Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Sheen launches himself into outer space and crash lands on the planet Zeenu.

The Emperor and his daughter Oom takes an instant liking to Sheen but the Supreme Royal Adviser Dorkus wants to get rid of him after he destroys his house and usurps his influence over the Emperor.

In the meantime Sheen meets Mr. Nesmith, a lost space monkey from Earth and a native Zeenuian Sheen takes a liking to, Aseefa.
Guest Stars: John DiMaggio as Guard #2 | Dilini Ranaweera as Singer | Carlos Alazraqui as Emcee / Vendor |
Featuring: Fred Tatasciore as Bleen / Chocktow(Pilot) | Jeff Bennett as Bobb / Guard #1(Pilot)

2 :01x02 - Is This Cute? | The Boy Next Dorkus

Is This Cute?

The Emperor hires a tutor for Sheen to prepare him for a visit from Boh-Rok the Destroyer

The Boy Next Dorkus

Sheen moves across the street from Dorkus.
Guest Stars: Bob Joles as Boh-Rok(Is This Cute?) | Candi Milo as Cute Boh-Rok / Female Alien(Is This Cute?) Tronald's Wife(The Boy Next Dorkus) | Jeff Bennett as Bobb(The Boy Next Dorkus) | Rob Paulsen as Old Alien(Is This Cute?) Tronald Dump(The Boy Next Dorkus)

3 :01x03 - What's Up Chock? | Joust Friends

What's Up Chock

When Aseefa's pet Chocktow goes missing, Sheen volunteers himself, Nesmith and Doppy to help her find him.

Joust Friends

Princess Oom forces Sheen to face her ex-boyfriend in a battle for her affections, much to the reluctance of Sheen.
Guest Stars: Rob Paulsen as Chock Chock / Lady Cocktow(What's Up Chock) / Red Eyed Monster(Joust Friends) | Jeff Bennett as Grish the Beautiful(Joust Friends)

4 :01x04 - Torzilla | There's Something About Scary


When Sheen grows tired of Zeenuian food, he searches out a lost crumb of tortilla from his spaceship.
He plants in the ground in hopes of growing some Earth food but thanks to Dorkus, things go awry.

There's Something About Scary

After Princess Oom is scared by Aseefa's warrior face, she convinces the Emperor to lock up all the citizens with “scary” faces, but Sheen must Step in.
Guest Stars: Bob Joles as Guard(There's Something About Scary) | Rob Paulsen as Blogar Doppweiler / Hajingy Doppweiler(There's Something About Scary)

5 :01x05 - Thanksgetting | Keeping Up with the Gronzes

Thanksgetting (written by: Hope, Presant & Zipper)

When Sheen experiences a Zeenu holiday, he regales the Zeenuians of tales of Earth holidays and convinces them to celebrate Thanksgetting which entails Sheen receiving gifts.

Keeping Up With the Gronzes (written by: Hope, Presant & Zipper)

After Sheen entertains the Emperor with his amazing joint cracking ability, he convinces the Emperor to record his “amazing” achievements.
In a fit of jealousy, Dorkus enlists the help of the Gronze brothers who accepts Sheen's challenge of being the best.
Guest Stars: Candi Milo as Zeenuian(Thanksgetting) | Fred Tatasciore as Zeenuian(Thanksgetting) / Alien #1(Keeping Up With the Gronzes) | Bob Joles as Gronze #3 / Alien #2(Keeping Up With the Gronzes) | Jeff Bennett as Bobb(Thanksgetting) / Gronze #1(Keeping Up With the Gronzes) | Rob Paulsen as Zeenuian(Thanksgetting) / Gronze #2(Keeping Up With the Gronzes)

6 :01x06 - Act I, Sheen I | Money Suits Sheen

Act I, Sheen I (Written by: Hope, Presant, Zipper)

After the Emperor refuses to give out an acting award because Zeenuians acting is terrible, Sheen brags about how good of a tree actor he is.
Dorkus overhears Sheen and creates a play where the final act will eliminate Sheen permanently.

Money Suits Sheen (Written by: Hope, Presant, Zipper)

After Sheen sees the Emperor's money suit, he decides he must make some cash to obtain his own but realizes it comes at a high cost.
Guest Stars: Rob Paulsen as Zeenuian #1(Act I Sheen I) Zeenuian#1 / Nauseated Zeenuian(Money Suits Sheen) | Jeff Bennett as Bobb / Fruit Hobo(Money Suits Sheen) | Fred Tatasciore as Announcer / Zeenuian #2(Money Suits Sheen) | Jeffrey Garcia as Fish(Money Suits Sheen)

7 :01x07 - Cutting the Ultra-Cord | Trial by Jerry

Cutting the Ultra-Cord (Written by: Hope, Presant, Zipper)

Sheen realizes he no longer needs Ultra Lord

Trial by Jerry (Written by: Hope, Presant, Zipper)

After the Emperor's pet, Beebaw, goes missing and Nesmith is accused, Sheen convinces the Emperor to hold a trial.
Guest Stars: Bob Joles as Jerry(Trial by Jerry) | Fred Tatasciore as Guard #2(Trial by Jerry) | Jim Cummings as Ultra Lord(Cutting the Ultra-Cord) | Jeff Bennett as Fusterbeast / Butted Alien(Cutting the Ultra-Cord) Bobb / Guard #2(Trial by Jerry) | Rob Paulsen as Mr. Navel(Cutting the Ultra-Cord) Beebaw / Loudspeaker(Trial by Jerry)

8 :01x08 - The Oomlick Maneuver | Chock Around the Clock

The Oomlick Maneuver

Tired of getting raffenhoffered, Sheen devises a plan to get Princess Oom to fall back in love with her former boyfriend, Grish the Beautiful

Chock Around the Clock

Things go wrong when Aseefa lets Sheen pet-sit her Chock Chock
Guest Stars: Rob Paulsen as Zeeb / Chock Chock(Chock Around the Clock) | Fred Tatasciore as Trapped Workman(The Oomlick Maneuver) | Jeff Bennett as Grish(The Oomick Maneuver) / Crem(Chock Around the Clock)

9 :01x09 - Monster Fighting Combat Strike Force

After a Gwaltney infestation at the palace, the Emperor hires Sheen and Doppy to eliminate the threat.

