Future Jock - Recap

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Lloyd nags Pim about how she needs to take out the trash while she sits on a lawn chair, eating animal crackers. After lugging the trash can a few feet and giving up on it, she takes out a device called a Penny Missile, and attaches it to the trash can. After activating it, the trash can is launched into the air like a rocket. Pim laughs as she admires her ingenuity.

During the morning announcements, Vice Principal Hackett congratulates the gymnastics team and their star athlete, Troy, on winning their second meet. Troy, who happens to be in the same class as Phil and Keely, hands in his paper by executing a handstand and walking on his hands to the front of the room. Phil is the only one in class who seems unimpressed by his antics.

At lunch, Phil and Keely sit at a table while they both watch Troy giving some of his 8 medals as he brags about his accomplishments. Phil voices his confusion about the obsession with Troy, but Keely decides that she wants a medal and goes over to talk to him. As he gives her one of his medals, the trash can that Pim attached the Penny Missile to comes flying into the courtyard and makes a loud landing in the middle of the grass. Phil quickly picks up the Penny Missile while Keely is distracted by Troy giving her the remainder of his medals.

Once home, Phil shows the Penny Missile to Lloyd, who jumps to the conclusion that there must be other families from the future in Pickford. His hopes are quickly dashed when Phil tells him it came off one of their trash cans. Lloyd then realizes the true culprit: Pim.

He brings Phil and Pim into the time machine to discuss the seriousness of Pim nearly blowing their cover, and as punishment, he locks all the future gadgets in a lock box that only recognizes his nose. Pim blames Phil for telling on him, but Phil says he just showed him what he found.

Back inside the house, Phil confronts his dad about the situation about Troy at school. Lloyd, a little distracted by the mailman, whom he believes to be a secret government agent tracking the family, tells him he can either sit back and be bothered, or take some action. Phil thanks him for the advice and leaves him to his devices.

Pim, growing frustrated by her extra chore duty (which Lloyd made her do as punishment for the Penny Missile incident), has a discussion with her mom about how she hates doing things the old fashioned way. Barbara mentions that she's making soup for dinner the following night, for Phil, and Pim grows jealous. Barbara tells her that it isn't about Phil, but Pim vows to make it about him once Barbara leaves.

That night, Phil makes a mold of Lloyd's nose. While walking through the kitchen, he slips on the soap left by the massive amounts of detergent Pim used in the dishwasher. The noise wakes Pim up, who then sneaks out of bed to see what's going on. Once outside, she sees Phil stealing a Penny Missile from the lock box in the time machine. Grinning to herself, she heads back to bed.

The next day at school, Phil asks the gymnastics coach if he can join the team. Coach Buchinsky is skeptical, but decides to let him try anyway. With the added thrust of the Penny Missile, Phil performs an amazing series of moves on the bar, and ends it with a perfect landing. The coach immediately signs him up for the team. As they sign papers, Pim pops up from behind some mats, laughing to herself about how "busted" Phil is going to be.

Everything seems to be going over well when English class comes along: Hackett breaks the news on the announcements that Phil has joined the gymnastics team. Keely seems impressed by this new, athletic side of Phil, and Troy welcomes him to the team and also gives him a bottle of hair gel to keep up his appearance.

At lunch, Phil is enjoying his new-found fame on campus, talking to a group of students in the same way Troy was earlier. After the group scatters, Keely congratulates him on his popularity. Phil gives her a free ticket to the meet, but is then told that everyone got a free ticket.

Phil shows up at the gymnastics meet and searches his bag for the Penny Missile. When he finds it's missing, Pim walks up behind him and shows it to him, then shows him that their parents both showed up to see him. Pim asks why he joined the team in the first place, when Keely shows up and wishes him luck. When Pim realizes he's using the Penny Missile to trick Keely into thinking he's athletic, she gives it back to him, touched that she finally knows she's related to him.

Phil seems to be having second thoughts about using the device, but when the first gymnast performs a flawless vault, he grows more nervous. Ultimately, he decides to set the Penny Missile aside and be honest to himself and to Keely...

...but the Penny Missile rolls off the bench and underneath the spring on the springboard.

After gathering his courage, Phil takes a running jump and leaps onto the springboard just as the Penny Missile activates. He is sent flying onto the uneven bars, performs several revolutions, then flies off and spins on the rings for a while before falling off. Pim bursts into a fit of laughter as the rest of the crowd stares at him, shocked into silence.

After the meet, Lloyd tells Phil that they'll discuss punishment when they get home. Barbara tells him she thought he deserved a higher score before leaving with the rest of the family. Keely then walks in and asks him what happened. He confesses to not being an actual gymnast, which she says she figured out. She then tells him he's not like everybody else, and that's what she likes about him. She walks away, leaving him saying, "I like that..."

The next day, the ugly aftermath of Hackett's bet with the competing school's vice principal is revealed.