Incoming - Recap

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From the bunker, Tom monitors the prisoners but realizes that Joe has disappeared. Joe comes in and Tom warns that they are also under surveillance, and warns Joe that he has broken protocol twice. Joe admits there's something about Janet, and asks if Tom has ever had feelings. Tom warns him that he'll red card him if he continues that line of questioning, and tells Joe to go back to his position.

Joe emerges from the elevator and Janet greets him. Moira and Graham find them and inform them that Tori has disappeared and someone has erased all evidence of her presence from the room. They go outside to look and see someone in her dress lying unconscious at the edge of the town. When they get close, they realize that it's an African-American woman in a blonde wig and wearing Tori's dress. They wonder where Tori is to be found.

In Rome, a fountain cleaner discovers Tori dead in the fountain.

They bring the woman back to the hotel and Moira confirms that she's barely breathing. There's a tattoo on the woman's arm that reads, "Erika," and Graham figures that it's a prison tattoo. Bill comes in and wonders what happened, and isn't thrilled that they may have a prison junkie with them. Moira notices that Erika has hypodermic needle injections on her arm. As Bill leaves to get coffee, he runs into Charlie, who taunts his briefly.

Franklin Fairchild goes to the Italian morgue and confirms that the dead woman is his daughter. The inspector vows that they will find the persons responsible.

Moira is scribbling on the wall of her hotel room, trying to work out everything that has happened and why, when Graham comes in. They have their doubt as to whether Tori is still alive. Moira then suggests that one of them is a mole, and Graham promises that nothing will happen to her.

In San Francisco, Kat fires Renbe on behalf of the publisher. Gomez informed the publisher that Renbe is a suspected felon. Kat isn't thrilled that Renbe lied to her and tells him to get out despite his attempt to apologize.

Joe checks on Janet, who has put Erika in a room. Erika wakes up and attacks them, and then leaps out a window and tries to run out of town. The ADS stops her and she retreats back into the town.

Renbe is drinking in a bar when he sees a newscast about Tori's abduction and how she's turned up dead in Italy.

Moira is getting a dress at the clothing shop when the TV comes on and a broadcast reports that Tori was found alive and well in Italy.

Bill is getting a drink from a vending machine when Erika attacks him and takes his clothing. She kicks him repeatedly and then runs into the Shanghai Palace. Tom and the cook are there. Seemingly nonplussed, they offer her food and water. She takes what she can carry, grabs a knife, and leaves. Tom then goes to the bunker and discovers Joe is already there. He wants to know where Tori is, and Tom says he knows what happened to her and there will be other eliminations. When Joe asks about Erika, Tom refuses to answer and tells him to get back to work.

Bill staggers back to the hotel and collapse. Charlie is there, amused at Bill's suffering, and tells him that now it's survival of the fittest. He pokes Bill's wounds and leaves, and the Night Manager goes to get some ice.

Renbe compares the footage of Janet's abduction and Tori's.

Erika chases Charlie down the street. The others arrive and Erika hits Moira with a shovel and runs off into the bank. Janet and Joe go after her while the others look after Moira. Erika ducks into the vault and Janet goes in after her. Tom closes the vault door by remote and Erika closes in on Janet. Janet explains what happened, and Erika draws her stolen knife.

Joe goes to the bunker via the secret entrance in the hotel elevator and demands to know what is going on. Tom refuses to release them until they have a result or both women suffocate when their air runs out in 20 minutes. When Joe tries to interfere, Tom draws a gun and tells him to let it play out. Joe refuses and leaves.

Erika grabs Janet and addresses the cameras, demanding that they release her or she'll kill hr hostage. Janet breaks free, disarms Erika, and threatens her with the knife. Erika tells her that she's already died once, and she doesn't think a second time will hurt.

Joe and Graham get tools and try to break through the vault wall, but Erika warns Janet it will take them 50 years to get through.

In San Francisco, Renbe breaks into Kat's apartment and uses her computer to search Lexus for missing persons. Kat comes in and tells him to get out, but Renbe suggests Janet's disappearance is linked to Tori's and it's all part of something big. She figures he still cares for Janet, but Renbe insists it's something else, and he has to find Janet on behalf of Megan. Kat points out that he abandoned Megan and kicks him out.

Erika comments that Joe is trying, and wonders how long Janet has known him. When Janet insists she trusts Joe, Erika figures that trusting any man is her first mistake. Janet explains that she wants to get out so she can get back to her daughter, and talks about Megan. Erika admits she has a son, Anton, who is now in foster care. She explains that she wanted to be a good mother to him, but it didn't turn out that way. Janet insists that they'll get out and be with their children again.

When he realizes he can't get through the vault wall, Joe gets in the elevator and punches a sequence into the floor buttons. Moira, resting nearby, notices that the elevator doesn't change floors.

Erika explains that she was executed in Texas by lethal injection. She seemingly died, and the next thing she knew, she was waking up in the town. She wonders if she's in Heaven or Hell, and Janet assures her that what they're experiencing is real. Both of them start to pass out from the lack of air.

Joe gets into the bunker and tries to open the vault, but Tom gets him at gunpoint. Tom refuses and asks if he's willing to throw it all away for Janet. Joe says is he, and then spins and disarms Tom. He tells him to stop the countdown, and Tom warns him it's his last chance to get back on point. Joe refuses to relent, and Tom opens the vault. Joe smashes the control panel and then goes back to the bank.

Renbe comes home and finds Kat there, slipping an envelope beneath his door. It contains a printout of the missing persons. He invites her in but Kat refuses. As she walks away, Kat tells him that he needs to face up to the real issue and go see Megan.

As everyone returns to the hotel, Bill jumps Erika, who easily knocks him off. They explains that she's on their side now. Moira comes over and Erika apologizes for hitting her, but not Bill.

In Italy, Franklin is in his office and gets a call from the man with the Irish accent. The man thanks Franklin for his cooperation, and insists there wasn't any other way. Franklin refuses to cooperate further, and the man warns him that there's more they can do to him.

The next morning, Graham bows to Mecca and remembers his time in the Middle East. His squad was killed and the he threatened to shoot a young boy. Graham then flushes his dog tags down the toilet in disgust.

Erika goes to talk to Janet, and tells her that no matter what, she has her back.

Renbe goes to the park to talk to Megan. Neither she nor Eleanor know who he is. Once Renbe can talk to Eleanor in private, he explains that his real name is Mark Cooper. Right now he's just there to promise Megan that he will find her mother no matter what.

Graham checks on Moira, and apologizes for not protecting her. Moira assures him that they'll all get out of the town, just like Tori did. When Graham warns that Tori is dead, Moira tells him about the newscast in the shop. Graham figures that the entire thing is a military training camp designed to see who will crack under pressure, and he failed. As he goes, Moira pulls him back and starts to tell him what she learned about Joe.

In the bunker, Tom warns Joe that letting Janet die was their test, and they failed. Now they're both in danger. Joe admits he can't help how he feels, and wonders what happens next. Tom gets no response from their superiors, and figures they'll have to wait and see what happens next. He doesn't think it will be good.