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Phil of the Future

Show Tidbits
Future Gadget: WIZRD

Invented by Ricky Singh, the WIZRD is the most commonly used device on the show. Described by Phil is a sort of PDA of the 22nd century, the WIZRD has multiple uses.
Future Game: Laser Squash

The rules of Laser Squash are never fully explained in earnest in the course of the show (though in one episode, Phil appears to be in the middle of explaining the basics to Keely). The game appears to be a sort of futuristic version of team handball, though can be played with one or two people (as seen in the show). The game is played with a glowing orb of energy and specialized gloves to catch and hurl it with.

Featured in: Unification Day
Future Gadget: SkyAk    

The SkyAk strongly resembles the modern-day jet-ski, though with a small variation: the SkyAk can fly. Capable of seating two people, the SkyAk is compatible with an Afterburner, which increases the vehicle's top speed. When not in use, the SkyAk can be compacted into a small baseball-sized orb for easy transportation.

Featured in: Phillin' In, Raging Bull, You Say Toe-Mato, Tia, Via, or Me...Uh
Future Gadget: Replicator

The Replicator is capable of scanning a life form and making an exact duplicate of that organism. Apparently, as shown in "Tia, Via, or Me... Uh", the process of scanning an individual creates a small physical sensation, though it is presumably not enough to wake somebody that is sleeping. The Replicator seems to create different types of clones depending on the person that is duplicated. While in "Daddy Dearest", the clone of Lloyd seemed just as intelligent as Lloyd himself, the clone of Keely created in "Tia, Via, or Me... Uh" was noticeably less intelligent than Keely. It can be argued that the Replicator simply affects people of the 22nd century differently than it does people of today.

Featured in: Daddy Dearest, We'll Fix It in Editing, Tia, Via, or Me... Uh
Future Gadget: InstaMorph  

The InstaMorph allows the user to assume the physical form (and voice) of another individual. Several forms can apparently be programmed into the device. As seen in Your Cheatin' Heart, voices and body forms may be programmed separately, meaning the user would not have to morph into a certain body to mimic the voice of that individual.

Featured in: Your Cheatin' Heart
Future Gadget:   Afterburner

Compatible with the Skyak, the Afterburner works as an accelerator for the machine, allowing it to reach extraordinarily high speeds.

Featured in: Phillin' In
Future Gadget: Virtu-Goggles  

Virtu-Goggles send the wearer into a virtual reality simulation of any time period and any location. Similar devices were featured in the show prior to Virtu-Date, but they were used as an educational tool.

Featured in: Virtu-Date
Future Gadget: Omnimatic Grabifiers

The Omnimatic Grabifiers are used to suspend the user from a ceiling or other such overhang, much as if he was hanging onto a chain link fence constructed parallel to the grounds. The suction devices can be used to travel across a ceiling without touching the ground, or to pull oneself up to higher ground. The device appears to have a strong pull; one suction beam is capable of holding a full-grown man off the ground.

Featured in: Tanner
Future Gadget: Spray Food

Spray food is a mixture held inside a can similar in appearance to present-day whipped cream or spray cheese cans. According to Pim (and rather predictably), the spray cans presumably taste different than the standard home-baked approach of 21st century cooks.

Foods mentioned in the show include:
  • Turkey
  • Spaghetti
  • Kung Pao chicken
  • Unification meat loaf
  • Brownies

Featured in: Unification Day, Future Tutor
Future Gadget: holographic tracking device

The official name of this device is not mentioned in the show. It provides a three-dimensional model of a given area in the form of a hologram, along with coordinates. The images created are more than likely results of composite satellite imagery (or a futuristic variant of it).

Featured in: Phillin' In

Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 18, 2004
Ended: August 19, 2006
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