Foul Weather Friends - Recap

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Ash and co. are continuing their journey towards Azalea Town. While walking, they see some Bellsprout and Vileplume. Misty tells Togepi that they have to be careful not to breathe in their Stun Spore. Ash also notices some Gloom. A Hoppip walks up to Ash and co. Ash looks up Hoppip in his Pokédex. A gentle breeze picks up, and the Hoppip begins to float away. Ash and co. follow the Hoppip, hoping to catch it. A girl, not too far away, uses her net to catch the Hoppip. She sees Ash and co. behind her. Brock introduces herself to the girl. The girl's name is Mariah. Ash introduces himself to Mariah and asks if the Hoppip are wild. Mariah tells him that the Hoppip belong to her.

They all go back to Mariah's house. Mariah has seven Hoppip, and she begins feeding them all. Ash notices that Mariah has a lot of equipment. When Mariah is done feeding the Hoppip, she leads Ash and co. inside her house to show them what she does. Mariah is a weather forecaster, and the Hoppip help her predict the weather.

They go back outside. Mariah senses a breeze coming because the Hoppip are clustered together. When the breeze comes, only two of the Hoppip were lifted on the air, so the breeze was rated a 2 on the Hoppip scale. Mariah believes that Hoppip will be able to make great weather predictions. Mariah also loves being with her Hoppip, so they make her happy. The Hoppip cluster together again. This time an Oddish joins them. A wind picks up, and all the Hoppip are blown away until they reach the net. The Oddish chase them too. It tries to fly but it can't. Ash and co. walk up to the Oddish. Mariah explains that Oddish is a wild Pokémon nearby, and it tries to act like a Hoppip because it has made great friends with the Hoppip. Ash and co. want to help the Oddish, but they don't know what to do.

Team Rocket is nearby hiding in the bushes. Meowth uses its binoculars to spy on Ash and co. Meowth sees the Hoppip, and he decides that they sure capture them. Jessie and James wonder what Meowth's plan is. Meowth explains that they could open a delivery service. The Hoppip would act as the delivery people, and they would deliver packages to other people since they can easily float in the air. Jessie and James think they should capture the Hoppip and bring it to the boss. Meowth then agrees to Jessie's plan.

Team Rocket cuts down the net that prevents the Hoppip from floating away, and they say their motto. Mariah asks Team Rocket what they want. Team Rocket tells her that they want the Hoppip. They begin to use their hand fans to try and blow the Hoppip away. When the fans aren't working, Meowth brings out an electrical fan. This fan creates a stronger wind, and the Hoppip begin to lift from the ground. Ash and co. do their best to catch all the Hoppip. Then Ash sends out Chikorita, and Jessie sends out Arbok. Chikorita uses Tackle on Arbok, followed by a Razor Leaf. Meowth turns the fan up more, making it more powerful. Pikachu uses its Thundershock attack on the fan. The fan blows up, and Team Rocket blasts off again.

Ash thanks Pikachu and Chikorita for their work. Misty notices that Oddish was especially brave. Suddenly, the Hoppip cluster up again, but this time they do it in a different form. Mariah realizes that a stronger wind is coming their way, and it's very rare. Mariah checks her computer, and she confirms that a tornado is heading their way.

Team Rocket is slowly walking down the road. They are getting tired of blasting off each time. Jessie wishes that she could just make an exit without blasting off. Suddenly, the hear something behind them. It's the tornado, and the tornado causes Team Rocket to blast off again.

Meanwhile, Ash and co. have boarded up all the windows. Mariah can't believe that a tornado so powerful is coming their way. They all take cover under the desk. When the tornado comes, it blows off the roof. All the Hoppip and Oddish are blown away by the tornado. The tornado soon subsides. The whole house has been torn apart, and Brock states that they are lucky to be alive. Ash and co. volunteer to help Mariah look for the Hoppip and Oddish. They soon find Oddish nearby. Oddish recovers and it wants to start looking for the Hoppip.

Oddish tries to sense out the Hoppip. It feels the wind heading in one direction, so it goes into that direction. Ash and co. follow Oddish. Oddish finds one of the Hoppip stuck in a tree. Brock gets the Hoppip down and hands it to Mariah. Misty thanks Oddish for finding one. They only need to find six more. Ash and co. then walk alongside a river with Oddish leading the way. Oddish sees one of the Hoppip stranded in the river. Oddish wants to save the Hoppip, but Ash catches it before it jumps into the river. Brock instead goes into the river and brings the Hoppip back to Mariah. Only five more Hoppip need to be found.

Oddish hops in the air to see if it can find any of the other Hoppip. They see another Hoppip floating in the air, and they decide to follow it. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are in their balloon. The other four Hoppip have landed in their balloon, and Team Rocket is floating away. They see another Hoppip come by, and James uses his net to grab it. Mariah demands that Team Rocket give back her Hoppip. Team Rocket refuses to give the Hoppip back, and they stick out their tongues at Ash and co. Misty sends out Staryu. Staryu bursts the balloon with its points, and the balloon falls in the forest.

Ash and co. corner Team Rocket. Team Rocket refuses to give the Hoppip back without a fight. James sends out Victreebel, who tries to eat him again. Ash sends out Heracross, and Jessie sends out Arbok. Misty sends in Staryu for battle. Oddish wants to battle, too. James is excited that his Victreebel may have a victory. Victreebel tackles Oddish. Oddish still stands strong, and it tackles Victreebel. Then Oddish uses Stun Spore, paralyzing Victreebel. Finally, Oddish tackles Victreebel again, and Victreebel faints. It's Arbok's turn to battle. Arbok uses Bite, but Oddish jumps up high to dodge the attack, and it uses Sleep Powder. Arbok falls asleep. It's Meowth's turn to step into battle. However, Oddish fires a Solarbeam at Team Rocket, and Team Rocket blasts off again.

Ash and co. cheer for their victory. Mariah is happy that all the Hoppip are safe with her again. Misty adds in that they owe it all to Oddish. Ash, Misty, and Brock explain to Oddish that every Pokémon is different. They tell Oddish that it will never be able to fly, but it can sure use powerful attacks. Mariah tells Oddish that it is very special even if it's not a Hoppip. Ash and co. go back to Mariah's house, and they help fix it up. Then it is time for Ash and co. to leave. Ash and co. wave goodbye as Mariah's wishes them the best of luck on their journey.