Season 2

22 :02x01 - Versa Day

Fed up with their constant bickering, Lloyd imposes on the kids a Versa Day; for the entire day, the kids are forced to swap bodies and walk a mile in each other's shoes to learn a lesson about tolerance. However, the two of them take the spirit of Versa Day in entirely different ways.

Meanwhile, Lloyd helps Curtis to find a job in order to start pulling his weight around the house.
Guest Stars: Cathy Cahn as Mrs. Feinstein | Spencer Locke as Candida | Kevin West as Mr. Angst | Nikki Soohoo as Fiona Lanky | Sean Michael (1) as Lyle Snogger | Donna Pieroni as Henrietta | J.P. Manoux as Curtis
Director: Matthew Diamond
Songs: Stravinsky -- The Rite of Spring

23 :02x02 - Virtu-Date

Keely becomes fascinated at the wonders of a futuristic mall after Phil mentions one to her, so he decides to take the two of them on a virtual trip to one. When Keely encounters a charming robot waiter, though, Phil starts to regret the trip.

Pim tries to fit in to various groups after learning the Fashion Zombies didn't invite her to a sleepover, but soon realizes the best course of action is just to be herself.
Guest Stars: Spencer Locke as Candida | Dossett March as Robby |
Co-Guest Stars: Calicia Wilson (1) as Girl #1 | Kelsie Lynn as Goth Kid | Jessica Valentino as Head Kid
Director: Fred Savage

24 :02x03 - The Giggle

Mr. Messerschmitt announces a surprise test, which Phil and Keely decide to neglect when the Giggle shows that they both get A's on the test. When the test arrives, they realize that they no nothing on the subject at hand and lose their AV lab privileges as a result of their failure. Keely is worried that due to her cut-off from AV lab privileges, she will not become a successful news reporter in the future, so they check the Giggle, and her hypothesis proves correct. She decides to give up on life, making Phil feel responsible, so he convinces Mr. Hackett to give them a make up test which they must pass to gain their AV lab privileges back.
Guest Stars: Brian Evaret Chandler as Anchorman | Joi Stanton as Stacy Pimpkins | J.P. Manoux as Curtis | Joel Brooks as Mr. Messerschmitt | Brittney Powell as 2030 Keely (news reporter) | Brandon Novitsky as Movie Theater Clerk | Laura Harden as Cat Lady
Director: David Kendall

25 :02x04 - Dinner Time

When Mr. Hackett becomes the Diffy family's new neighbor, Barbara invites him over for dinner to prove they are a typical American family. During the dinner, Lloyd and Barbara get stuck in a time warp, leaving it up to Phil and Keely to save the day. Meanwhile, Pim takes several attempts at selling their house, as she believes they are going to move, since Hackett moved next door.
Guest Stars: J.P. Manoux as Curtis/Mr. Hackett |
Co-Guest Stars: Louisa Abernathy as Mrs. Henderson
Director: Henry Chan

26 :02x05 - Tia, Via, or Me... Uh

Phil, looking to get out of more of the girly things Keely has him doing since Via left, introduces Keely to Via, a new student from Britain. However, he starts to question his decision when she starts doing everything with Via and ignoring him.

Barbara, after discovering Pim's room has a startling lack of personality, sets out to redecorate it. Pim however, has her own ideas of how her room should be decorated.
Guest Stars: Michael Mitchell as Owen | Brandon Mychal Smith as Li'l Danny Dawkins | Juliet Holland-Rose as Via | Will Burke as Leprechaun
Director: David Kendall

27 :02x06 - Get Ready to Go-Go

Keely asks Phil to the dance with encouragement from Via, and he accepts. They are both really anxious to go with each other, though Phil soon receives notice that his father has fixed the time machine and they will be returning home. He lets Keely know, who asks Owen out since Phil won’t be able to attend. Lloyd discovers that he has much more work to do on the time machine, and that Phil will be able to go with the dance with Keely, though she becomes upset with him that he could leave at any given time without notice.
Meanwhile, Pim, knowing that she’ll be moving and won’t be able to attend the dance, lies, saying that she’s got a boyfriend from Handsome Town, though he won’t be able to come, as she’s moving. When word gets out that she’s not moving, she much find a date, otherwise she’ll look like a fool in front of the Fashion Zombies.
Guest Stars: Juliet Holland-Rose as Via | Michael Mitchell as Owen | Brandon Mychal Smith as Li'l Danny Dawkins | Spencer Locke as Candida | Kunal Sharma as Rick Singh | Patricia Forte as Sarge Marge
Director: Jace Alexander
Songs: Goodwin, Medici -- Time for Love

