Virtu-Date - Recap

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Phil laments to Keely that he has to paint the garage door. The two stand in the driveway, and Phil uses a futuristic device to instantly change the color of the door. The gadget fascinates Keely, who begins putting various designs on the door before asking Phil what people in the future did for fun if they considered that work. Phil lists off various activities such as remote comet racing, but he loses Keely when he mentions going to the mall. Keely marvels at the possibility of a future mall before Phil says she could go to a mall, virtually, using his Virtu-Goggles. Keely gleefully agrees, setting a "date" for the two of them.

Meanwhile, Pim answers a knock at the door to find Candida and the Fashion Zombies. Candida asks Pim if she knew about the party she was having, to which Pim replies no. Candida acts as if she were sorry she had forgotten to tell her about it, then proceeds to tell her that she isn't invited. Pim shouts angrily after them as they leave.

In the kitchen, Barbara presents Lloyd with a charred hunk of unidentifiable food, proclaiming proudly that she didn't use future technology to prepare it. Pim then walks into the room, grumbling to herself. Barbara asks her if something is wrong, and Pim replies that she isn't invited to the most important sleepover of the year. Barbara reassures Pim that she has to just be herself and everyone will grow to love her just the way the rest of the Diffys love her. Phil then walks into the room and argues with Pim about how she made the lenses to the Virtu-Goggles sticky. Pim shoots back an insult, and Phil says that it's no wonder she wasn't invited to the sleepover, showing her the local newspaper with a headline of her being excluded from the party.

Later, Keely and Phil sit in the living room, ready to use the Virtu-Goggles. Phil warns Keely that people often get caught up in their first experience using the Virtu-Goggles, but Keely reassures him she can handle it. With that, Phil activates the devices, and Keely marvels at the simulated future. A couple of people walk by them and make fun of their "retro" clothes, so Phil brings Keely to a futuristic clothing kiosk, which instantly changes their clothes for them.

Meanwhile at school, Pim, in search of a group to fit in to, enters the gym and encounters a dodgeball team. After having a ball get thrown at her, which misses by inches, she catches on and starts attacking the other team. Soon, they all lie motionless on the ground, not daring to move until Pim leaves, which she does, having grown bored of the game.

Phil brings Keely to the food court, which confuses her, as she doesn't see any restaurants. He tells her to pick any restaurant, and she plays along, not believing him, and chooses a tropical restaurant on a beach. He presses a button and a restaurant patio complete with a surfer-dude waiter instantly materializes out of nowhere, which awes Keely. The waiter, Robby, leads them to the table, and starts hitting on Keely. Phil explains he's programmed to call everyone cute nicknames, but Robby then calls him "doofus", which Phil tries to blame on the robot malfunctioning.

Still looking for a place to fit in, Pim finds a group of jump-ropers. She asks to join in and one of the girls, skeptical of Pim's skills, lets her jump with her to prove herself. Pim easily keeps up with the other girl, even managing to file her nails and build a house of cards while they skip. The girl stops jumping, both impressed and slightly embarrassed by Pim. Pim says that if they want a real challenge, they should try doing it "in zero gravity."

Back in the restaurant, Phil starts to grow annoyed at Keely's flirting with Robby. He calls her out on it, but she just responds that she's being polite. Phil insists she's flirting with him, and she gets defensive, calling him jealous. Robby returns and sees them arguing, and asks if they're on a date, to which they both reply with a resounding "No!" Robby then asks Keely to go with him, as he's getting off shift. Just to poke Phil in the eye, Keely flirtaciously accepts, and the two go off, leaving Phil with the check.

While Lloyd works on part of the time machine, Pim walks in and asks him how the petting zoo was. He says it was a disappointment compared to the petting zoos in the future. Pim says that the 21st century is "crazy times" and laments how she doesn't fit in. Lloyd encourages her, saying she'll find somewhere she fits in, and not to give up.

Phil bitterly watches Keely and Robby flirting at another table before he gets up and walks to the counter, asking for a drink. The bartender fixes it for him and gives it to him, and Phil is shocked to see Lloyd behind the counter. He says that he does it to unwind, and that he owns the restaurant they're in. He asks Phil why he's there, and Phil replies that he was with Keely until she ran off with Robby. Lloyd says Robby is a "real lady's robot". Barbara is then heard calling for Lloyd, and he hurriedly takes off his goggles and disappears from the restaurant.

Pim is next seen sitting against a wall with a group of goths, staring vacantly ahead. She asks one of the girls if she minds her taking over the group, to which the girl replies "Whatever." Pim shortly realizes, though, that she's better than those goths and everyone else in the time period, and that she knows her destiny and has to fulfill it.

Phil, still sitting at the bar, watches as Keely rejects Robby's advances. Robby, confused, asks what's wrong, and Keely replies that she came with Phil. Robby says she left Phil for him, but Keely denies this. Robby then asks if she wants to be more than friends, when Phil shows up to stop him. The two get into a fight, which ends with Phil powering off the robot. Keely, flustered and embarrassed, takes off her goggles. Phil takes his off and looks over at her, asking what happened. She confesses that she got carried away, but he reassures her she did great for her first time, and convinces her to go to a virtual ice cream parlor, where there are no robot waiters.

Pim walks into the kitchen as Lloyd comes back in from "working on the time engine" and tells Barbara she was absolutely right. She says she realized fitting in doesn't matter, and that she can use her advanced intelligence to rule the people of the 21st century. Barbara and Lloyd seem less than thrilled at this, but Pim replies that she's just being herself.

Keely and Phil take off the Virtu-Goggles, having just visited the virtual ice cream parlor. Keely is still embarrassed about the Robby incident, but Phil tells her to forget about it, which she gladly does. She laments she may not get a boyfriend since her taste in guys is lousy, but says she's glad she has Phil as a friend. The two hug, and she leaves.

Later, the Fashion Zombies and Pim are all sitting in the Diffy living room, with Candida talking about how great Pim's sleepover is. Pim says that it's missing a pillow fight, and begins hitting Candida with a pillow. One of the girls playfully hits Pim, who becomes outraged and hits the girls even harder. Barbara's voice calls out, asking Pim if she's finished raking the leaves. Pim takes off her Virtu-Goggles and says that she's working on it. She then puts the goggles back on and swings the bag of leaves in her hands around violently, shouting at the virtual Fashion Zombies.