Season 4

71 :04x01 - Do You Still Beat Your Wife?

Sgts. Anderson and Crowley come to the assistance of the young victim of a wife-beater and discover that hers is neither the first nor the most serious example of his brutality.
Guest Stars: Joyce Brothers as Dr. Harper | Pat Carroll as Miriam Stein | Joseph V. Perry as ... | Don Reid as Paul Fayette | Dee Wallace Stone as Shana Fayette | Lesley Woods (1) as Emma Fayette
Director: Corey Allen

72 :04x02 - Guns

The discovery of a huge, illegal arms cache prompts Sgt. Anderson to tell the story to a Congressional Committee, setting herself up as a target for international gunrunners.
Guest Stars: Adam West as Morgan | John Davis Chandler as Nolan | Dane Clark as Grebbs | Sean Garrison as Turner | Phil Leeds as ... | Monte Markham as Bishop | Nipsey Russell as Witt
Director: Alvin Ganzer
Writer: Burton Armus

73 :04x03 - Means to an End

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Guest Stars: Daniel Benton (1) as Johnny Trevor | Anthony Davis (1) as ... | John Ericson as Bert Travis | Karen Lamm as Wendy | Kerry Sherman as ... | Daniel Tamm as ... | Carl Weintraub as Kramer
Writer: Sean Baine

74 :04x04 - The Inside Connection

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Guest Stars: Henry Darrow as Gomez | Jayne Kennedy as Cora | Fernando Lamas as Carlos Rubenez | Warren Stevens as ... | Shirley Washington as Bessie

75 :04x05 - Screams

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Guest Stars: Catherine Bach as ... | Sandy Kenyon as Fowler | Audrey Landers as Nancy | Rich Little as Howard Mills | Ralph Meeker as Bellwood | John Megna as Wess | Sherry Miles as ... | Maidie Norman as ... | Jason Ronard as ...

76 :04x06 - The Buttercup Killer

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Guest Stars: Anthony Caruso as Marcos Ventselos | Virginia Gregg as ... | Toni Kalem as Melinda Ventselos | A. Martinez as Dimi | Joseph Ruskin as ... | Jo Van Fleet as Irini Karabetas
Director: Michael Mann
Writer: Gabe Essoe

77 :04x07 - Merry Christmas Waldo

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Guest Stars: Don 'Red' Barry as Captain Red Barnes | Colby Chester as Ted Felton | Lloyd Nolan as Waldo/Santa Claus | Eddie Quillan as ... | Lurene Tuttle as Mrs. Volusia
Director: E. Arthur Kean

78 :04x08 - Death Game

Quite a few anonymous death threats are made against Sgt.Pepper Anderson, and she becomes a target for a man who has gone crazy, after his criminal son has been killed.
Guest Stars: Larry Douglas as Henderson | Marv Fleming as Officer Marvin | Danny DeVito as Napoleon | John Megna as The Punk Leader | John Lombardo as Mullins | Ralph Taeger as Ranger Atkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Amanda Chamberlin as Marie
Writer: Don Balluck

79 :04x09 - Ambition

Powers, a hot shot police officer, who is resented by others on the force and is caught in the middle when one of the informants is found to be extorting money from defendants and implicates the officer.
Guest Stars: Foster Brooks as Darryl Everson | Michael Burns (1) as Powers | Eddie Egan as Captain | Chick Hearn as ... | Peter Leeds as ... | Louis Nye as Drew | Paul Williams (1) as Jacques
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Adrian Leeds

80 :04x10 - Blind Terror

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Guest Stars: Jack Carter as Rance | Sandra Dee as Marie Quinn | Sid Haig as ... | John Hoyt as Peydon | Tab Hunter as Martin Quinn | Edie Adams as Lorenza | Guy Marks as Morrell
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

81 :04x11 - Tigress

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Guest Stars: Don 'Red' Barry as ... | Marjorie Battles as Goldie | Daniel Benton (1) as Jim | Susan Blanchard as June | Audrey Dalton as ... | John Durren as ... | Don Galloway as Grant | Eartha Kitt as Amelia | Wes Parker as ... | Laraine Stephens as Amelia Boyer

