Corner Pocket - Recap

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Phil watches Keely's tryouts for the cheerleading squad go horribly awry. When she comes out and explains what happened, she stops short when she sees her mother with a large flower wreath ready for her. Unable to tell her the truth, Keely lies and says that she made the team. Mandy, ecstatic, gives her daughter the wreath and a big hug. Keely tells Phil to say nothing.

Mr. Hackett's class watches as Seth chokes on the morning announcements. Satisfied with Seth's poor delivery, Hackett prepares to start the lesson. He asks for a volunteer to pass out worksheets. Debbie volunteers, and Pim, eager to steal Berwick's glory, also volunteers. The both of them turn it into a competition, and are sent to the counselor (Neil Hackett). Pim states that the problem is that Debbie loves everything. Debbie denies this, but says she loves that Pim shared her feelings.

Upon returning home, Phil finds his mother churning butter. He asks for advice about why Keely would lie to her mother about making the cheer squad. Barbara explains that mothers and daughters have complicated relationships, and thinks back to when she had to tell her mother that she wanted to marry Lloyd. She explains that Keely will have to tell her mother the truth eventually.

Phil and Keely visit Mandy at her real estate office. Keely starts to try and tell her mother that she didn't make the cheerleading squad, but doesn't phrase it too well, and Mandy thinks she was just seeking advice about cheers. She then tells the two of them that she has Thursday off and wants to come to the school and see Keely cheer. Phil promises her that Thursday will be one of the proudest days of her life.

On Thursday, Phil explains to Keely that she's going to cheer at a billiards match, and tell her mother that the spirit squad is trying to spread school spirit to all team events. Tia shows up, having been tricked into the situation by Phil, but agrees to get in the cheerleading uniform and help Keely out.

Pim, while spying on Debbie playing chess with a senior citizen, finally sees Debbie turn down a scone. After some analysis, Pim discovers that the reason Debbie refused the scone was because it contained raisins.

At the billiards match, Tia and Keely start getting their hopes up that Mandy won't show. Just as Keely spins a yarn about how she might have gotten arrested, Mandy shows up and hugs her daughter, then remarks about how she didn't know Tia and Phil were also on the squad, and how odd it was that they were cheering a billiards match. Phil dismissed it, saying that billiards had become a huge sport. Just as Seth is about to perform a break shot, they start cheering him on. Mandy lets out a loud whoop and cheers on Seth, who, inspired by the cheer, gets off an excellent break.

Debbie shows up in Hackett's counselor's office, but is shocked to find Pim sitting there in pro-raisin attire. Pim suggests a field trip to the local raisin factory, which Debbie says would be great, trying to cover up her hatred of raisins. Pim pushes her to the breaking point, though, and she confesses and runs out, crying.

During the match, Keely realizes cheerleading wasn't her dream, but her mother's. Phil suggests she tell her mom that, so Keely confronts her about it. Mandy reassures her that as long as she was being honest to herself, she was being honest with her too. Tia, inspired by the mother-daughter moment, decides that she is going to tell her parents about her piercing they don't know about.

Pim confronts Debbie about how she is happy all the time. Debbie asks if there's something wrong with being happy, but Pim explains that she is disproportionately happy as compared to everyone else. She then explains that she was trying to apologize, which makes Debbie even more happy, causing Pim to weep for herself.

Back at home, Barbara and Pim share the afternoon together with some fresh buttered toast.