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Series 1 - The Final 100 Auditions 2 - Recap

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It is day two from London and the final 64 will today find out who has made it through to the final 50. Ant and Dec present the coverage where the singers find out that they will have to sing with backing tracks for the first time. Some of the singers find it hard to remember the words and the judges are not impressed. Some people do shine though including Zoe, Will and Gareth. Haifa is worried when she is asked to stop singing before the end of the track. The next unlucky singers find out who is next to be sent home. The judges are split over the decision what to do with Ric but Simon is definate that he should go through.

The finalists are lined up on stage one last time to find out who the lucky 50 are. They include Gareth, Zoe, Will, Darius and Ric. Haifa is also relieved when she finds out she is through.