Tia, Via, or Me... Uh - Recap

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Keely and Tia, at the end of a phone conversation, argue about who is going to hang up first. Phil, who is quite fed up with listening to the conversation, calls Keely on her other line and tells her to hang up. Eventually, to Keely's chagrin, Tia finally hangs up. Phil laments about how close she was to Tia and how they did everything together, even things her other friends might not like or might be embarrassed by. Keely then says she's lucky to have him. The camera pans out to reveal the two of them at a day spa, getting facials, manicures, and pedicures together. Phil doesn't look all-too-pleased about the situation.

Later, Phil laments to his parents about how Keely is using him as a replacement for Tia, as they see chick flicks and buy makeup together now. Barbara says it's nice that the two of them are spending more time together. Lloyd concurs and says that girls like a man who is in touch with his feminine side. Barbara says a man should also be tough, strong, and rugged, while Lloyd struggles and ultimately fails to open a jar of peaches.

In the broadcast lab, Phil is writing a list for himself. Owen steals it and reads it aloud mockingly, then asks Phil if he has a date later, since things like getting nails done and hair extensions are on the list. Phil explains that it's a list of things he won't do with Keely anymore, because their activities together have gotten out of control. Owen says that when Keely cries because Phil won't do anything with her anymore, he'll be there for her. Just then, a British girl walks in, and realizes she's lost. Owen instantly starts hitting on her, and Phil asks if she's a transfer student, to which she replies yes. She adds that it's hard to make friends since her father, who is in the Royal Navy, is always moving. Phil explains that she just made two friends and introduces himself and Owen. Keely comes in as Owen leaves to watch cheerleading practice, and reminds Phil to meet her later. Phil then tries to get Keely to hang out with Via instead, saying they surely must have something in common. He reads a few suggestions from his list, but Via doesn't seem interested in any of them. Dejected, Phil admits defeat and sarcastically says he can't wait for the shoe sale, which catches Via's interest. The two talk about a pair of shoes they both saw online and hit it off. Phil celebrates as they walk out, talking animatedly.

Barbara walks by Pim's room and sees her fooling around with her Wizrd, and asks what she's up to. Pim says that since they'll be stuck in the century for a while, she thought she would unpack and find some furniture. Barbara sarcastically welcomes her to the family, as it has been ten months since they crashed in the 21st century. Pim uses the Wizrd to make a holograph of some futuristic furniture, but Barbara says she can't have it since it has yet to be invented. Pim laments on how far ahead of this century she is.

Phil brags to Owen about how Keely is doing all the things he dreaded doing with Via instead of him. He celebrates his genius just before Keely kisses him on the cheek for introducing him to Via. Phil tries to get another kiss by trying to introduce her to a girl she already knows. Owen goes after the girl, and Phil suggests he and Keely use the Virtu-Goggles later, but Keely explains that she already has lots of plans with Via. She then runs off to talk to Via, leaving Phil wondering if his plan was working the way he wanted it to.

Barbara preps Pim to show her how she has remodeled her daughter's room, saying how it is an exact replica of her own room when she was Pim's age. She opens the door and Pim is horrified to see large stuffed animals, pictures of unicorns, and even a holographic rainbow. Barbara hugs Pim, saying how all her memories are coming back. Pim looks around the room, disgusted and terrified.

Phil, alone at his kitchen table and working on homework, calls Keely. Keely doesn't answer; a recording Via made for her answers the phone instead. Despondent, Phil hangs up the phone. A montage of Keely and Via laughing and having fun together follows, interspersed with Phil riding a tandem bike by himself, sitting on a see-saw by himself, and drinking a malt shake with Owen, who announces he's getting another glass.

Pim wakes up in the middle of the night to some suspicious sounds. She takes off her sleep mask and sees a leprechaun looking through a box on her nightstand. She screams and asks what he's doing in her room, and he replies he was looking for a pot of gold, since there were so many rainbows in her room. She then wakes up again, realizing it was all a dream. However when she takes off her sleep mask, the leprechaun is standing there, and explains she nodded off again. Even more terrified, she screams again, then discovers the leprechaun is gone. She lays back down, relieved, when he reappears and tells her to stop screaming.

