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Pokémon: A Triple Fighting Chance!

Maylene has regained her confidence and accepts Ash challenge request. As the battle begins, Maylene begins with Machoke, while Ash chooses to use Staravia to show off its new training skills.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 11x16
Airdate: Saturday August 02nd, 2008

Director: Izumi Shimura
Screenplay: Shoji Yonemura

Bill RogersBill Rogers
voiced Lucario / Croagunk / Chimchar
Chinami NishimuraChinami Nishimura
voiced Pachirisu
Daisuke SakaguchiDaisuke Sakaguchi
voiced Lucario
Emily BauerEmily Bauer
voiced Ambipom
Jimmy ZoppiJimmy Zoppi
voiced James / Meowth
Kayzie RogersKayzie Rogers
voiced Wobbuffet
Kiyotaka FurushimaKiyotaka Furushima
voiced Buizel
Marc ThompsonMarc Thompson
voiced Blackbelt
Michele KnotzMichele Knotz
voiced Jessie / Piplup
Mike PollockMike Pollock
voiced Connally
Rachael LillisRachael Lillis
voiced Maylene
Sarah NatochennySarah Natochenny
voiced Buneary / Staravia
Tom WaylandTom Wayland
voiced Reggie
Main Cast
Ikue OhtaniIkue Ohtani
voiced Pikachu
Sarah NatochennySarah Natochenny
voiced Ash Ketchum (Season 9+)
Rodger ParsonsRodger Parsons
voiced Narrator
Bill RogersBill Rogers
voiced Brock
Emily BauerEmily Bauer
voiced Dawn


The battle between Ash and Sumono is about to begin. The referee starts off by explaining the rules of the battle. Dawn and her Pokémon are in cheerleading outfits, and they begin to cheer for both Ash and Sumono. The battle begins. Sumono sends out a Machoke, and Dawn looks it up in her Pokédex. Ash sends out Staravia. Brock thinks that Ash made a good decision by sending out a Flying type. Staravia starts off with Quick Attack, but Machoke defends itself with Brick Break. Since Quick Attack didn't work, Staravia uses Gust. The Gust has more success. Then Staravia uses Aerial Ace. Sumono orders Machoke to avoid the attack and use Cross Chop. Machoke scores a direct hit on Staravia with Cross Chop. Dawn notices that Sumono fights very well even if her Pokémon is at a type disadvantage. Machoke then begins to hit Staravia with a series of Brick Breaks. Sumono orders Machoke to finish Staravia off with Seismic Toss. However, before Machoke can get its hands on Staravia, Staravia unleashes a Quick Attack on Machoke. Then Staravia uses Aerial Ace and hits Machoke. The attack is super effective against Machoke, and Machoke faints...

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Episode Notes
Staravia perfects Brave Bird, and Buizel learns Water Pulse.

Gym Line-Ups:
Ash: Staravia, Chimchar, Buizel.
Maylene: Machoke, Meditite, Lucario.

Ash and Maylene tie in their battle, and Maylene gives Ash the Cobble Badge. This is also the first time Ash ties with a gym leader.

This is the 50th episode since Ash earned his first badge in the region. In Kanto, Ash already had six badges by this point, in Johto, he was going for his fourth badge, and in Hoenn he already had four badges.

This was Buizel's first major battle, as well as its first Gym Battle with Ash. It was also Chimchar's first gym battle while under the ownership of Ash.

This is the first time Ash earned a badge without technically winning since his Gym battle with Erika way back in Pokémon Scent-sation.

This is the first time one of the two protection moves (Protect and Detect) failed due to overuse.

This is the second time in a row that Pikachu was not used in a gym battle, which has never happened before.

Ash's Buizel's ability, Swift Swim, is used for the first time due to the rainfall on the battlefield caused by an impact that destroyed the roof of the gym.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSatoshi Tajari
Voice DirectorTom Wayland
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