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Pokémon the Series: Clefairy And The Moon Stone

Ash and the gang meet up with a Pokémon Scientist named Seymore as they search for the Moon Stone inside Mt. Moon. As it turns out, Team Rocket is also looking for the Moon Stone as well...

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x6
Production Number: 106
Airdate: Tuesday September 15th, 1998

Director: Hidetoshi Otaka
Screenplay: Atsuhiro Tomioka

Alternate Airdates:

Japan May 06, 1997 (Premiere!)
Sweden Jan 06, 2000

Eric StuartEric Stuart
voiced Ekans
Inuko InuyamaInuko Inuyama
voiced Meowth (Japanese version)
Kouichi SakaguchiKouichi Sakaguchi
voiced Ekans (Japanese version)
Maddie BlausteinMaddie Blaustein
voiced Seymour
Mayumi IizukaMayumi Iizuka
voiced Misty (Japanese version)
Megumi HayashibaraMegumi Hayashibara
voiced Jessie / Pidgeotto (Jessie Japanese version)
Michael HaigneyMichael Haigney
voiced Koffing
Rica MatsumotoRica Matsumoto
voiced Ash (Japanese version)
Rikako AikawaRikako Aikawa
voiced Butterfree
Shinichiro MikiShinichiro Miki
voiced James / Staryu / Zubat (James Japanese version)
Unshou IshizukaUnshou Ishizuka
voiced Narrator / Koffing / Onix (Narrator & Koffing Japanese version)
Mayumi YamaguchiMayumi Yamaguchi
voiced Clefairy
Tetsuya IwanagaTetsuya Iwanaga
voiced Seymour (Japanese version)
Main Cast
Ikue OhtaniIkue Ohtani
voiced Pikachu
Rodger ParsonsRodger Parsons
voiced Narrator
Veronica TaylorVeronica Taylor
voiced Ash / May
Rachael LillisRachael Lillis
voiced Misty / Jessie
Eric StuartEric Stuart
voiced Brock / James


They all go in the cave, which has light strung all over. It is confusing the Pokemon that live there. Seymour says some troublemakers have put up the lights and are after the moon stone. It supposedly can increase a Pokemon's power. At that point, a Clefairy jumps out with something in its hand. Ash wants to capture it, but Seymour says he can't. All of a sudden, we see Meowth's shadow, which frightens the Clefairy. Then Team Rocket appears, using a pick axe and shovel in their theme routine. Seymour says "They sure are showoffs" and the gang argues with Team Rocket. Out comes Koffing and Ekans...and Butterfree and Brock throws a Poke ball. He has a Zubat that he captured earlier. Butterfree and Zubat double team and defeat Team Rocket. However, Meowth escapes. Meanwhile, the Clefairy skips out of the cave with Misty and Seymour right behind. They try to help it, but it ends up knocking all of them in the water, Meowth included. Misty counters with Staru, who fills Meowth up with water. He literally blasts off.. ..

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Episode Notes
Brock catches a Zubat

Theory that pokemon came from the moon.

In the Japanese version, Seymour said how the Clefairy acted as though the Moon Stone was a god. In the edited version, they just talked about how the Clefairy pray to the Moon Stone.

Who's That Pokémon: Clefairy

First time Team Rocket says their trademark line "We're blasting off again!"

First Appearance of Misty's Staryu.

This is the first anime episode to feature stone-induced evolutions.

This is the third time the Japanese title is kept.

Pokémon Debuts: Zubat, Staryu, Clefairy, Clefable, Paras.

In other languages
French: La Pierre Lune
Italian: La Pietra Lunare
Portuguese: Clefairy e a Pedra da Lua
Spanish: Clefairy y la Piedra Lunar

Episode Quotes
Seymour: The Moon Stone is an awesome boulder. A million years old or even older. Deep in these caves the meteor hides, though no explorer has found the place of the legendary rock from space. We've studied its fragments for many an hour and discovered it increases a Pokémon's power. And that is why the attackers are here. They've come to take the Moon Stone or so I fear.

Meowth: Don't be scared of Meowth!

Seymour: "(while the Clefairy use Metronome)" It's an attack the Clefairy use called the Metronome. I've never seen the Clefairy use the Metronome before. Who knows what's gonna happen?!

James: What's that unusual sound?
Jessie: His knees are shaking.

Episode Goofs
In Dub, Ash makes a reference to the Macarena when Pikachu uses charades to speak to him.

Brock tells his Zubat to use the move Double Team which acts the same as Butterfree's Whirlwind attack. This is a goof. Double Team's effect is to increase the user's ability to dodge attacks.

This is the first time Brock meets Team Rocket, but he acts like he already knows them.

James's Koffing uses Counter in this episode, even though Koffing aren't able to learn this move in the games.

In Dub, Seymour talks about romance in the Japanese version, while he recites poetry in the English version.

In Dub, Seymour's two main virtues are changed from Love and Courage (original) to Knowledge and Research (dub). When he announces the virtues, the Japanese version has them written in the background. 4Kids erases all of the kanji from the English version.

In Dub, "Cerulean City" is translated on the sign directing towards it. Gary's message changes from "Shigeru is the best! Satoshi is an idiot!" to "Gary was here! Ash is a loser!".

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