It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World - Recap

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A nice sunny afternoon finds the boys racing remote controlled monster trucks in their back yard. Their Mom comes in to check on them but wonders exactly what they are doing, not seeing the trucks that they are racing. Phineas explains that they modified their trucks to go light speed and that they never know who the winner is, always a photo finish. Their Mom leaves shaking her head, being more confused now then ever before.
With this is going on Candace, sobbing into her pillow, is upset at the fact that she can’t parallel park without hitting every cone or car in the lot, a flash back of her driving test proves her point. Feeling that she will never get her license at this rate she cries and whines more.
To cheer up poor Candace the boys decide to build her a monster truck and a stadium to practice her driving in. They figure if she can drive a huge monster truck then surely she could drive a standard car. The boys get the go ahead from their father and a reluctant Candace takes the wheel of this enormous monstrosity of a truck.
Meanwhile, Perry makes his escape to confront Doofenshmirtz once more. Once at Doofenshmirtz hideout Agent P gets captured in a Chinese platypus trap. In this predicament he hears his diabolical plan of replacing monster trucks with his real monster trucks and that he built a machine that zaps the other monster trucks into another dimension, in order to rid the competition. In order to test his machine out he uses another machine which locates the monster trucks. Doofensmirtz, Agent P, and a group of bad guys go on a road trip over to Phineas and Ferb’s house to test both machines. They take the monster truck that is the perfect image of the doctor.
With the invitation to the Monster Truck Rally at Phineas’ house local monster truck drivers head over there to see what the commotion was about. As Candace starts to get the feel for driving the course, with obstacles similar to those of a driving test, she gets confronted by Buck Buckerson, a popular monster truck driver, and a race is on. Their final challenge was that of parallel parking which Candace won and Buck utterly failed.
Meanwhile, Agent P escapes from the trap by using an old Chinese secret, a pair of scissors, and not only foils Doofensmirtz’s plans but sends him, and his buddies, to another dimension. They end up getting eaten and Agent P makes his escape.
Buck Buckerson congratulates Candace for her great driving skills when Phineas and Ferb walk in. The drivers end up taking the monster truck course with them right before Mother gets home. Candace tells her that she can now parallel park, which is all wonderful news.