Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future is about the Diffy family, a group of time travelers from the year 2121 who traveled back in time using a rented time machine on vacation, though the machine was damaged when Phil used it for personal means on their last stop in the early twenty-first century, leaving them trapped in this barbaric time period (in comparison with the twenty-second century).

The family consists of Lloyd, who is convinced that he’ll fix the time machine in no time, though it’s been quite a while since he made that claim; Barbara, who considers herself a pioneer, as she can (and has) easily adapt to the century she’s living in; Pim, a rebellious girl who dreams of ruling the world and looks down upon the residents of the twenty-first century; and finally the show’s star, Phil, who is much like his mother in adapting to the twenty-first century, though that’s mostly due to him using his futuristic gadgets to get him (in and) out of trouble.

Phil hangs out with Keely Teslow, who dreams of becoming a famous news reporter, though she’s an accomplished singer, as well. Phil and Keely seem to be attracted towards one another, and have gone on a few dates, though nothing exclusively. Keely is also the only person who knows that the Diffys are from the future.

The Diffys regularly must hide the fact that they are from the future, as if they are discovered to be time travelers, they fear they will be taken away by the government. Pim and Phil’s vice principal, Mr. Hackett, believes that the Diffys are aliens of some sort, and has found evidence to support his theory, though something always occurs which leaves him without the knowledge of this evidence.

Though Phil of the Future is no longer aired on Disney Channel in the USA, reruns can still be seen on Disney XD. It can still be seen on Disney Channel UK and Disney Channel Australia.

Episode Info

Final: 2x22 -- Back to the Future (Not the Movie) (Aug/19/2006)

It's nearing the end of Phil and Keely's sophomore year, and the yearbook results are in! Phil and Keely are voted "cutest couple", which surprises them, as they're not a couple in the first place. This causes them to finally spill their feelings for each other and become a couple. Troubles arise, though, as Pim accidentally fixes the Time Machine and the Diffys decide that it's finally time to go home. How will Phil say goodbye to Keely now, when their relationship has finally gone one step further? How will Keely react?
Ricky UllmanRicky Ullman
As Phil Diffy
Alyson MichalkaAlyson Michalka
As Keely Teslow
Amy BrucknerAmy Bruckner
As Pim Diffy
Craig AntonCraig Anton
As Lloyd Diffy
Lise SimmsLise Simms
As Barbara Diffy



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a Good Show, should've been continued.Rating: 2 likes, 0 dislikes

Phil of the Future is a show about a teenage boy named Phil Diffy, who is secretly from the 22nd century and was trapped in the 21st century in a time machine accident. This show was quite entertaining, and in my opinion was canceled all too soon. It advertised teenage actors and actresses. At this time Allysion Mickalka and Ricky Allman were all too up-and-coming. They were decent actors/actresses, and although the show wasn't all too funny, it was entertaining and contained a decent plot line. It only lasted for two seasons, and was canceled too soon (in my opinion.) Read more

Review posted on Sunday, November 9th 2008 at 6:37 am

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2x5: Tia, Via, or Me... Uh recap: Keely and Tia, at the end of a phone conversation, argue about who is going to hang up first. Phil, who is quite fed up with listening to the conversation, calls Keely on her other line and tells her to hang up. Eventually, to Keely's chagrin, Tia finally hangs up. Phil laments about how close she was to Tia and how they did everything together, even things her other friends might not like or might be embarrassed by. Keely then says she's lucky to have him. The camera pans out to reveal the two of them at a day spa, getting facials, manicures, and pedicures together. Phil doesn't look all-too-pleased about the situation... read more.

2x1: Versa Day recap: Barbara walks down the hall one morning to find Phil arguing with Pim, who is in the bathroom, about how she spends too much time using it; Barbara tries to explain to Phil that it's just part of growing up in a girl's life. The sibling feuds continue downstairs as they fight over the milk; Phil eventually takes it and finishes the rest of it, much to Pim's annoyance. As the kids argue, Lloyd tells Curtis that he needs to get a job instead of mooching off of the family. Curtis agrees, failing to see the challenge... read more.

2x2: Virtu-Date recap: Phil laments to Keely that he has to paint the garage door. The two stand in the driveway, and Phil uses a futuristic device to instantly change the color of the door. The gadget fascinates Keely, who begins putting various designs on the door before asking Phil what people in the future did for fun if they considered that work. Phil lists off various activities such as remote comet racing, but he loses Keely when he mentions going to the mall. Keely marvels at the possibility of a future mall before Phil says she could go to a mall, virtually, using his Virtu-Goggles. Keely gleefully agrees, setting a "date" for the two of them... read more.

1x20: Corner Pocket recap: Phil watches Keely's tryouts for the cheerleading squad go horribly awry. When she comes out and explains what happened, she stops short when she sees her mother with a large flower wreath ready for her. Unable to tell her the truth, Keely lies and says that she made the team. Mandy, ecstatic, gives her daughter the wreath and a big hug. Keely tells Phil to say nothing... read more.

1x12: You Say Toe-Mato recap: Phil and Pim are on the back porch, arguing over which one of them will get to use a future gadget first. Phil says he deserves to use it as he is older, smarter, and taller (he emphasizes this by holding the futuristic sphere over his head, out of Pim's reach). Pim counters this by informing Phil that she can hold a grudge forever, and reminds him of a Tuesday when she was 4 and 1/2 years old where he ate her pudding cup. Phil tosses the sphere on the ground, which morphs into a SkyAk, and informs her that he didn't eat the pudding, but put it in her shampoo. He then boards the SkyAk and flies off into the night sky... read more.
Recurring Guests

J.P. Manoux as Curtis / Mr. Hackett (29 eps)
Kay Panabaker as Debbie Berwick (14 eps)
Brenda Song as Tia (9 eps)
Brandon Mychal Smith as Li'l Danny Dawkins (9 eps)
Evan Peters as Seth Wosmer (5 eps)
Spencer Locke as Candida (5 eps)
Michael Mitchell as Owen (5 eps)
Joel Brooks as Mr. Messerschmitt (4 eps)
Rory Thost as Bradley Benjamin Farmer (4 eps)
Carlie Westerman as Neckbrace Lana (4 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 18, 2004
Ended: August 19, 2006
performed by The Drew Davis Band Lyrics
• Phil do Futuro (Used In Brazil)
• The Out of Timers (Working Title)
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