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Shadows in the Cave - Recap

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Janet imagines herself walking down the highway in the pouring rain with Joe at her side. He asks if she knows where he’s going, and is forced to admit that he doesn’t know either. Janet realizes that she’s dreaming, while Joe tells her that no matter, they know where they’ve been. Janet collapses and then remembers the past, when she told her husband Mark that she was pregnant. Disgusted, he walked out on her and the baby.

Janet wakes up in San Francisco in a hospital room. Detective Gomez is there along with her doctor, Lemchen. Gomez demands answers and asks her to confirm that Mark was responsible for her disappearance, but Janet insists that she hasn’t seen Mark in weeks. Instead she tries to explain the town and what happened to her, but Lemchen assumes that she’s disturbed and has the nurses administer a sedative.

Some time after the crash, Erika and Moira go to Morocco. Erika guides them away from the police and insists that she’ll do whatever it takes so she isn’t locked up again.

Bill and Charlie have stolen a car and are driving cross-country and unwittingly pass Renbe and Kat, who have had a breakdown. Charlie warns Bill that they can’t trust anyone. Behind them, Renbe gets a call from Gomez informing him that they’ve found Janet.

Janet wakes up and Dr. Lemchen brings in a psychiatrist to meet her: Dr. Andrea Adams. They're unaware that it's the Director. After an interview, the Director informs Gomez and Lemchen that she's suffered from extreme trauma and is delusional, and doesn't dismiss the possibility that Renbe abducted her. The Director offers to put her in a special facility until they confirm her mental status. Lemchen agrees and the Director gets the paperwork started.

Their car breaks down and Charlie and Bill start walking. Bill wonders if they were better off in the town with something to eat and drink, and Charlie reminds him that Ulrich was killed. He then informs his friend that he's learned he'll do anything to survive.

The nurse gives Janet sleeping pills and warns that if she doesn’t take them voluntarily, the orderlies will force her. Janet fakes taking the pills and waits for the right moment.

Kat and Renbe fly into San Francisco and head for the hospital. Kat wonders what's going on with Renbe, and he admits that he can't believe it's all over. She wonders if it is, and Renbe assures her that he's just going to see Janet to get closure. Kat warns him that Janet probably won't forgive him, and warns that they're at rock bottom. Renbe apologizes for dragging her into everything, and Kat says that she doesn't regret it.

When the nurse comes to visit Janet, she knocks her out, dresses, and leaves.

Renbe and Kat talk to the hospital receptionist, but she insists that there is no Janet Cooper there. They spot Gomez approaching with his men and realize they're in trouble, and make a run for it into the hospital. As they run through the halls, they spot Janet down a hallway. However, she is forced to watch as men in blue coveralls taser Kat and Renbe unconscious and take them away, and then quickly leaves the hospital.

The Director shows Joe footage of her questioning Joe when she was posing as a doctor. On the tape, Janet admits that Joe didn't escape and she loved him for what he did. However, she claims to have no idea where the other prisoners are such the crash. The Director then assures Joe that Janet is alive and unharmed, but he points out she isn't free. Joe wonders what will happen to Janet, and the Director says that it's up to him. He warns her that threatening him or Janet won't get her the information she needs. When the Director says he has other methods, Joe dares her to try and informs her that they didn't tell him where they were going. He walks out, telling her that she won't win this one. The Director appears nervous, and gets a call from the Night Manager, Neil, who informs her that they have a problem.

Gomez tries to find Kat, Renbe, and Janet, and puts out an APB.

Janet goes to her mother's home and finds Edick and Eleanor waiting for her. She runs upstairs and wakes up her sleeping daughter to greet her. Megan wonders if it's a dream and Janet assures her she's there, and then lies next to her in the bed.

The Director convenes an emergency meeting of the Mansfield Board of Directors. One elderly member the Chairman, says they have a dire situation and the Director is surprised to see him there. He says that her scenario has exposed the Institute to unnecessary risk, but the Director insists that the potential gain is well worth the risk. The Chairman reluctantly agrees to let her continue and the rest of the board gives in.

Eleanor serves sandwiches and tells her daughter that she believes everything she's said. Janet collapses into her arms, sobbing, and Eleanor assures her that everything will be okay. The telephone rings and Eleanor takes the call: it's the Director, who says that she wants Janet. Eleanor refuses to give Janet up, but the Director warns that it's about the commitment they both made long ago. Once Eleanor hangs up, she has Edick bring down Megan and give her to Janet, and then says that the detective will drive Janet and her daughter across the border. Janet agrees to go.

Kat is taken to an outdoor prison and locked in a cage. She demands to be released but the guards ignore her. The man in the cage next to her warns that they can keep her here as long as they wish, and Kat realizes that the man is Franklin Fairchild.

The Director and the Night Manager go to the white room, where Graham is being kept. She tortures him and demands to know where she can find the other prisoners. Graham insists that he doesn't know and the Director leaves as the torture continues.

Bill and Charlie camp for the night, and Charlie says that he's not the same man that he was when he woke up in the town. He tells Bill that he's changed as well, and that they'll get a second chance. Bill asks Charlie if he misses his wife, Charlotte, and Charlie wonders how Bill knows her name when he's never mentioned it.

As Edick drives, he apologizes for letting down Janet and Eleanor. He insists that Eleanor has always loved her, and always will. He pulls over at a hotel for the night and tells Janet to get some sleep, while he stands watch outside. Janet tells Megan that she loves her and then dozes off beside her on the bed. As she sleeps, she remembers everything that's happened to her.

The next morning, Janet wakes up in a different hotel room. Only Megan's coat remains. She looks up at the cameras and wonders how they could have done it.

Joe wakes up in a hotel room, goes to the nightstand, and takes the key out of the Bible. He comments that his captors are running out of ideas.

Janet takes the Bible out of the nightstand in her room and finds a key. She goes to the door and unlocks it.

Joe unlocks the door and finds himself in the hotel. Renbe comes out of the room next to him, and asks where he is. Joe claims he doesn't know where they are, and introduces himself. Renbe recognizes him as Father Joe, much to Joe's surprise, and demands to know where he can find Janet.

Janet leaves her room and finds Erika, Charlie, Bill, Moira, and Graham in what appears to be the hotel hallway.

Joe and Renbe tell the other guests where the key is in their room. Five strangers emerge.

Graham passes by the others without a word. They all go to the elevator together. Charlie looks at Bill, guilty, and enters with the others.

Joe and the five newcomers get into the elevator. After a moment, Renbe gets in with them. They go down to the lobby and find the new Night Manager waiting for them: Victoria Fairchild, who says she'll do whatever she can to make them comfortable.

Janet and the others emerge from the elevator and find the original Night Manager waiting for them. They're on the deck of a freighter, the Almas Perdidas, somewhere far at sea, and the Night Manager welcomes them to Level 2.