28 :02x07 - Phil Without a Future

It's Career Day, and Phil cannot decide on a job during the assembly. After seeing the creator of the WIZRD in his classroom taking the Career Placement Test, he realizes that the test is wrong, as it will not tell you what you are going to do, and therefore decides not to take the test, placing him in detention.
Pim, however, takes an interest in becoming a police officer.
Guest Stars: Joel Brooks as Mr. Messerschmitt | Brandon Mychal Smith as Li'l Danny Dawkins | Kunal Sharma as Ricky Singh | Patricia Forte as Sarge Marge | Kevin Michael Richardson as Mr. Littletree
Writer: Masha Tivyan

29 :02x08 - Time Release Capsule

H.G. Wells will be burying a time capsule, and the students have to place one object of their’s into the capsule, which won’t be dug up for years to come. Lloyd notices the things that are going into the time capsule and realizes that on a date with Barbara, he and she found a time capsule, which they dug up and went through. He realizes that if they write a letter and place it in the time capsule telling their future / past selves not to buy a time machine, they will have never left the future, and thus would be home. Everyone is excited, though Phil knows that if he never went to the past, he would have never met Keely, and all of his memories about her would be gone.
Guest Stars: Ben Savage as Himself | Brandon Mychal Smith as Li'l Danny Dawkins | Michael Mitchell as Owen | J.P. Manoux as Mr. Hackett | Kevin West as Mr. Angst
Director: Fred Savage

30 :02x09 - Mummy's Boy

Phil and Keely are really anxious to visit a museum, in which ancient artifacts showcased, though their chaperon becomes ill, and they are out of luck. They decide to have Curtis be their chaperon, so they shave him and give him modern clothes. While at the museum, Phil promises he'll go with Keely to investigate a forbidden room in which a mummy is being kept, though once he sees a piece to his time machine, he must retrieve it and blow off Keely.
Guest Stars: Sam Zeller as Oog | Dale Raoul as Ms. Mip | David Figlioli as Curator | J.P. Manoux as Curtis/Mr. Hackett | Michael Mitchell as Owen | Brandon Mychal Smith as Li'l Danny Dawkins
Director: Fred Savage

31 :02x10 - Maybe-Sitting

Phil and Keely are hired to baby sit Mr. Messerschmitt’s nephew, Nathan, at Phil’s house, though his dad won’t be there to supervise. Phil promises not to use any futuristic gadgets to aid him in baby sitting, though Nathan proves too much for them to handle, so Phil discovers a loophole and has Keely use the WIZRD to make Nathan more mature, but she uses it too much and makes him like a grown man. While trying to reverse it, she accidentally hits Phil, so instead of making Nathan back to normal, she makes Phil believe he’s five years old.
Meanwhile, Pim makes volcanoes for the science fair which she attempts to sell to her peers who don’t want to make their own.
Guest Stars: Joel Brooks as Mr. Messerschmitt / Battina Messerschmitt | Brandon Mychal Smith as Li'l Danny Dawkins | Spencer Locke as Candida | Jack Carter as Older Nathan | Estelle Harris as Older Pim | Josh Flitter as Nathan Messerschmidt | Shane Baumel as 5 year old Phil
Director: Fred Savage

32 :02x11 - Good Phil Hunting

Phil solves a difficult math problem with ease due to the problem being “third grade stuff” in the future. If anyone solves the problem, the whole class will be granted no math homework for the rest of the year, so Keely tries to convince him to say the answer, though while convincing him, she talks too loudly and Mr. Hackett over-hears her recite the answer. She is taken into an advanced math class, in which Phil must continue to do her work, as if it is discovered that the work was too hard for her, Mr. Hackett will know that Phil gave her the answer, which could support his theory of them being aliens.
Meanwhile, Pim attempts to use massive static electricity to gain vengeance against the Fashion Zombies who humiliated her previously. She plans to use it to make their hair stand on end.
Guest Stars: Robert Budaska as Albert Einstein | Mary Lou as Alex | J.P. Manoux as Curtis/Mr. Hackett | Spencer Locke as Candida | Rory Knox Johnston as Isaac Newton | Jason Earles as Grady Spaggett
Director: Andrew Tsao

33 :02x12 - Pim-cipal

Pim decides to become principal for a day so she can finally gain a position of power. Soon, her power goes to her head, making everyone annoyed with her. Phil and Keely arrange a resistance, and attempt to overthrow Pim from her position, with the help of Mr. Hackett, whom she fired as vice principal, and Li’l Danny, whom she denied the position of vice principal.
Guest Stars: J.P. Manoux as Mr. Hackett | Brandon Mychal Smith as Li'l Danny Dawkins
Director: David Kendall

