Future Tutor - Recap

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Lloyd uses a hologram generator to find some school clothes for Phil and Pim, hoping to find something inconspicuous. Phil and Pim confront them when they hear the word "school", and Lloyd explains that he doesn't know how long fixing the time machine will take. Barbara explains Phil and Pim will be in 9th and 7th grade, respectively. Pim is outraged that Phil is in a higher ranked grade than she is, demonstrating how clueless she is about the school system in the 21st century. Lloyd assures them they will blend in after he does some research. When they show up at school the next day, they are clad in vibrant '70s clothes, but soon realize that Lloyd did not study the right era.

Tia struggles with a math problem, claiming it is too hard. The teacher explains to her that it was on last night's homework, and she should know it, but Keely makes up an elaborate story about how they couldn't finish the assignment. Phil enters the room and whispers the answer to Tia, which the teacher overhears, and says is correct. Miss Hanks invites Phil to do an extra credit problem, which he does without a problem. Miss Hanks tells him to sit behind Keely, and tells them all about the upcoming test.

Debbie Berwick introduces herself to Pim, but Pim seems put off by her overly exuberant attitude. Mr. Hackett tells the class that he's missing nine pounds of chalk. Debbie volunteers to be chalk monitor, and Pim does the same. Hackett chooses to entertain Pim's wish for a chalk monitor vote.

Phil introduces himself to Phil and Keely, needing to remind them that he is from their algebra class. He offers them help with algebra, but they both decline. Phil then walks over to sit with Seth, who explains to Phil how cliques work at H.G. Wells Jr./Sr. High.

Pim spots Debbie giving out cupcakes to people the next day at school and suspects that she is trying to lobby votes for chalk monitor. Debbie explains they are leftovers from the nursing hope she volunteers at. Pim decides to play along and bribe the students herself.

Keely confronts Phil in the hall and asks if he can help tutor her in algebra. She asks him to meet at Otto's Pink Pig at 6.

Barbara and Pim find that making brownies is a lot harder in the 21st century than in the 22nd (largely because they put the brownies in the dishwasher). Barbara offers to spray Pim some brownies, but Pim insists that people in the 21st century love home-made food. Lloyd asks where Phil is so he can get help working on the time engine, but Barbara explains he is at the restaurant. Lloyd is outraged that he would do something that could easily get the family discovered, but gets distracted by the cooking, and heads back into the garage after grabbing a brownie.

Phil and Keely are using food metaphors at Otto's Pink Pig in an attempt to help her at algebra. The analogy actually helps Keely, who is thrilled that she finally understands the concept. Otto, the owner, comes up and tells them to get onto the dance floor before they eat. Phil eagerly does so, and Keely eventually joins in with him.

After they finish dancing, they sit back down at the table, Keely gushing about how much fun she had, when Tia and a few of her friends walk in. Keely dives under the table and drags Phil under with her, explaining how it would be bad for her to be seen with him since they are in separate cliques. Phil says he understands, and Keely gets up to see if the coast is clear. Tia spots her and she and her friends sit at the table. Keely looks around for Phil until spotting him giving her one last look before walking out the door.

Pim comes into Mr. Hackett's class the next day, with a large tray of brownies in her hands. Debbie and Mr. Hackett try to break up the rock-hard slab, but it doesn't yield. Pim makes a last ditch effort to win the class over by making them feel sorry for her by spinning a yarn about how pathetic her life is. Deciding they've been won over, she opens the class to a vote.

At lunch, Keely comes up to Phil and Seth and thanks Phil for helping him with her algebra, since she got a B on the test. She also apologizes for how she acted at Otto's Pink Pig, but Phil dismisses it. Eventually, she decides to sit at Phil and Seth's table, and Tia reluctantly agrees, hoping it's a one-time thing. After a failed attempt to integrate other cliques of the school, Pim rushes over to Phil and says that it's time to go "all the way home", just as he was starting to make new friends.

The family climb into the time machine, and after a few pre-flight checks, the cabin starts rocking. Lloyd grows confused at why his readouts are blank, then checks outside and discovers why they were moving; a tow truck was pulling them away for illegal parking. "Looks like we're going to be here a while," he laments to the rest of the family, as Phil smirks.