Versa Day - Recap

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Barbara walks down the hall one morning to find Phil arguing with Pim, who is in the bathroom, about how she spends too much time using it; Barbara tries to explain to Phil that it's just part of growing up in a girl's life. The sibling feuds continue downstairs as they fight over the milk; Phil eventually takes it and finishes the rest of it, much to Pim's annoyance. As the kids argue, Lloyd tells Curtis that he needs to get a job instead of mooching off of the family. Curtis agrees, failing to see the challenge.

Lloyd finally takes notice of Phil and Pim's arguing, and declares that the two of them will have a Versa Day. They both protest, but Lloyd takes out a gadget and switches the kids' bodies.

The two arrive at school, and have a brief discussion about how when they get home, they'll tell their parents about how they learned their lesson about tolerance, and then go back to hating each other. Pim (that is, Phil in Pim's body) walks off just as Keely shows up and reminds Phil (that is, Pim in Phil's body) about their movie night. Phil takes a look at her outfit and says he won't be going if that's what she's wearing. Pim (again, in Phil's body) thinks to herself how much fun she's going to have.

Lloyd and Curtis begin their job hunt at a copy supply store. Lloyd gives Curtis a few pieces of advice on what to do when applying for a job, and gives him a few dozen breath mints. The two go into the shop, but are promptly chased out by the irate owner, Curtis having covered himself in bubble wrap.

Pim walks into a classroom and asks Candida if it is Mr. Angst's biology class. Candida thinks Pim is joking around, and tells her not to talk to her. Phil mentally notes that she must be one of the Fashion Zombies Pim is always talking about. When Mr. Angst asks the class what annelids are, only the captain of the Science Squad volunteers an answer until Mr. Angst calls on Pim, who launches into a brief speech describing the creatures (and apparently restoring the teacher's faith in his class).

Lloyd takes Curtis, who is dressed as a clown, to a 4-year-old's birthday party. Lloyd expects all to go well, as it is a perfect job for Curtis, when someone in a dinosaur costume comes walking along, having also been hired for the party. Curtis lets out a war-cry and charges at the dinosaur, sending screaming children scattering out of the way. He dives and tackles the person in the dinosaur costume and lets out a victorious war cry.

Phil is sitting in Miss Feinstein's English class, but Pim instead chooses to think about what damage she could do with the biceps her brother has. Miss Feinstein calls on Phil to come up with an example of a quatrain. In a bit of quick thinking, Pim recites a poem praising the teacher, and includes a rather flamboyant interpretative dance to go along with it. The other students are soon recording Phil's antics on their cell phones.

Meanwhile, in biology, Mr. Angst has allowed Pim to lecture to the class on some of the anatomical features of the annelid. After she finishes, he praises her and suggests that she be the new Science Squad captain. Candida makes fun of her for this, but gets detention for it. Phil smugly thinks how Pim should be grateful for what he's doing.

Pim and Phil meet up in the hallway, and Keely demands that Phil apologize for his earlier comments. However, he just makes an insult about her hair, causing her to storm off again, upset and confused. Pim demands to know why Phil said that, after she was named Junior Science Squad Captain. The two then have a duel of sorts in the hallway, each of them trying to embarrass the other as badly as they can. Mr. Angst eventually breaks it up, and everyone in the hall scurries off.

Lloyd and Curtis visit the fourth destination of the day, Mantis Hardware. Curtis seems hopeless, but Lloyd insists that he try anyway. When Lloyd speaks to the owner, she begins to say that the position has been filled already, but stops short when she sees a contraption Curtis had made in just the span of few seconds. Impressed, she hires him on the spot.

Phil, still in Pim's body, eavesdrops on Candida and the Fashion Zombies plotting to put a worm in Pim's sandwich at lunch. When they leave, Keely comes in, and Phil confronts her about what Pim, in his body, said to her earlier, and manages to convince her that not only is he Phil, but also to help him thwart Candida's plan to humiliate Pim.

Lloyd tells Curtis that he needs to get a job at the hardware store, since he can improvise some of the parts they sell as parts to go to the time machine. Curtis tells Lloyd that she won't hire him, but Lloyd tries anyway despite him having no relevant experience. Curtis agrees to put in a good word for him, and Henrietta hires him too... with Curtis as his boss.

Pim sits at a table next to Candida and her Fashion Zombies. Fiona makes a compliment about Pim's boots while Candida sneaks some worms into Pim's sandwich. Keely joins the Fashion Zombies, saying she wanted to get a good seat after hearing about "Operation W". After some delay, during which Keely uses the Wizrd to change the worms to gummy worms, Pim takes a bite out of the sandwich, and also gives a bite to Lyle. Candida laughs until she realizes Pim ate candy worms. She then eats one herself, but Keely switches them back to regular worms. Candida screams as she feels it squirming in her mouth, and runs out of the lunchroom, disgusted and embarrassed.

Pim and Phil bolt out of the lunchroom just seconds before they switch back into their respective bodies. Pim asks Phil why he nearly ate worms for her, when he explains that he's the only one that gets to torture her.

Lloyd and Curtis suit up for their first day of work. Henrietta, the boss, says she'll hope to see the next customer soon, to which the customer replies that she will. Pim, the customer in question, runs into Lloyd and Curtis, and is asked what she's doing. She replies that the Fashion Zombies will never know what hit them, and laughs. Lloyd and Curtis laugh with her, then stop, wondering just what they're laughing about, exactly...