Toy to the World - Recap

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Candace gets her first job in this episode at the Har D Har toy store. Here she gets to sell their most popular Toy, Shimmy Jimmy. She doesn't care much for it at first but it gets a little better when she realizes that Jeremy is right across from her. Before she can soak in everything that is going on; Phineas, Ferb, and Mom stop by for a visit. Phineas and Ferb get the idea to build a simple but complicated toy. They come up with the Perry the Platypus inaction figure; a toy that doesn't do anything but lets you do everything.

Meanwhile, Perry heads off to his secret agent hideout and discovers that Dr. Doofenshmirtz is stealing bricks. He rushes off to stop him in his Platy-copter.

Back at the Toy Company Phineas and Ferb attend a toy design meeting and they pitch their idea of the platypus toy; a toy that can be used as an airplane, a racecar, a bucking bronco, or even a tango partner. Their idea is a success. Not only are they given triple their normal salary but their placed in charge of manufacturing the toy. The first order of business is to give the assembly line and the workers a makeover. This inspires a toy assembling theme song that's as big of a hit as the Perry the Platypus Inaction figure is.

Agent P breaks into Dr. Doofenshmirtz's hideout but shortly becomes captured in a brick like prison. This is where the Doctor describes that he is going to build a huge wall around the city in which people will have to use toll booths to get to and from the city, the price isn't set yet but it won't be cheap to use.

Back at the Har D Har toy store the Platypus doll is a huge success and now Candace has to sell those, in a Perry suit no less. This is really embarrassing when Jeremy stops by for a visit.

Perry makes an amazing escape from his brick confinement and the chase between him and the mad Doctor begins. It's not a huge chase after Doofenshmirtz falls into a box of Perry figures. This causes him to freak out at the sight of Agent P everywhere. This box gets loaded onto a cargo ship and heads out to sea. Perry heads home.

Phineas and Ferb decide that they are done with the toy world and head home for a dinner of fried chicken. This leads in downward sales for Perry figures but an upward sale in the new hit toy Brick. Phineas and Ferb mock the idea of a brick for a toy; it doesn't do anything after all.

The ending credits are that of Candace, now in a brick suit, selling the popular brick toy. Jeremy comes over and Candace is love struck once more.