Your Cheatin' Heart - Recap

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The episode opens with Lloyd over-exuberantly telling his wife Barbara what a good day it is. Lloyd comments on how well his daughter Pim has been behaving lately, and suggests that she be excused from her chores. Suspicious, Barbara plays along until she discovers the InstaMorph. She points it at Lloyd and activates it, his body morphing back into that of Pim. Barbara then tells Pim to give her fifty push-ups as punishment. Pim starts the exercise as the camera pans back to Barbara, who is shown using the InstaMorph herself, revealing that it was Phil playing a trick on Pim all along.

That day at school, Keely and Phil perform a skit in their drama class. Mr. Ginsberg offers them advice, telling Keely she needs to show more emotion and that Phil needs to move around the stage. The bell rings, and a boy named Tanner, who Keely has a crush on (and who Phil finds to be incredibly shallow), comes up to her and compliments her on her scene. He asks if she would like to do her next scene with him, and she nervously accepts.

At lunch, Pim encounters Debbie Berwick and Bradley Benjamin Farmer, who are dating. Debbie encourages Pim to find a boyfriend, while Pim voices her distaste at the suggestion. She resolves to break the couple up. As Bradley leaves to get Debbie a dessert, she tells Debbie that Bradley was hitting on her. Bradley then returns with the dessert, but Debbie, enraged, throws it in his face.

In the hall, Keely is gushing over Tanner, while Phil keeps making jokes about him. Tanner approaches Keely and tells her he chose the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet for them to perform. Tanner then receives a phone call, telling the caller he is looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. He hangs up and explains to Keely that the caller was an 8-year-old Bulgarian named Darcy, and that he teaches her how to read. Keely is impressed with his selflessness, and even Phil seems to see Tanner more positively. Tanner and Keely agree to meet later that day at Cocoa Palace to rehearse their lines.

Debbie visits Pim’s house later that day, explaining that she needs to talk to somebody about Bradley. She explains that in order to get Bradley back, she is going to be more like Pim, but that she’ll need her help to adjust her attitude.

Phil and Tia are at Phil’s house doing homework when Keely comes running outside, exclaiming that Tanner put his arm around her. Tia demands details from her while Phil again deflects the situation by making jokes. At Tia's suggestion, Keely goes to journal, leaving Tia and Phil alone on the porch again. Phil complains of Tanner's phoniness, leading Tia to believe he is jealous of him. Phil says he's not jealous, and again explains that he thinks Tanner is phony.

After school, Mr. Ginsberg and some of the drama class are working on their skits, and Phil is presenting his scene with his new partner, Mercer, a jock. After the scene ends, Mr. Ginsberg applauds Phil upon taking his advice and moving around the stage, and also compliments Mercer as well. A teenaged girl then enters the room and asks for Tanner. Mr. Ginsberg tells her Tanner is not there, at which point the girl is revealed to be Darcy. Suspicious, Phil decides to investigate further. Morphing into Tanner’s body, he catches up to Darcy before she leaves. She greets him with a kiss. Realizing Phil lied to Keely about Darcy, he excuses himself to work on his scene.

Phil comes home that day, troubled by his discovery. Barbara asks him what's bothering him, and he explains the situation with Keely, Tanner, and Darcy. Barbara understands that Phil doesn't want Keely to get hurt, but reminds him that she'll get hurt either way, and that it may be better for him to tell her than for her to find out herself. Lloyd says the opposite, saying that Phil doesn't need to tell Keely everything.

The next day at school, Phil confronts Keely, explaining that he wants to talk to her. Keely says that she is on her way to rehearse with Tanner. Phil suggests to her that Tanner isn't as good of a guy as he seems. She assumes Phil can't handle his friend dating someone else, tells him to grow up, and storms off.

Meanwhile, Pim and Debbie approach Bradley and give him the attitude that Pim had been working on with Debbie the previous day. Bradley is shocked to see Debbie acting so harshly, and watches as they walk off, confused, but intrigued.

Tanner and Keely are performing the balcony scene they had been practicing, when Darcy comes in during the performance. Upon seeing her, Tanner asks to take a short break, which Mr. Ginsberg allows. Phil and Mercer enter the room while Darcy and Tanner kiss. After she leaves, Tanner awkwardly climbs back onstage. He asks if Keely feels awkward, and explains that they were never exclusive, to which she says she's okay. They continue the scene, and Keely stammers through her lines, overcome with sadness. Upon finishing her line, Mr. Ginsberg praises her for her emotion, saying she was making good progress. Embarrassed, Keely runs outside.

Phil finds her outside sitting on a table, and asks if she's doing okay. She asks him why he isn't saying that he was right all along. Phil explains he didn't want to be right about it. He also says that friends are supposed to be there for each other when one of them is upset.

In the hallway, Tanner closes his locker door to find Mercer standing behind it. Mercer threatens him, saying he'll stuff him in a locker if he cheats on or lies to another girl, and tells him to get out of his sight. Frightened, Tanner runs off. Phil shows up, and Mercer turns to him, excited. Phil takes out the InstaMorph and changes Mercer back into Keely, who hugs him and thanks him for letting her get her revenge.

Pim is sitting alone at school at the end of the day, when Bradley approaches her. He says to her that he likes how she was teaching Debbie to be more like her, and explains that she dumped him. Pim, repulsed, tells him to try and get back together with Debbie, since he likes her with her new attitude. He explains that he would rather go after Pim. Disgusted, she rejects him, which doesn't seem to faze him much.