You Say Toe-Mato - Recap

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Phil and Pim are on the back porch, arguing over which one of them will get to use a future gadget first. Phil says he deserves to use it as he is older, smarter, and taller (he emphasizes this by holding the futuristic sphere over his head, out of Pim's reach). Pim counters this by informing Phil that she can hold a grudge forever, and reminds him of a Tuesday when she was 4 and 1/2 years old where he ate her pudding cup. Phil tosses the sphere on the ground, which morphs into a SkyAk, and informs her that he didn't eat the pudding, but put it in her shampoo. He then boards the SkyAk and flies off into the night sky.

At school, Pim catches Debbie Berwick standing outside Neil Hackett's office with a pot of coffee and a mug. She accuses Debbie of being a kiss-up, and Debbie counters that she does the same for all of her teachers. She asks if Pim wants to help her by delivering a cupcake to Miss Saletti's office, but Pim declines. Just then, the two overhear Mr. Hackett talking on the phone about an operation he needs to have. They eavesdrop and hear him say his life will be worthless without the operation. They go back out to the hall, and Debbie comes up with the idea of having a fundraiser to pay for Mr. Hackett's operation. Pim initially doesn't want to be involved, and Debbie understandingly tells her, "Fundraising's not for everyone," but Pim takes this as a personal attack and resolves to turn it into a competition against Debbie. Meanwhile, Mr. Hackett, still on the phone, reveals the true nature of his operation: a hair transplant.

Keely meets Phil at lunch after her music class and laments her choice in playing the flute (or a "musical spit-catcher" as she calls it). She asks why he wasn't home when she called last night and he hastily explains that he was taking a bike ride. When Keely says that Mrs. Diffy said he was on a walk, Phil lies and says he got a flat tire, and had to walk home. She believes him, and tells him they are taking a field trip to the Pickford Tomato Farm. At the end of the trip, the students stomp tomatos in a giant tub barefoot. The mention of the word "barefoot" causes a noticeable reaction in Phil, who then quickly claims he can't go due to a tomato allergy.

Back at home, Phil complains about how something always gets in the way just as he is beginning to fit in. Barbara asks what he means, and he points out that people in the present day have five toes, whereas people from his time only have four. Lloyd and Barbara laugh at the vestigial appendage, but Phil doesn't seem so amused. Pim then enters the room collecting donations for Mr. Hackett. The family offers up a sizable donation, and Pim quickly leaves, visibly bored by the collection process. Lloyd changes the subject back to the field trip and offers to build Phil a fake toe in order to blend in.

Between classes, Pim is standing by her locker, wearing a large leather jacket. A boy named Jorge walks by, and she shows him a collection of jewelry, belt buckles, and other items she is selling for funding for Mr. Hackett's operation. Jorge seems intrigued at first, but Pim's hard-sell puts him off, and he quickly excuses himself. Downstairs, Debbie is busy selling fun baskets with much more success than Pim. Pim walks by her, and Debbie asks how much she has sold. Pim breezes past and tells her that she has sold nothing.

The students of H. G. Wells listen to a presentation on Ira Pickford, tomato pioneer, at the Pickford Ranch. Phil eagerly suggests they begin stomping tomatoes. Keely asks about his tomato allergy, and he explains he received a shot the previous night. The students then remove their shoes and socks (Phil doing so in a private changing facility in order to put on the prosthetic toe) and enter the tomato tub. He asks Keely if he has been acting strangely lately, and Keely says she had noticed. He apologizes and tells her he has returned to normal. Suddenly he realizes his fake toe came off, and awkwardly asks Keely to leave him alone. Put off, she does so, and he begins a frantic search for the plaster toe.

Mr. Fleet, a tour guide at the Pickford Tomato Ranch, tells the students to stay still, as he sees a "foreign article" in the tomato bin. Just as he reaches for it, Phil, in a last-ditch effort to conceal his identity, throws a tomato, which hits Keely. She throws one back at Phil in retaliation, but he ducks and she ends up hitting another student. An all-out tomato-throwing war ensues, and the toe is temporarily forgotten. The students are ordered out of the tub and back to school, where Phil is to explain himself to the Principal.

Debbie is still happily selling fun baskets at school.

Pim is busy fundraising as well: selling pencils to test-takers, scented candles to lift the spirit of losing wrestlers, and even selling watches in the girls' restroom.

The two girls give Mr. Hackett the $225 they collected. He accepts it, and asks why they're giving him money. They explain that they know about his operation, and that they fully support him.

Keely approaches Phil outside the Principal's office and tells Phil about a dream of hers in which she is married to Mr. Potato Head. She explains that it is her deepest secret, then explains she found the fake toe in the goop. Phil denies it is his, but it literally has his name written on it. She says that she doesn't mind that he only has four toes, and asks that they don't keep any more secrets between each other. He agrees, and just as she is about to walk away, he confesses to her that he is from the future.

In his office, Mr. Hackett is getting his hair plugs put in. Pim and Debbie walk in during the middle of the procedure and see that he wasn't sick after all. Debbie takes back her money and explains she is going to give it to a needier charity. Pim does likewise but explains she is going to put it towards buying a high definition TV. Hackett tries to get them to stop and asks how he is going to pay for the procedure, and Maurice the hairdresser promptly walks out on him. Hackett looks in the mirror, investigating the apparently thorough job Maurice had done before leaving.

Phil is in the middle of telling a shell-shocked Keely about his time travel adventure with his family when he is interrupted by the Principal telling him to enter his office. He explains that he wanted his best friend to know about him, but she just numbly walks away, throwing him an uncertain glance before he goes into the office.

Later at the Diffy home, Lloyd is outraged upon finding out what Phil told Keely. Phil explains that he had to, since Keely told him her biggest secret. He explains that the government will soon be organizing a manhunt and that people will be knocking down their door. On cue, the back gate starts rattling, and Lloyd heads inside, but Keely, the cause of the commotion, enters the yard, apologizing for the noisy gate. Barbara comes out and greets Keely, who offers her a cookie platter, explaining she never introduced the family to the neighborhood. Barbara thanks her and says that they still miss their old Kansas home. Lloyd explains that Phil already told Keely where they were really from. Barbara is ready to pack up and leave, when Keely tells Phil that she doesn't care where Phil and his family are from (or if Phil is just completely off his rocker), and that whatever secrets he has are safe with her. Lloyd suggests Phil give Keely a ride home and tosses him a SkyAk in sphere form. His mother tells him to be careful. Phil tosses the ball on the ground, which transforms into the SkyAk. Keely, amazed, realizes he really is from the future. He tells her to hop on, and the two zoom off into the sky.

As they soar over California, Keely tells Phil she is a little scared. He reassures her everything is going to be just fine.

The next day, Mr. Hackett is teaching his American History class, giving a lecture on the Dust Bowl. He turns to write on the board, revealing that Maurice only put hair on the top and sides of his head, leaving the back completely bald. The class laughs, and Pim and Debbie high-five.