82 :04x12 - Sunset

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Guest Stars: Bibi Besch as Jackie Crowley | Robin Braxton as Mrs. Wilkes | Stanley Bennett Clay as Bobo Wilkes | Ella Raino as ... | Alice Ghostley as Manageress | John Quade as Willy | Billy Jackson (1) as J.J. Wilkes

83 :04x13 - The Young and the Fair

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Guest Stars: Rossano Brazzi as Salim Douad | Mitzi Hoag as ... | Aharon Ipalé as Hatter | David Opatoshu as Victor | Bayn Johnson as Lori | Kristine DeBell as Unknown
Director: Corey Allen

84 :04x14 - The Human Rights of Tiki Kim

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Guest Stars: Philip Ahn as Mr. Won | Richard Narita as ... | Tim O'Connor as Jensen | Shang-Hur as Tiki Kim | James Shigeta as Bernie Kim
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

85 :04x15 - Sixth Sense

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Guest Stars: Don 'Red' Barry as Captain Barnes | Patti Clifton as ... | Phyllis Davis as ... | Richard Kelton as Ron Chamberlin | Juliet Mills as Amy Hollis | Edward Winter as Charles Hollis | Joshua Daniel as Bruce | Barbara McNair as Martha Wallace

86 :04x16 - Sons

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Guest Stars: Theodore Bikel as Adamus Tarash | Steve Brodie as ... | Harry Carey, Jr. as ... | Robert Englund as ... | Kathleen Freeman as Landlady | Richard Hale as ... | Jackie Joseph as ... | Paul Regina as Larry Tarash | Kaye Stevens as Roz | Janet Wood as Lisa | Chip McAllister (2) as Lance Johnson | Demetre Phillips as Tony Yano | Daniel Selby as Jackson

87 :04x17 - Murder with Pretty People

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Guest Stars: Julie Adams as Eleanor Simpson | Dennis Cole as Jon Paul | John Crawford as Chief Parks | Allan Carr as Greg Peters | Morgan Fairchild as Cheryl | Anne Francis as Liz Adams | Henry Olek as ... | Liam Sullivan as Tony Mann | Kirsten Baker (2) as Unknown

88 :04x18 - Battered Teachers

When a teen-age gang viciously terrorizes a suburban high school, Pepper and Crowley go undercover as a school nurse and civics instructor to trap them.
Guest Stars: Don 'Red' Barry as Captain Barnes | Joseph Burke as Frank Vaughn | Pamela Franklin as Karen Vaughn | Jack Grimes as Roy Walker | Douglas Heyes, Jr. as Bobby Green | Glenn Morshower as Billy | Debra Winger as Phyllis Baxter | Mare Winningham as Linda | Erik Larsen as John
Director: Alvin Ganzer

89 :04x19 - A Shadow on the Sea

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Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Skow | Catherine Bach as ... | Katherine Justice as ... | Stephen McNally as McManus | Michael Parks as Chuck Whitfield | Ned Romero as Delgado | Forrest Tucker as O'Malley | Paul Wexler as ...
Director: Alvin Ganzer

90 :04x20 - Sweet Kathleen

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Guest Stars: Earl Boen as ... | Lu Leonard as ... | Pepper Martin as Spiker | Jacqueline Scott as Kathleen | Johnny Seven as Guard | Craig Stevens (1) as Saunders
Writer: Sean Baine

91 :04x21 - Flip of a Coin

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Guest Stars: Elizabeth Baur as Joslyn Westmore | Gary Collins as Page Westmore | Kandi Keith as Harriet Styles | Tim O'Connor as Harry Triplett | Woodrow Parfrey as ... | Anne Seymour as ...
Director: George Lehr

92 :04x22 - Good Old Uncle Ben

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Guest Stars: Bettye Ackerman as Helen Fletcher | Frank Aletter as Willy Galloway | Roger Perry as ... | Keenan Wynn as Ben Fletcher
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1974
Ended: August 30, 1978
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