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Riding the Winds of Change! - Recap

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While Ash and co. continue their journey towards Veilstone City, they have come across another city. They have stopped off at a park where Ash is doing some training. Turtwig is practicing its Energy Ball move again. The move has improved a lot since they last used it. The Energy Ball is now able to last the whole way before it explodes. Ash wants Turtwig to hit the tree with its Energy Ball. Unfortunately, Turtwig's accuracy needs improving, so the Energy Ball misses. Dawn and Brock have noticed the improvement in the Energy Ball. Now Turtwig has to learn how to control it.

Suddenly, a shadow appears over Ash and co. A huge swarm of Gligar and a Gliscor appear. The Gliscor swoops down towards Ash and co. and the swarm of Gligar follow. Ash and co. run out of the way, and the Pokémon steal all of their food. They then head for the tree. Ash orders Turtwig to use Energy Ball. Turtwig uses the attack, but misses the Pokémon. Then it tries to hit them with Razor Leaf, but the Gligar dodge the attacks with ease. Dawn and Brock return their Pokémon back into their Pokéballs to protect them. Ash runs over to them to make sure they are all right. Ash and Dawn look up Gliscor and Gligar in their Pokédex.

The Gliscor is hanging from a tree and eating Brock's sandwiches when suddenly a Ice Beam is shot out and almost hits Gliscor. The Ice Beam came from Paul's Weavile. Paul sends out Murkrow and orders it to use Haze, but a strong wind from Gligar and Gliscor prevents Murkrow from doing so. The Gligar try to attack Murkrow, but Murkrow dodges them. Then they fly away. Ash turns around and finds out that one Gligar still remains. Realizing that its friends have left, the Gligar quickly swallows its apple and tries to fly away, but it ends up falling on top of Ash. Ash freaks out and pushes himself away from the Gligar. Gligar has no idea where it's at right now. Turtwig, Pikachu, and Piplup glare at it. Gligar gets scared from Ash and co. and flies away. Paul recalls back his Pokémon and tells Ash to stay out of his way. Then he leaves.

Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy pull up to Ash and co. They ask Ash and co. if they are all right. Dawn replies that they are fine, except the Gligar and Gliscor stole their food. Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy are disappointed that they weren't able to come in time again. Brock falls in love with both girls as soon as he sees them, but Croagunk stops him. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has been watching everything from behind the bushes. They think that stealing the Gligar and Gliscor is a good idea. At the Pokémon Center, Officer Jenny explains the entire situation to Ash and co. She explains that the Gligar and Gliscor hvae been destroying their town by eating everything in sight. Brock states that Gligar and Gliscor usually live in the forest, so it doesn't make sense that they are in a city. Officer Jenny thinks that the Pokémon might have gotten lost. Nurse Joy explains that there was a powerful storm one night, and the wind blew Gliscor into the city. Gliscor has tried to escape the city, but the skyscraper winds prevent it from doing so. Because Gliscor was trapped in the city, it attracted all of the Gligar in the area by producing sound waves. Ash and co. decide to help Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy solve the Gligar and Gliscor problem.

Meanwhile, the Gligar and Gliscor are hanging out in a room of a building. Suddenly, a bowl of fruit is dropped into the room, and the Gligar quickly eats it. Then the Gligar and Gliscor look outside, and they see a truck carrying a load of the fruit. The Gligar and Gliscor fly down to get it. The Gligar that met Ash and co. earlier is still eating the food when it realizes that its friends are gone. It then quickly catches up with them. Ash and co. are inside the truck. They notice that the Pokémon are following them. Nurse Joy looks at her computer and notices that the wind is getting stronger up ahead. Their plan is to reach up towards the strong wind and blow the Gligar and Gliscor back into the forest.

Suddenly, Ash and co. hears a cry coming from the Gligar and Gliscor. Team Rocket has trapped them in a cage. Team Rocket appears from their balloon, and they say their motto. Dawn orders Team Rocket to free the Pokémon, but Team Rocket refuses to do so. So, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, and Piplup uses Bubblebeam. Unfortunately, the attacks have no effect on the cage. Gliscor then uses X-Scissor to try and break the cage, but that attack has no effect as well. Suddenly, the Gligar that met Ash and co. flies on top of the cage. It never was caught. Gligar cuts the cable, and the cage falls. The Gligar begins to fall too, but Ash manages to save it. The cage crashes to the ground and shatters. The Pokémon are free. The Gligar and Gliscor surround Team Rocket's balloon and blasts it with X-Scissor. Team Rocket blasts off again.