Keely talks to Phil in the Mantis Hardware store about how she's sorry she hasn't been spending time with him, and how she values his friendship. Phil says that it's okay, and how she's the only one he could talk to about his secret and how she's the only one he even wants to talk to, while Keely tries to change a lightbulb. She pauses, and Lloyd's voice comes out, saying that it isn't working. Keely picks up the InstaMorph and activates it, morphing back into Lloyd, who says, "That felt weird."

Later, at the house, Phil is sitting on the couch when Lloyd comes in and asks if he's still upset about Keely. He says that he's probably blowing everything out of proportion and offers Phil his SkyAk so he can take Keely to see the Northern Lights in Greenland. The next day at school, Phil invites Keely to his house at 4:30. When she asks what they're doing, he says that it's a surprise. She says she loves surprises and walks off, as Owen walks up to Phil. Phil explains that he has plans with Keely, and Owen seems to have trouble understanding how Via won't be there. Just then, Via walks up to Phil and explains she has to make up a test, and tells him to tell Keely to meet her at her house at 4:30 for a sale at the Pickford Discount District. As Via leaves, Phil mutters about how his plans with Keely are shot, when Owen says it's too bad there aren't two Keelys so they could both hang out. As Owen considers a third Keely for himself, Phil realizes Owen's solution could work for him.

Phil runs over to the broadcast lab, where Keely is working on editing one of her videos. He asks if she wants to meet him at 4:35 instead of 4:30, and she agrees to it. He eventually manages to scan her with his Replicator, causing her to flinch, but she quickly disregards it as he runs out.

At home, Phil creates a Keely replicate and tells her to go with Via to the street fair while he goes SkyAking with the real Keely. The replicate mechanically replies that she loves Via, the street fair, and SkyAking, then quickly becomes distracted by the pillows on the couch. He then brings the replicate to Via's house and quickly hides after ringing the doorbell. Via seems a bit perplexed at Keely's bizarre mannerisms.

Pim gets ready to show Barbara her newly-redecorated room, saying how it should reflect who she really is. Barbara tries to open it, but is unable to. Pim activates a palm scanner, which grants her access to the room, and leads Barbara in. Barbara is shocked to see the room looks like "the headquarters for a malevolent dictator eager to dominate the world". She tells Pim to try again, which frustrates Pim.

Phil and Keely ready themselves for takeoff as Keely asks where they're going. Phil replies that they're seeing the Northern Lights, which excites Keely. As they take off, Lloyd and Barbara watch them leave. Barbara reminisces about the time they saw the Northern Lights together, and how they shared their first kiss there.

Meanwhile, at the shopping district, the Keely replicate shows Via a hideously-patterned and colored shirt, saying she loves it. Via seems suspicious, and tells her she should try it on if she really likes it. The Keely replicate begins to take her shirt off, when Via stops her and says she's been acting very bizarrely all day. Via takes the shirt to a changing room, expecting Keely to follow, but the replicate spots a mannequin, fixes her hair, and walks over to it.

Phil and Keely gaze in awe at the Northern Lights on the SkyAk when Keely gets a call from Via. Phil tries to get her not to answer it, but she does. She then tells Phil that Via left her by the changing area and she disappeared. Phil laughs and starts to explain the situation.

After flying back, Keely goes to the shopping district, with Phil behind her, telling her it's not as bad as it sounds. Keely shouts at him for replicating him without her permission, then points out that he introduced her to Via. He explains that he introduced her to Via so he wouldn't have to be her "girlfriend". Via finds the two of them, saying she looked all over for her. Phil gets distracted by the Keely replicate talking to the mannequin of all the things she loves. He hastily deletes the replicate when the real Keely and Via walk over, Keely wearing the hideous shirt her replicate picked out. Via explains that Keely said she loved the shirt, and Phil says he loves it too. Keely smiles at him and tells him he's paying for it.

Meanwhile, in Greenland, Lloyd and Barbara fly on the SkyAk, watching the Northern Lights.

Pim shows Barbara a room they finally both approve of; colorful, bright, and a great study environment. Barbara praises Pim on her decoration and leaves. Pim then pulls a book on the shelf, activating a switch which rotates the wall, revealing part of her evil dictator room, complete with computers and her large, black chair.