the way, Sam crushes her cell phone, tells Finch that he knows how to find her, and walks away.

The next day, Finch and Reese walk Bear and Finch complains that he finds it hard to work with Sam if she doesn't carry a phone. Reese points out that people want her dead, the same people that want them dead. Finch tells Reese about their most recent Number, Jack Salazar. He beat up a man some years back and had the choice of joining the Navy or going to jail. Jack chose the Navy, and now it's Fleet Week in New York City. Reese figures that he'll be among the sailors heading to Hell's Kitchen and starts checking bars.

Reese spots Jack and his friend RJ hitting on some girls. One of the girl's boyfriends objects, calling them jarheads. A marine objects but Jack offers to buy him a drink. The marine drops RJ's hat on the ground and Jack describes in graphic detail what will happen if he doesn't pick it up. The marine pours a drink on the hat and Jack and RJ attack. Reese watches, amused, as a three-way fight breaks out. When he finally steps forward, someone hits him with a chair. By the time he gets back up, he loses Jack in the crowd. Reese realizes that they'll need everyone they have to find Jack.

Root is at the sanitarium under an assumed name. The doctor has her in his office and notes that the other patients have complained that she's been talking to herself at night. Root looks up at a security camera and explains that she has a direct line to a higher power. The doctor assumes that she's deluded and Root explains that the voices are telling her to stay there and reassess her methodology. He sympathizes, talking about how digital monitoring is everywhere, and Root admits that it feels like sometimes she's being watched.

Back at headquarters, Reese and Finch go over Jack's record. He scored highest marks on evaluation and physical readiness, and Reese figures that the Navy wants him for something. He tells Finch to check to see if Jack has had any other tests. When Finch points out that Jack started a fight, Reese defends him, saying he would have done the same. Finch confirms that RJ is a troublemaker and they realize that they'll have to get back to their ship by midnight. He suggests that they need someone else with military experience.

Carter brings in a flasher to the squad station and Fusco comes over to greet her. He admits that his partner isn't up to snuff. Carter gets a call from Reese and Finch, and meets up with Reese. She figures that Jack will go to get some and takes Reese to a deli. A sailor is in a booth and makes a call, and a panel opens in the back. There's a club inside and Reese and Carter go in. Reese asks how she's doing and suggests she could use a new job, but Carter says that she's a cop.

Reese spots Jack and goes over to get him while two sailors hit on Carter. A prostitute approaches Jack but he says that he's looking for the real thing. While he talks, Reese clones his phone and watches as RJ comes over and gives Jack some Cuban cigars, while Jack gives him some money for the prostitute. Jack warns that he needs to watch himself because he's always skimming and walks off, and Reese follows him.

At 11 p.m., Jack calls RJ but doesn't get an answer. A force recon Marine, RIP, comes over and tells Jack that he and his people want it back. Reese spots more of the Marines surrounding the area and admits that he can't get there in time. Meanwhile, RIP attacks Jack while another one steals a car. Reese goes over to help Jack just as two more Marine grab Jack and subdue hm. RIP drives a finger into Jack's chest, threatening to puncture his lung, and asks again. Jack insists that he doesn't know and they knock him out and go to take him with RJ. The car pulls up but Reese has knocked out the driver and taken his place. As soon as they load Jack in the back, he drives off with the sailor and they open fire, hitting Jack in the shoulder.

Reese has Finch call Sam in to stitch up Jack's wound. When he wakes up, he grabs Sam, who draws on him. Finch tells Jack that he was attacked by Marines and that he needs medical treatment, and Jack releases his grip. Reese asks why force recon Marines are after him and Jack explains that the leader had an AK-47 he wanted to bring back from Somalia. Jack helped them smuggle it in as a war souvenir, and RJ said that he returned it to them. Finch checks and explains that the Marines took on a Somali pirate vessel that attacked a deep-sea mining vessel. Jack's phone rings and he take the call. It's the Marines, who have RJ. RJ tells Jack to check the Cuban cigars and they find uncut diamonds inside. RIP tells Jack to bring the diamonds to a hotel room.

Dr. Carmichael interviews Root again and asks about her family, assuming that Finch is her uncle. She refuses to discuss it and Carmichael comes over and removes his cellphone from her pocket. Root explains that she's having a disagreement with the voice and it's important that she keep in contact. Carmichael says that the best course of action would be to remove her from all forms of technology. Root begs him not to do it but Carmichael has the orderlies take her to solitary confinement.