A building collapses, blocking the road. With that done, the direction of the wind has changed. Without the strong wind, the Gligar and Gliscor end up eating the fruit from the truck. When they are done with that, they begin to cause chaos towards the rest of the city. Officer Jenny states that they have to get the Gligar and Gliscor back to the forest fast, or the city will die out. Ash and co. think for a moment of what they can do, and Officer Jenny gets an idea. She explains that they can blow the Pokémon out if they create a powerful wind. Ash says that their Pokémon can help create a gust of wind. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is in the alley munching on donuts. Suddenly, an apple core falls from above. Team Rocket looks up, and they see the Gligar and Gliscor staring at them. Scared, Team Rocket runs away from them. The Pokémon chase after Team Rocket on the streets. Suddenly, an Ice Beam occurs, and Team Rocket blasts off again.

The attack came from Paul's Weavile. Gliscor dodges, and the attack ends up freezing the Gligar. Weavile then uses Blizzard, but Gliscor counters with Sand-Attack. The attack ends up thawing out the ice, freeing the Gligar. The Gligar and Gliscor then fly away, and Paul runs after them. However, the Gligar that met Ash and co. has stayed behind. Ash and co. run up to it and are surprised to see it again. A strong wind picks up, and the Gligar runs off towards the rest of its friends. Ash and co. follow it. While running, Paul sends out Electabuzz and orders it to use Thunder and Weavile to use Ice Beam. To distract Paul's Pokémon, the Gligar fly in circles. Paul tells his Pokémon to stay focus. Electabuzz uses Thunderpunch and successfully hits all the Gligar. Gliscor is furious by this, and it strikes Electabuzz down with X-Scissor.

Ash and co. meet up with Gligar and Gliscor. Ash tells Gliscor that he wants to help it get back to the forest. Before Gliscor can make a decision, an electric and ice attack hit it. Gliscor falls to the ground. The attacks came from Paul. Paul throws a Pokéball and successfully captures the Gliscor. Then Paul scans the Pokémon with his Pokédex and decides that it could be useful to him. Ash asks Paul about the Gligar, but Paul does not care about them. The Gligar that's friends with Ash swoops down to attack Paul, but Paul has Electabuzz use Thunderpunch on it. Then Paul returns his Pokémon back and walks away.

Without the Gliscor as the leader, the Gligar have no idea what to do, and they begin to fly in random directions. Ash and co. know that they have to get the Gligar to the Pokémon Center quickly. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, and Piplup uses Bubblebeam. The attacks guide the Gligar towards the Pokémon Center. Dawn notices that there are still some Gligar left that don't want to go with the others. The Gligar that met Ash takes care of the situation by talking to them and leading them towards the rest of the group. The Gligar fly on top of the Pokémon Center. When they get there, all of the flying Pokémon that Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy have use Gust to blow the Gligar back into the forest.

Suddenly, Team Rocket appears in their balloon again. They want to steal the Gligar. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to stop them, but Team Rocket is flying too high. Team Rocket takes out a net. Before they can make an attempt to catch the Gligar, Ash sends out Turtwig and orders it to use Energy Ball. The Energy Ball is able to reach Team Rocket, but it misses. Ash tells Turtwig to focus itself and to aim more carefully. Turtwig follows Ash's command, and the Energy Ball hits Team Rocket. Team Rocket blasts off again.

Ash congratulates Turtwig for succeeding with the move. Dawn notices that the Gligar are still present, so all the flying Pokémon use Gust one more time to blow them back into the forest. Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy sigh in relief now that the Gligar problem is solved. However, the Gligar that met Ash comes back and tackles Ash to the ground. Dawn pulls Gligar off of Ash and asks why it didn't go back into the forest. Brock thinks that the Gligar likes Ash. Gligar smiles. Ash throws an empty Pokéball at Gligar and captures it. With a new addition to the team, Ash and his friends continue their way towards Veilstone City.