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Pokémon: Crossing Paths

Team Rocket arrives by a lakeside where Jessie's Dustox catches site of a Shiny Dustox. They follow it to a lake where they meet the Shiny Dustox's trainer. He tells them that when there is a full moon, Dustox gather at the lake and fly over Mt. Coronet together, and Jessie's Dustox becomes close with the other one.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 11x21
Airdate: Saturday August 23rd, 2008

Director: Yuusuke Takeda
Screenplay: Junki Takegami

Bill RogersBill Rogers
voiced Croagunk / Chimchar / Sudowoodo / Seviper
Chinami NishimuraChinami Nishimura
voiced Pachirisu
Emily BauerEmily Bauer
voiced Ambipom / Happiny
Jimmy ZoppiJimmy Zoppi
voiced Dustox / Turtwig / Carnivine
Kayzie RogersKayzie Rogers
voiced Wobbuffet / Mime Jr.
Kiyotaka FurushimaKiyotaka Furushima
voiced Buizel
Michele KnotzMichele Knotz
voiced Jessie / Nurse Joy / Piplup / Dustox
Rachael LillisRachael Lillis
voiced Jessie's Dance Partner
Sarah NatochennySarah Natochenny
voiced Buneary
Sean Elias-ReyesSean Elias-Reyes
voiced Astin
Vinnie PennaVinnie Penna
voiced Austin
Main Cast
Ikue OhtaniIkue Ohtani
voiced Pikachu
Sarah NatochennySarah Natochenny
voiced Ash Ketchum (Season 9+)
Rodger ParsonsRodger Parsons
voiced Narrator
Bill RogersBill Rogers
voiced Brock
Emily BauerEmily Bauer
voiced Dawn


The episode starts off with Pikachu and Piplup walking together on the road and singing. After a few tunes, Piplup gets tired and stops. Its stomach growls, and Ash assumes that Piplup is hungry. Brock mentions that there is a Pokémon Center a short distance away, so the group decides to go there for lunch. Meanwhile, Team Rocket also state that they are hungry. Jessie states that the trees are full of fruit, and she tells James and Meowth to call her when lunch is ready. She says that she is going to do some more training for the Pokémon contests. Jessie then walks away into another part of the forest and sends out Dustox. She imagines herself winning another Pokémon Contest and moving up to the top rank. While James and Meowth are picking fruit, they notice that Jessie is very confident with herself...

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Episode Notes
Jessie releases Dustox, shattering its pokeball to make sure it goes with the Shiny Dustox.

A Shiny Dustox is seen in this episode.

The way Jessie releases Dustox is similar to the way Ash released Butterfree in "Bye Bye Butterfree". Also, Dustox's yellow ribbons could be seen as a reference to Butterfree's yellow scarf.

This is the first time a main character purposely damages one of the Poké Balls of one of their Pokémon.

When Jessie is shown as a young girl in her flashback, her hair style is similar to that of her mother, Miyamoto.

When the dub title was first revealed, several sources incorrectly believed it to be the dub title for the first half of the Ranger 2 special.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSatoshi Tajari
Voice DirectorTom Wayland
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