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Message Posted On Saturday, February 23rd 2013 at 1:12 pm
Well to me Sam Shaw and Michael Cole right out of the box was cool. It was nice seeing the relevant side of the machine. Shaw was rougher with her gun use then Reese. She took out the dirty bomb makers in Germany. Nice take down, and recovers bullets before blowing it up. Cole questioned the numbers, and if someone was manipulating the machine. Also about the death of Daniel Aquinto's in 2011. His mistake was to call Wison, their handler. In the US, who warned Cole on his lap top to get out of there? Was it his contact in the CIA, or whatever? Didn't like Cole to be shot. But after being amused by Wilson's team Shaw came out side and you could see Reese's handy work, shot knee caps. Her shooting him when he came to help was scary. But we figured he had on vest. Wilson reported to Special Council. "It is a problem!" cute. Miss May(Root) is in Special Councils office. He don't recognize her? My wife thought she worked for him, but later with his phone tapped you could tell she didn't in her normal capacity. Wilson did clip her, and she had to get fixed at Lewise's home. After stealing that car she grabbed the drug dealer. She pulled bullet out. Had both guys tie-wrapped to heater so when she passed out they couldn't hurt her. But she wakes to 3 guys beating them. Must be his drug supplier. Cool how she took down all 3 then enjoyed a beer. Wonder how Lewis would explain that to the Police? Hersh trained her, we can tell. So must be he didn't suspect Reese mixed up in this. She contacted Veronica Sinclair, and finds out Root is waiting, knockout drug and iron in hand. Surprised Root hadn't killed Veronica Sinclair. Shaw wondered what Cole had talked to Sinclair about. Maybe she will be contacting her in future? She called Wilson to meet Control too, or will go public with Aquinto's file. Program was Northern Lights? Root told Shaw, real or fake? After Root zip-tied up Shaw and was ready to press her(pun intended)for information.Who texted her, about Wilson's team coming? Shaw then took out 2 and Reese got 3rd.
Reese's line in the motel room was cute, him talking about not trying to shoot me again and Shaw asked why? Reese replied that he's a nice guy. So cool. When they go to the empty office building to met Finch, Reese staying in background, must be watching the door? She didn't trust him which I could see that. He showed her her number and Cole's came up. Finch apologizing for not being able to save Cole was nice. You can see it doesn't always work. Shaw wants the man behind the curtain. Harold was a little uneasy there. Him telling her she is a piece of the puzzle and the world has changed. he wanted her to stop running, but she wanted the head of Research. She told Finch, "Thanks but no thanks" when he offered his number the first time.
Shaw visiting The gala affair to drop off the information from Cole to Pennsylvania Two/Special Council was strange, but a good soldier. Surprised she only took out Wilson. But maybe she will meet her boss again. And he said he wasn't the head man in Control. Hersh shoots her with poison on street corner, and no one stops to help? Carter and Fusco has Leon Tao, bring her to Finch and Reese.
Bears friendly lick to wake Shaw was so cute. I figured after Hersh shot her with the stuff that she would be saved. Even though it could just as well have been her dead on street. Wife would not have been happy, she likes less twists. And Shaw being killed by Hersh like that would not be cool to her. She hates all the espionage twists.That is why she stopped watching Alias. Leon wanting more pay and wasn't told she was dangerous was cute. Then Shaw did take Finches number, and phones. And drove off into the sunset in the Ambulance. Will she call us a cab asked Finch, lol I figured Reese would like her.
Sam is controlled and disciplined, she did not kill the German Policeman, or Lewis the corner drug dealer. I like her. And I believe she will be after Root as well, out of curiosity at least.