34 :02x13 - Phil of the Garage

After his room suffers some destruction, Phil is forced to move into the garage with Curtis. Curtis, finding Phil as an annoying room mate, jumps at the opportunity to move into Phil's room when it is fixed. When he says he wants to be treated like an adult, Lloyd takes him quite seriously, and even shuts off his power when he doesn't pay the electric bill. It is then when Phil realizes that perhaps being on his own isn't all he thought it would be.
Guest Stars: J.P. Manoux as Curtis | Richard Tillman as Bruno

35 :02x14 - It's a Wonder-Phil Life

Fed up of keeping his identity a secret, Phil finally tells Hackett, of all people, that he is from the future. Shortly after he tells this, the Timekeeper stops time, reminding Phil that doing what he just did was the worst thing a time-traveler could do. Phil refuses to take back his actions, and soon becomes the most popular kid at school. He thinks all is well until he realizes how distant from his best friend he has become.

Pim uses future technology to beat out the edge at a physical fitness competition, but soon learns that a quick fix isn't the best way to go.
Guest Stars: J.P. Manoux as Mr. Hackett | Lise Simms as Time Keeper
Director: Douglas Tuber

36 :02x15 - Christmas Break

Phil recalls the story of how he and Keely first met the previous Christmas, when Phil used the time machine to help save the Pickford Yuletide Star, which adorned the tree in town every year. Lloyd and Barb tell how they ended up getting the house they currently live in.
Guest Stars: J.P. Manoux as Curtis / Mr. Hackett | Geoff Brown as Home Owner
Director: Fred Savage

37 :02x16 - Stuck in the Meddle with You

During a science project, Keely notices Grace, a popular pretty girl, looking at Grady, a sort of nerdy boy, with a look of liking. She wants to set them up, but Phil does not want to be a part of it. So Keely uses the instamorph and morphs into Phil to talk to Grady.
Guest Stars: Ashley Eckstein as Grace | J.P. Manoux as Mr. Hackett | Jason Earles as Grady Spaghett
Director: Fred Savage

38 :02x17 - Broadcast Blues

Keely scores a new broadcast schedule for her new tv show "Keely Teslow Investigates: I'm Keely Teslow", but no one ends up tuning into it. Scared that she might just lose her career as a reporter, Keely goes to the one person who's willing to help only for the benefit of herself: Pim.
Director: Fred Savage

39 :02x18 - Happy Nir-Day

Phil tries his best to give Keely the best birthday gift without use of future technology. Pim meets a new boy in class with similar interests.
Guest Stars: Dyllan Christopher as Simon | Michael Mitchell as Owen | Cathy Cahn as Mrs. Feinstein | Joel Brooks as Mr. Messerschmitt
Writer: Wayne Stamps

40 :02x19 - Ill of the Future

The Diffy’s become ill from a future disease which alters their appearance to give them green skin and white, long beards. Each family member’s personality is also reversed, making Lloyd and Phil liars, Pim a kind, sweet-hearted person, and Barbara a savage. Phil’s inability to tell the truth makes him hated by everyone in H.G. Wells, and also causes Keely to go on a date with Bruno.
Guest Stars: J.P. Manoux as Mr. Hackett | Brandon Mychal Smith as Li'l Danny Dawkins | Richard Tillman as Bruno
Director: Henry Chan

41 :02x20 - Where's the WIZRD?

Phil loses his WIZRD, and Pim sees that Lil' Danny has found it while searching around the school with his metal detector. She obtains the WIZRD from him, though he steals it back from her once she's distracted, and gets it confiscated by Vice Principal Hackett. Phil and Keely are unsuccessul in retrieving the WIZRD, so they enlist the aid of Pim.
Guest Stars: Brandon Mychal Smith as Li'l Danny Dawkins | J.P. Manoux as Mr. Hackett

42 :02x21 - Not-So-Great Great Great Grandpa

Phil meets a student at H.G. Wells that turns out to be his great-great-grandfather and almost alters his family's history.

43 :02x22 - Back to the Future (Not the Movie)

It's nearing the end of Phil and Keely's sophomore year, and the yearbook results are in! Phil and Keely are voted "cutest couple", which surprises them, as they're not a couple in the first place. This causes them to finally spill their feelings for each other and become a couple. Troubles arise, though, as Pim accidentally fixes the Time Machine and the Diffys decide that it's finally time to go home. How will Phil say goodbye to Keely now, when their relationship has finally gone one step further? How will Keely react?
Guest Stars: J.P. Manoux as Curtis/Mr. Hackett
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 18, 2004
Ended: August 19, 2006
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