Season 8

339 :08x01 - Operation Lightspeed (1)

When three desert voyeurs release demons from a crypt in which they were imprisoned. Led by Diabolico, these demons vow to destroy the city of Mariner Bay,. which has been built above the remnants of their once formidable empire. To challenge these forces, the Earth-based organization Lightspeed Rescue recruits four diverse, experienced people to comprise a new team of Power Rangers to save Mariner Bay
Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Writer: Judd Lynn

340 :08x02 - Lightspeed Teamwork (2)

Joel learns about teamwork as the Lightspeed Rangers meet their new hardware developer Mss Fairweather and use their new Lightspeed Zords to coordinate several rescue attempts to safeguard the city and it's endangered citizens from an assault by Diabolico's Magmavore monster
Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Writer: Judd Lynn

341 :08x03 - Trial by Fire

Carter makes several mistakes in training, but rather than learn from his errors, he questions Mitchell's own methods when the Captain insists that Carter extinguish a fire in battle rather than help keep nearby citizens safe from collapsing debris, resulting in a civilian casualty
Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Writer: Judd Lynn

342 :08x04 - Riding the Edge

Kelsey makes friends with a woman named Nancy, who is preparing to pilot a Space Shuttle. Diabolico's latest monster creates several devastating tornadoes that endanger not only Mariner Bay and the Rangers, but Nancy's space shuttle.
Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Writer: Judd Lynn

343 :08x05 - A Matter of Trust

Dana becomes frustrated with Captain Mitchell's apparent lack of trust in her ability as a Ranger when she is ordered to act as an escort on a routine mission, whilst the remaining team battle to prevent Vypra's forces from acquiring a powerful fuel cell, but is Dana's mission as unimportant as she believes?
Director: Koichi Sakamoto

344 :08x06 - Wheels of Destruction

Joel attempts to ask Miss Fairweather on a date, but Vypra's new veichle may mow down both his efforts and the Rangers
Writer: Judd Lynn

345 :08x07 - Cyborg Rangers

The Rangers are alarmed to find the government have decided to replace them with Cyborg variations. Left with no occupation and seemingly no purpose, the Rangers watch as their successors handle a crisis. However, when an explosion severly damages the Cyborgs, they wreck havoc, forcing the Rangers to reclaim their powers to prevent their rampage
Writer: Judd Lynn

346 :08x08 - Up to the Challenge

An obnoxious martial artist called Brian is humiliated by Chad in battle. Vowing revenge, he asks Vypra to make him her pupil, she agrees and casts a spell over him, making him an equal to Chad. Meanwhile, Kelsey is injured in an explosion when she recklessly follows a powerful monster into an abandoned building, and into a deadly trap
Guest Stars: Richard Steven Horvitz as Smogger
Director: Koichi Sakamoto

347 :08x09 - Go Volcanic (1)

Dana deals with a siege on a bus full of citizens whilst the Rangers attempt to prevent Queen Bansheera's Trifire monster from triggering a volcano
Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Writer: Judd Lynn

348 :08x10 - Rising from Ashes (2)

Whilst investigating the Volcano, Miss Fairweather is cut off from her team and buried beneath heavy rubble as Queen Bansherra awakens the Magmavore creature. Resurrecting Trifire, Magmavore battles the Rangers and proves a formidable challenge...
Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Writer: Judd Lynn

349 :08x11 - From Deep in the Shadows (1)

The testing of a new, but unstable morpher leads to it's rejection, but when the morpher is later stolen from the Aquabase, The Rangers are soon confronted with problems presented not just by Vypra and her attacking hoards, but by the startling power and might of the renegade Titanium Ranger, whose identity shakes Captain Mitchell to his very core
Writer: Judd Lynn

350 :08x12 - Truth Discovered (2)

The secrets and danger poised by The Titanium Ranger forces Mitchell to reflect on the day his young son Ryan was given to Diabolico in exchange for saving his life. Now Ryan is out for revenge, can the iron will of the Rangers overcome a heart torn asunder?
Writer: Judd Lynn

351 :08x13 - Ryan's Destiny (3)

As Diabolico recieves his last chance from Queen Vansheera, he releases three monsters who place feathers all over the city, which when nightfall hits, will explode. The Titanium Ranger struggles with his own identity
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

352 :08x14 - Curse of the Cobra (4)

In retaliation for Ryan'sbetrayal, Diabolico visits the Ranger in his sleep and carves a cobra tattoo on his back. He cautions Ryan that each time he morphs, the cobra will slowly move up his back until it reaches his neck, once there, it will strike and kill the Titanium Ranger. Demonite unleashes a new clone of himself on Mariner Bay and attacks alongside it, leaving the Rangers coping with two equally powerful adversaries
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

353 :08x15 - Strength of the Sun (5)

Ryan goes against his father's orders to help out The Rangers with an untested new Solarzord
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

354 :08x16 - The Cobra Strikes (6)

Ryan's life hangs in the balance as the cobra now lies poised to finish him off with his next morph. Only a physical confrontation with the source of the Cobra's power, a lethal demonic force dwelling withing the anicent demon tomb, holds the key to his salvation.

