Police Women

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 06/Aug/2009 Hell of a Cop
2 1x02 13/Aug/2009 That Wasn't Me Running!
3 1x03 20/Aug/2009 Another One Bites the Dust
4 1x04 27/Aug/2009 I Hope Somebody Runs…
5 1x05 03/Sep/2009 Super Hot Blonde
6 1x06 10/Sep/2009 Don't Call Me Baby
7 1x07 17/Sep/2009 Welcome to the Real World
8 1x08 24/Sep/2009 Let's Get the Next Customer
9 1x09 01/Oct/2009 Strip Search Me!
10 1x10 08/Oct/2009 Are You Kidding Me

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
12 2x01 25/Feb/2010 Another Day in the Desert
13 2x02 04/Mar/2010 I Did My Job Tonight
14 2x03 11/Mar/2010 Super Mom with a Badge
15 2x04 18/Mar/2010 The Infamous 'Two Beers'
16 2x05 25/Mar/2010 One-Stop Shopping for Crime
17 2x06 01/Apr/2010 'You're High as a Kite'
18 2x07 08/Apr/2010 'Your Hair...Take It Off'
19 2x08 15/Apr/2010 That's No Way to Be a Girl
20 2x09 22/Apr/2010 Just Another Day in the Life
21 2x10 28/Apr/2010 Behind Bars
22 2x11 05/May/2010 Top Ten Takedowns

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
23 3x01 27/May/2010 A Southern Belle with a Badge
24 3x02 03/Jun/2010 Whose Hair Is This?
25 3x03 10/Jun/2010 Nothin' But Whitey Tightys
26 3x04 17/Jun/2010 Pills Poppin' Everywhere
27 3x05 24/Jun/2010 As Long As You Love Me
28 3x06 01/Jul/2010 Rock Your Fuschia Hair
29 3x07 08/Jul/2010 Get Your Grill On
30 3x08 15/Jul/2010 You Got a Good Beat
31 3x09 22/Jul/2010 Please Don't Be Dead
32 3x10 29/Jul/2010 That Mace is No Fun
33 3x11 05/Aug/2010 You Know You're in the Hood
34 3x12 05/Aug/2010 Every Dog Has Its Day

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
35 4x01 04/Nov/2010 Don't Make Me Tase You
36 4x02 04/Oct/2010 I'm Putting Everybody in Cuffs
37 4x03 11/Nov/2010 Kick Me Again, See What Happens
38 4x04 18/Nov/2010 He Bleedin'
39 4x05 02/Dec/2010 A Fool For Love
40 4x06 09/Dec/2010 This Ain't Pretty Woman
41 4x07 16/Dec/2010 Pull Up Your Pants
42 4x08 23/Dec/2010 You're Killing Me Dude

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
43 5x01 13/Jan/2011 Police Women of Cincinnati: Welcome to Cincinnati
44 5x02 20/Jan/2011 Police Women of Cincinnati: I'm Not Your Baby
45 5x03 27/Jan/2011 Police Women of Cincinnati: I'll Light You Up
46 5x04 03/Feb/2011 Police Women of Cincinnati: The Party's Over
47 5x05 10/Feb/2011 Police Women of Cincinnati: I'm Worth More Than Fifteen Bucks
48 5x06 17/Feb/2011 Police Women of Cincinnati: You Go Girl
49 5x07 24/Feb/2011 Police Women of Cincinnati: Good Girl in a Bad World
50 5x08 03/Mar/2011 Police Women of Cincinnati: Aim and Fire
51 5x09 17/Mar/2011 Most Unforgettable Chases
52 5x10 24/Mar/2011 Most Outrageous Criminals
53 5x11 31/Mar/2011 Most Amazing Arrests

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
54 6x01 07/Apr/2011 Justice Has Been Served
55 6x02 14/Apr/2011 A 50,000 Volt Mistake
56 6x03 21/Apr/2011 Girl Cops Rule!
57 6x04 05/May/2011 A Surprise Party With Guns!
58 6x05 12/May/2011 Best Mom Out Here
59 6x06 19/May/2011 Early Bird Gets the Worm
60 6x07 26/May/2011 You Can't Karate Chop a Car
61 6x08 02/Jun/2011 You're My Kind of Woman
62 6x09 09/Jun/2011 These Are Not Cookies
63 6x10 16/Jun/2011 Tore Up From the Floor Up
64 6x11 23/Jun/2011 We Got a Drama Queen
65 6x12 30/Jun/2011 These Are Somebody Else's Pants
66 6x13 07/Jul/2011 This Too Shall Pass

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
67 7x01 18/Jan/2013 Lady, You Just Died
68 7x02 25/Jan/2013 Somebody Just Got Stabbed
69 7x03 01/Feb/2013 Let's Go Fight Crime
70 7x04 08/Feb/2013 She's Got Warrants
71 7x05 22/Feb/2013 Hooks and Crooks
72 7x06 01/Mar/2013 He Hit Me First!
73 7x07 08/Mar/2013 A Pretty Good Little Fight
74 7x08 15/Mar/2013 A Good Situation To Get Shot
75 7x09 22/Mar/2013 Any Sudden Movements, You'll Be Shot
76 7x10 29/Mar/2013 He Just Started Shooting
77 7x11 05/Apr/2013 There's Blood Everywhere
78 7x12 12/Apr/2013 So...You Ready To Die?
79 7x13 12/Apr/2013 She's Unleashed
80 7x14 12/Apr/2013 This Could Be Dangerous

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