Police Women


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Congratulations TLC on helping to promote the image of low life Americans to the rest of the world. The image of Americans on the world stage is so disgusting it is preferred that travellers stay home.

99.99% of Americans are not the type of low life scum depicted in this outrageous spectacle gestapo style of justice.

I congratulate your organization for exposing this group of Narcissitic degenerates to the world and to the American public so that the GOOD PEOPLE of the United States can start to rid themselves of this type of legalized unhooded KKK styleof justice.

An intelligent decission to play on their sick minded egos to allow themselves to actually be televised and exposed for all to see.

Americans are Good People..... This group of people should never be allowed to wrap themselves in the American Flag when their actions and mind sets are clearly more in tune with the Nazi Parties Swastika flag that represents guilty and less inferior until proven worthy.

If I have misundersood your intent TLC....then congratulations on being so absolutely STUPID.

Review posted on Sunday, February 28th 2010 at 6:27 am