Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face! - Recap

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The annual trip to Grandma's and Grandpa's, a.k.a Camp Phineas and Ferb, is at hand and everyone, except for Candace, is thrilled about it. Joining them on their trip is Isabella, the fire scout girls, Buford, and the foreign kid. When they finally arrive Candace, even less thrilled, tries to gain a cell phone signal in the middle of nowhere, but fails.

This is the perfect time for Perry to dawn his hat and become Agent P once more. To make his escape he slides down a very old and dusty wooden slide, which hasn't been used since "The Academy". He is off to Doctor Doofenshmirtz wood side estate to make sure he isn't up to anything diabolical. Instead he finds a dinner set for two as the evil doctor explains the awkward situation. He is trying online dating and this is their first meet face to face. Things don't go well when Agent P, now in the disguise of Perry the platypus, gets more attention then Doofenshmirtz gets.

Candace is still bummed as she tries to get a tan. As this is going on Grandpa starts to sing about the legendary Bigfoot.

Things still aren't going to well for Dr Doofenshmirtz and his date, still paying more attention to Perry then him, so he takes a breather outside. He ends up falling off the balcony.

It is story time at the camp. Phineas tells a truly terrifying store about the legendary Bigfoot. All of a sudden three monsters pop out of the woods behind them. This causes everyone to run away screaming. The monsters turn out to be fakes pulled off by Ferb.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz makes it back up to the balcony covered in leaves causing his date to hit him repeatedly with her purse, causing him to fall once more. This time he lands onto Ferb's monster puppets. He runs off screaming into the woods as Perry makes his heroic escape.

Back at camp, Candace is trying to disprove the legend of Bigfoot. She then gets attacked and eaten by Bigfoot. The campers run off screaming but it turns out this Bigfoot is a fake as well. This time this prank was pulled off by Grandma, with the help of her identical twin Loraine. As she was making fun of the other kids for running off she gets scared after spotting Dr Doofenshmirtz running through the wood in the distance.