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Mild 'n Wooly - Recap

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Ash and co. have stopped at a spot for a lunch break before continuing their journey again. Misty is amazed at the beautiful view of the mountains. Ash is gobbling down many sandwiches. He suddenly chokes on one; the sandwich gets caught in his throat. Pikachu becomes stressed, and it uses its Thundershock. This makes Ash swallow the food completely.

Then a Mareep walks up to Ash and co. Ash looks up Mareep in his Pokédex. Mareep comes charging towards them. They all take cover as the Mareep tackles Pikachu to the ground. Pikachu shocks Mareep with its Thundershock attack. The electricity from Pikachu puffs up Mareep's wool, making it bigger. Suddenly, a whole herd of Mareep come charging in towards Pikachu. They all crowd around Pikachu because they want Pikachu's electricity. Pikachu uses another electric attack, and the Mareeps' fleeces all puff up. A little girl comes running towards them. She orders the Mareep to leave Pikachu alone, but the Mareep ignore her errors. The girl is then pushed to the ground by the Mareep.

An older woman and a Raichu then come out. The older woman tells Raichu to use Thunderbolt. Raichu uses its electric attack, and the Mareep head towards Raichu. Ash is glad to have Pikachu back. All the Mareep have a static electricity shower. When they are done, the woman orders the Mareep to form a straight line and to head back to the house. Ash and co. are surprised by the fact that all the Mareep are obedient. She then tells Raichu to head back and make sure the Mareep are okay. The woman is the little girl's mother, and she tells her daughter, Mary, to head back to the house, too.

At the house, the woman apologizes to Ash and co. She explains that the Mareep love electricity. Then the woman scolds Mary for not watching the Mareep and daydreaming about Pokémon battles. Mary tells her mother that the big festival is coming up. Ash asks what the festival is, and the mother explains that the festival is a big event. There are many rides, games, and even Pokémon battles. The mother and Mary are preparing for the Mareep contest that will be held at the festival. Ash wants to do the Pokémon battles, but the mother tells him that the battles are only for the villagers. Ash sighs especially because he hasn't done many practice battles with anyone aside from Team Rocket. Mary is excited at the fact that Ash is entering the Johto League. She asks her mother if she can enter Pokémon battles at the festival, but her mother says that she needs to focus more about preparing the Mareep rather than battling. This makes Mary upset. Brock interrupts the conversation and offers assistance with preparing the Mareep. The woman is glad that Ash and co. will help prepare the Mareep for the festival.

Ash and Pikachu start off by taking some of the Mareep for a walk. Pikachu and Raichu make sure the Mareep don't run off by using their static electricity. Afterwards, Ash, Misty, and Mary help groom the Mareep. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are at a distance watching the Mareep. Jessie thinks they should capture the Mareep and then sell their wool because the wool is very expensive stuff. James brags how all of his clothing was made out of Mareep wool when he was a boy.

Later that day, Mary orders her Mareep to use Thundershock. Mareep uses Thundershock on a target that Mary set up. Ash saw the attack, and he is impressed at Mareep's strength. Mary tells him that her Mareep's name is Fluffy. Ash tells Mary that her and Fluffy should both be proud. Then Mary asks Ash if he would have a battle with her. Mary states that she and Fluffy were never in a Pokémon battle before. Ash and Pikachu both agree to battle Mary and her Mareep.

The battle starts. Mareep uses Headbutt, but Pikachu dodges the attack. Then Mareep uses Growl. This attack delivers a loud noise across the field, and it sincerely affects Pikachu.

The Growl paralyzes Pikachu for a few seconds. This gives Mareep the chance to hit Pikachu with its Swift attack. Then Mareep uses Thundershock, and Pikachu uses Thundershock, too. Both electric attacks collide into each other, making it an even draw. However, both Pokémon do not give up. Ash sees Pikachu weakening, so he tells Pikachu to stop using Thundershock. Mareep continues to fire its electric attacks at Pikachu, but Pikachu is able to dodge them all. Suddenly, Mareep falls to the ground. Ash and Mary run towards Mareep. Ash finds out that Mareep has used up all its strength battling. He reassures Mary that Mareep will be find after some rest.

Mary doesn't understand why Ash had Pikachu stop using Thunderhsock during the battle. Ash explains to Mary that Pikachu was getting tired, so he didn't want to exhaust Pikachu out. Mary admits that she only had her mind set on winning, and that she didn't think about Mareep's feelings. She apologizes to Mareep for being a careless trainer. Ash adds in that humans should think of their Pokémon while battling because they think about us. Mary agrees with Ash. Then they get ready for dinner.

Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu are at the dinner table waiting. Mary's mother has lots of good food on the table ready to be eaten. She calls Mary for dinner. When she looks inside Mary's bedroom, she overhears Mary talking to Mareep about the battle she had earlier with Ash. Mary has decided to battle in the festival next year because she feels like she isn't ready to battle yet. Even though she knows Mareep is ready to battle, Mary still needs to train a lot more and think about Mareep's feelings more than hers.

A storm begins to pick up. Mary's mother turns on the lights in the house, waking Ash and co. up. She tells them that she needs their help. They go outside and gather up all the Mareep. Then they begin to walk towards a cliff. Mary's mother tells them that a good storm helps puff up the Mareep's bodies, which will give them extra preparation for the festival. Raichu leads everyone to the edge of the cliff. All the Mareep stay at the edge of the cliff while everyone else takes cover. A lightning bolt comes out and strikes the Mareep. Their bodies begin to puff up. All the Mareep are happy with the electricity they are receiving from the storm.

When the storm ends, all the Mareeps' fleeces sparkle. Suddenly, a net is thrown on all the Mareep, and they are lifted in the air. Team Rocket laughs, and they say their motto. Pikachu is about to use Thunderbolt, when Team Rocket captures Pikachu and places it in a cage. Raichu tries to break Team Rocket's energy panel with its Thunderbolt attack, but the attack does nothing. Raichu continues to shock the panel. With all its energy, Raichu is able to break the panel and puts Team Rocket's balloon in flames. The balloon falls to the ground, and all the Mareep run out of the net. The cage falls out of the balloon, and two Mareep catch it. Raichu is exhausted, so Mary's mother gives it a good rest.

Jessie wants to battle. She sends out Arbok, and James sends out Weezing. Mary's mother orders all the Mareep to use Growl followed by Thundershock. Luckily for Team Rocket, Meowth holds up another energy panel that blocks the electricity from getting through. Brock notices that the Mareep need more power. Ash is tries to get Pikachu out of the cage, but it won't open. Suddenly, Mary's Mareep jumps in the front of the line. It tells Mary its plan. Mary understands what her Mareep is trying to say. She tells her mom to order all the Mareep to aim their electricity at her Mareep. Mary's mother gives out the command, and Mary's Mareep begins absorbing all the electricity. Then Mary's Mareep fires a powerful Thundershock at Team Rocket which shocks them. Ash finally gets the cage open, and he tells Pikachu to finish Team Rocket with its Thundershock. Pikachu fires its Thundershock at Team Rocket, causing Team Rocket to blast off in the sky.

The next day, Mary's mother gives Mary a Pokéball. She tells Mary that she can use it when she battles in the festival. Mary is happy to have a chance in battling in the festival. When the festival starts, Mary faces her opponent. Ash and co. all root for Mary. Mary throws her Pokéball and out comes Mareep. As soon as the festival is over, Ash and co. will be continuing their way towards Azalea Town.