S'Winter - Recap

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One of the disadvantages of summer is the heat. Phineas and Ferb realize this first hand with their faced with a very hot and miserable day, as well. In an, desperate, attempt to cool them down a bit Dad gives them a snow cone machine. As the parents leave to attend an antique show the boys, under Candace’s watchful eyes of course, decide to combine winter and summer together, thus creating S’Winter or Wummer. By crushing a massive supply of ice they manage to create a winter wonderland.
Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz been buying laser pointers by the truckloads, a massive 18,000 of them, and Perry is off to put a stop to him once more.
With S’Winter all ready to go everyone is having a blast with it, all but Candace that is. Not only is she focused on putting an end to the S’Winter madness but on stopping the new foreign kid, DD, from getting to close to Jeremy as well.
Doofenshmirtz describes his evil plan for the day, after he captures Perry in quick-hardening chocolate that is. His plan is to melt all the chocolate in the city and then recreate it in his image, to help improve his popularity level no doubt. This also explains the need for 18,000 laser pointers as they provide the heat for his melting machine.
Candace is trying her hardest to get up the mountain to see Jeremy but fails every time. She finally makes it up with the help of Buford, sleigh dog style, and runs to stop Jeremy and DD, from getting to close. She finally gets to them but takes an unexpected detour when picked up by Phineas and Ferb on their snowboard. They do a very impressive routine taking first place in the S’Winter games.
Doofenshmirtz heads to activate his melting machine but gets foiled again by Perry, who ate through the chocolate, by kicking him silly. This causes the machine to be redirected and instead of melting chocolate it melted the tires on Mom and Dad’s car, to give everyone a bit longer to enjoy the S’Winter fun. Good thing they bought a set of 4 tires at the antique sale.
Candace is thrilled when DD turns out to be a guy and that Jeremy is all hers again. Now it’s off to tell Mom and Dad what Phineas and Ferb have been up to. Mom and Dad arrive home but as Candace tries to get them to the backyard something unexpected happens.
Doofenshmirtz causes a severe power failure when he tries to plug his machine in. This causes all of S’Winter to melt away just before Mom and Dad get to the backyard. Candace is made a fool again and slams her head into a snow cone.