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Phil of the Future: Your Cheatin' Heart

Phil mocks Keely's new boyfriend Tanner, considering him to be about as deep as a coat of paint. Keely feels he can't handle his best friend having a boyfriend, but Phil grows suspicious of an "8-year-old Bulgarian" girl Tanner is supposedly teaching to read.

Unable to deal with the happy couple of Bradley and Debbie, Pim tells Debbie that Bradley made an advance on her. Things backfire, however, when Debbie implores Pim to help her develop a "bad" attitude to win him back.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 111
Airdate: Friday June 18th, 2004

Guest Stars
Brenda SongBrenda Song
As Tia
Chris HunterChris Hunter
As Tanner Kirkpatrick
Kay PanabakerKay Panabaker
As Debbie Berwick
Rory ThostRory Thost
As Bradley Benjamin Farmer
Ted Davis (1)Ted Davis (1)
As Mr. Ginsberg
Ben MurrayBen Murray
As Mercer

Co-Guest Stars
Tyler TuioneTyler Tuione
As Sumo Wrestler
Main Cast
Ricky UllmanRicky Ullman
As Phil Diffy
Alyson MichalkaAlyson Michalka
As Keely Teslow
Amy BrucknerAmy Bruckner
As Pim Diffy
Craig AntonCraig Anton
As Lloyd Diffy
Lise SimmsLise Simms
As Barbara Diffy


The episode opens with Lloyd over-exuberantly telling his wife Barbara what a good day it is. Lloyd comments on how well his daughter Pim has been behaving lately, and suggests that she be excused from her chores. Suspicious, Barbara plays along until she discovers the InstaMorph. She points it at Lloyd and activates it, his body morphing back into that of Pim. Barbara then tells Pim to give her fifty push-ups as punishment. Pim starts the exercise as the camera pans back to Barbara, who is shown using the InstaMorph herself, revealing that it was Phil playing a trick on Pim all along...

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Episode Notes
Gadget: First appearance of the InstaMorph.

Visual: Debbie's shirt
After her attitude adjustment with Pim, she and Debbie wear matching outfits to school the next day. Pim's shirt reads "Back off!", while Debbie's reads, "Back off! (please)"

Episode Quotes
Phil: "Stained-glass eyes"... Who would fall or a line like that?
Keely: (oblivious) Tanner Kirkpatrick just talked to me...!
Phil: ...I guess you would.

Pim: (to Debbie and Bradley) You know, individually, you two are a pain. But together, you're a bee sting in the eye.

Keely: And last year, Tanner did this scene, "Get off My Cloud". I swear, everybody in the audience was crying.
Phil: It was that bad, huh?

Debbie: You appeal to the beast in him.
Pim: There's a beast in Bradley? What is it? A chipmunk?

Tia: She's so cute. I'll never forget my first boyfriend. It was -- no wait, I think it was before that...
Phil: Great story. I just wish Tanner wasn't such a load.
Tia: Oh, look who's jealous.
Phil: No, I'm not jealous, I--... I don't think. Nope, I just wish Tanner wasn't such a load.

Phil: Tell me, did Darcy come off as an 8-year-old Bulgarian girl who can't read?
Mercer: I'll teach her how to read, you know what I'm saying?
Phil: No. What are you saying?
Mercer: (confused) I don't know.

Phil: I've got kind of a problem with Keely...
Lloyd: Say you're sorry. Act like you mean it. Move on.

Phil: Keely really likes this guy at school, and I found out he's two-timing her.
Barbara: How'd you find that out?
Phil: I kissed his girlfriend.
(Barbara looks at Phil, confused)
Phil: Long story.

Barbara: She's gonna get hurt either way, sweetie. It might be better for her to hear it from you.
Lloyd: Ah ah ah, no sir. Sometimes you've just got to stay out of other people's business. You don't have to tell her everything. I don't tell your mom everything.
Barbara: Oh, and what haven't you told me?
Lloyd: What? No, he doesn't -- I've told you -- (the phone rings inside) Yes! There's the phone, I'll get it! (Lloyd hurries inside)
Barbara: (aside, to Phil) Like I won't see him later.

Keely: I said all that horrible stuff to you...
Phil: What, about being an immature jerk? Oh, I get that all the time. My sister says that, friends, parents, random people on the street. "Hey, it's the immature jerk! What up?"

Cultural References
Title: Your Cheatin' Heart

"Your Cheatin' Heart" is a country song written by singer/songwriter Hank Williams.

Visual: H.G. Wells Jr. / Sr. High School

The school that Phil, Keely, and Pim attend is named H. G. Wells, which is named after the famous author Herbert George Wells, who's written many popular books, one including The Time Machine, an obvious reference to the show's plot.

Debbie: Oh, Pim, you and your zingers again! Watch out, Carrot Top!

Carrot Top is a comedian known for his prop comedy and red hair.

Tanner: Act 2, scene 2: the balcony.

Tanner's scene selection is a famous scene from playwright William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, a tale of star-crossed lovers whose families despised each other.

As with many Disney shows, beneath every episode of Phil of the Future is a moral for the viewers to take from the episode. This section will analyze the message behind the episode.

Phil is already torn enough by his external conflict with Tanner, due to the jealousy he feels towards him. His feelings are further torn when he finds out when Tanner is cheating, and thus an interior conflict arises in him. He decides to try to tell Keely the truth about Tanner, but she assumes he is just jealous and storms off. It is only later that Keely realizes Phil was right about Tanner all along, and realizes that her real friends will always be honest with her to protect her in the long term, even if it means she will be hurt in the short term.

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