Reese and Sam take Jack to the hotel and Sam spots the likely sniper position. As she pays a vendor for a popsicle, Jack wonders how he got there. Reese figures that he's there because he's trying to help people, and assures him that he's a good guy. Meanwhile, Sam gives Reese the foil wrapper and tells him to give her three minutes. She goes up and gets behind the sniper, and Reese blinds him with sunlight off the foil. Reese and Jack go up to the room and Sam reports that RJ is rigged. They bust in and Reese confirms that RJ is sitting on an IED. As they try to work out how to get him loose, RIP calls them on a cellphone taped to RJ's chest. The Marine tells Reese to stay put while Jack destroys his phone and goes out to a cab. Reese warns Jack that if he goes then he won't go back, but Jack says that he won't let his friend die.

Jack goes out to the cab and Sam tells Finch what's going on. He figures that if they locate the fence the Marines will use to sell the diamonds, they can find Jack. Finch then calls Carter and she says she has a source. She goes to meet Carl, who is eating dinner with Scarface in a basement hideout. Carter points out that Scarface has been spotted in Russian territory, but Carl notes that it's all Russian territory since he lost control. Scarface gets up to go, but pauses long enough to thank Carter for helping Carl. Once they're alone, Carl asks why Finch and Reese haven't come visiting. He wonders if they'd object to her freeing him, but Carter points out that someone would have killed Carl if she took him back. Carter asks for someone who can fence the diamonds and Carl says refers a man named Maksim operating out of a pawnshop. He gives Carter the address but warns that it's dangerous business. Carl offers to help her out with HR and the Russians, but Carter turns and walks away.

Finch heads out into the field and creates a video loop so that Reese can move freely. Fusco arrives and gives Reese the address Carter got. Reese tells him to defuse the bomb while he goes after the Russian fence with Sam.

The cab lets Jack out at a park and he hears a cell phone ringing from a lunch box taped beneath a bench. RIP has a bead on him from across the street, and tells Jack to meet with their fence and hand over the diamonds.

That night, Fusco keeps working on the IED. RJ admits that he's just a quartermaster and Fusco admits that he's Homicide, not bomb squad.

Jack arrives at the pawnshop and hands over the diamonds. Maksim only gives him 30% and Jack warns him that he doesn't know who he's messing with. The Marines come in and both sides draw guns. RIP reminds him that he offered 50%, but Maksim knows who they are and where they got the diamonds. He takes out a briefcase of money and offers them the 30%, but the Marines refuse and both sides prepare to shoot.

Reese casually strolls in and everyone stops dead. He suggests that they negotiate to 40%. Across the street, Sam watches through a sniper rifle. Meanwhile, RIP takes out the cellphone and confirms that Reese tampered with the video feed. Finch, listening in, tells Fusco to get out but the detective says that there's no time. He defuses the bomb just in time.

The Marine tells Reese to keep quiet and aims at Maksim. The fence and his men back off and Sam spots shooters in an upstairs window. She warns Reese, who grabs Jack and heads for the door. The shooters open fire through the floor and Shaw takes them out. As Reese gets Jack out, one of the Marines tries to shoot and Reese shoots him. Once they leave, Scarface comes in and collects the diamonds.

Carter comes home after her shift and calls Reese about the shootout. He's on the ship with Sam, and asks if Carter is doing okay. She insists that she's fine and Reese says that he can call her anytime if she needs help. Once Carter hangs up, she goes to the closet and checks the board that she has set up with all of the HR members.

Reese finds Jack in a bar. Jack explains that RJ took the blame for everything so he only got a reprimand. His captain figures that he can make it in the SEALS, but Jack was hoping to have a normal life after his tour was up. Reese tells him that a guy like him could do a lot of good, and admits that he ended up in the military the same way. Jack wonders what he should do, and Reese says that the CIA will take an interest in him eventually. He recommends that Jack say no to them when they come. Jack looks over at a happy civilian couple and sends over two glasses of champagne... with a diamond in one glass. He thanks Reese for everything and leaves. Finch comes over and admits that he didn't know how Reese joined the military. Reese says that he never told him, and points out that his friend should be happier. Finch admits that he is, but figures that things are going to become a lot more complicated.

The orderlies bring Root back to Cameron, who wants to talk about something real. He asks what she's really thinking and Root tells him everything in his personal life that the Machine has told her. She tells Cameron to give her the phone back because she's having an argument, and tells him that they're arguing about whether Root will kill him.