Meanwhile Doppy's parents find out about his activities and are not happy with the risks he's taking.
Guest Stars: Fred Tatasciore as The Gwaltneys | Rob Paulsen as Blogar Doppweiler / Hajingy Doppweiler

10 :01x10 - To Chill a Mocking Blurg | Now You Sheen It

To Chill A Mocking Blurg:
During the Compliment Festival, Dorkus unleashes the Mocking Blurg on Sheen.

Now You Sheen It:
Sheen decides to create a magic team with Nesmith as his partner. However Dorkus decides this is a perfect opportunity to upstage (and eliminate) him.
Guest Stars: Thomas F. Wilson as Mocking Blurg #1(To Chill a Mocking Blurg) | Carlos Alazraqui as Mocking Blurg #2 / Emcee / Zeenuian(To Chill a Mocking Blurg) |
Featuring: Fred Tatasciore as Zeenuian(To Chill a Mocking Blurg) | Zeenuian(Now You Sheen It) | Candi Milo as Female Mocking Blurg / Zeenuian(To Chill a Mocking Blurg) | Bob Joles as Zeenuian(Now You Sheen It) | Jeff Bennett as Bobb / Fusterbeast(Now You Sheen It) | Rob Paulsen as Zeenuian(Now You Sheen It) | Thomas Lennon as Mocking Blurg #3(To Chill a Mocking Blurg)

11 :01x11 - Desperate House Guests | Nesvidanya

Desperate Houseguests:
The Doppweilers are forced out of their home by a Dipthwack.
Sheen and Nesmith attempt to get rid of it but Dorkus intervenes in yet another attempt to eliminate Sheen.

After a sighting of the fabled Boopenfoofer, the Emperor sends Sheen and Nesmith to find proof of its existence.
Featuring: Jeff Bennett as Dipthwack(Desperate Houseguests) | Rob Paulsen as Blogar Doppweiler / Hajingy Doppweiler(Desperate Houseguests) | Obyssiana(Nesvidana)

12 :01x12 - ExpreSheenism | Gotta Go

After destroying the Emperor's art collection, instead of confessing, Sheen hastily fashions a new genre called ExpreSheenism.

Gotta Go:
Sheen is desperate to find a place to use the restroom while spending the day with Aseefa.
Featuring: Rob Paulsen as Blogar Doppweiler | Hajingy Doppweiler(Gotta Go)

13 :01x13 - Sheen Racer | QuaranSheen

Sheen Racer:
Sheen challenges Dorkus to the Flavin 500 Flavin Race.

Sheen fakes an illness to avoid Oom's advances but things go awry when Dorkus convinces the Emperor he's contagious.
Featuring: Rob Paulsen as Blogar Doppweiler | Hajingy Doppweiler(QuaranSheen) | Jeff Bennett as Bobb(Sheen Racer)

14 :01x14 - Washing My Sheen | Stuck in the Riddle with You

Washing My Sheen:
Sheen vows to never bathe again and accidentally attracts a horde of destructive, filth-loving beasts.

Stuck in the Riddle with You:
Sheen uses his wit to save his friends and rid Zeenu of a carnivorous plant called a Dentamental.

Director: T.J. Sullivan

15 :01x15 - He Went Hataway | Tongue-Tied

He Went Hataway:
Sheen & Doppy embark on a quest to find Nesmith's hat.

Sheen visits Princess Oom in order to practice his anti-Rafenhoffer training but things go wrong when he becomes stuck to her tongue.
Guest Stars: Carlos Alazraqui as Hat Monger(He Went Hataway) |
Featuring: Rob Paulsen as Alice(He Went Hataway) | Winky(Tongue-Tied) | Jeff Bennett as Bobb / Ted / Hat Squid / Zennuian(He Went Hataway) | Bob Joles as Aglooboo Eater(Tongue-Tied)

16 :01x16 - A Well Oiled Fighting Ma-Sheen | Dorkus in Chains

A Well Oiled Fighting Ma-Sheen:
Sheen trains the Emperor's Guard to prepare for the emergence of a legendary beast

Dorkus in Chains:
Sheen and Dorkus must work together when they are chained to each other and trapped underground.
Director: Mike Gasaway

17 :01x17 - Ooze on First

Sheen introduces baseball to Zeenu, which Dorkus uses as another attempt to destroy Sheen.

Meanwhile, a comet threatens to collide with Zeenu.
Guest Stars: Thomas F. Wilson as Narrator

25 :01x25 - Dawn of the Wedge | Blunderlings

Dawn of the Wedge:
Zeenu is attacked a swarm of wedgie-giving barbarians and it’s up to Sheen to stop them.

In order to get Pinter closer to Sheen, Dorkus creates the Sidekick Exchange Program.
Unfortunately for him, Dorkus doesn’t realize that this means he gets Doppy for a sidekick!

27 :01x27 - Banana Quest

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Children Cartoons | Children
Status: Ended
Network: nickToons ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 2010
Ended: February 15, 2013
Episode Order: 27
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