Meanwhile, Diabolico, his star-power in jeopardy of being transferred to Bansheera's infant son Impus, combines his three generals into a singular being, Trika, and attacks Mariner Bay.
Director: Judd Lynn

355 :08x17 - Olympius Ascends (7)

The aftermath of the battle with Trika and Diabolico leaves an exhausted group of Rangers at the mercy of a new and immediate threat. The heir to the legacy of Queen Bansheera, Impus, descends on Mariner Bay confined within a cocoon, and emerges in a new, more mature form, a formidable entity known as Olympius. With his terrifying powers, Olympius captures four of the Rangers and assumes each of their identities in an attempt to destroy the Aquabase from within...
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

356 :08x18 - A Face from the Past

Carter finally puts a piece of his past together when Captain Mitchell risks his life to aid in the retrieval of civilians caught in the midst of a demonic attack on a Chemical Plant
Guest Stars: Herbie Baez as Shockatron
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

357 :08x19 - The Queen's Return

The Spellbinder monster begins a ceremony that will restore Queen Bansheera to a physical form. Mariner Bay is plunged into panic, chaos, and destruction. The Rangers do their best to slow down the ceremony, but Spellbinder soon divides their priorities by becoming a giant and laying further waste to the city.
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

358 :08x20 - The Omega Project

Joel's younger cousin Simon, a keen astronomer, discovers a large asteroid is on a collision course with Earth and warns Joel of his findings. Olympius, responsible for luring the asteroid towards the planet, attacks Mariner Bay and creates an eclipse of the sun, plunging Earth into darkness. The Rangers use their new Omega Zord fleet in a dangerous bid to destroy the asteroid by planting explosive devices on it's surface and detonating them
Director: Koichi Sakamoto

359 :08x21 - The Fifth Crystal

Kelsey reunites with her estranged Grandmother as Vypra steals several crystals she requires to power a weapon capable of destroying Mariner Bay
Director: Koichi Sakamoto

360 :08x22 - The Chosen Path

Chad becomes distraught when his former sensei, still resentful that his student abandoned his martial arts training to become a Ranger, takes a demonic solider of Olympius, Cyclopsis, as his new student
Director: Worth Keeter

361 :08x23 - Yesterday Again

In the aftermath of a tragic battle with Olympias that leaves his fellow Rangers dead, Carter is propelled back in time and is given the chance to alter the course of the day

362 :08x24 - As Time Runs Out (1)

The Rangers are forced to head into deep space to prevent spores that have become attached to them from pollinating and releasing a deadly toxin into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Loki and Vypra find themselves betrayed by Olympius, prompting them to seek the council of an old friend...

363 :08x25 - In the Freeze Zone (2)

Carter is left on his own when the frigid Freezer captures his fellow Rangers. As Carter risks his life attempting to rescue them with the newly developed Thermo Blaster, Olympius finds his own hands tied with the return of a familiar force eager to slay him...
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

364 :08x26 - The Mighty Mega Battles

Joel becomes jealous of Clark, a colleague of Mss Fairweather with whom he shares an affectionate relationship with. Stalking them as they go on an errand into town] discussing the development of new weapons Joel and Chad soon find themselves all brought into conflict with the sinister Infinitor. As Clark lies wounded, Joel and Chad learn the secrets of the new weapons systems...
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

365 :08x27 - The Great Egg Caper

When a well-meaning thief gets his hands on a mysterious egg, he finds himself being pursued by both the Rangers and Jinxer...
Guest Stars: Michael Sorich as Bird Bane
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

366 :08x28 - Ocean Blue

Chad goes into the ocean to fix a faulty wire. Upon a rock slide Chad is hurt, but mysteriously alive. He remembers something odd and everyone else thinks it is his imagination. But, what Chad sees is absolutely right. A mermaid saved him from the rocks.

367 :08x29 - Trakeena's Revenge (1)

On the planet Mironoi, Leo, the Red Galaxy Ranger, struggles against an army of phantoms led by the monstrous Tri-Skull. He eventually escapes to Earth and warns Lightspeed Rescue of a threat to both of their worlds and the very universe. The mortal enemy of the Galaxy Rangers, Trakeena, with the aid of Olympius, has been kidnapping a selection of Mariner Bay civilians in a bid to produce enough energy to restore her grotesque and limitlessly powerful insect form, and she is close to succeeding...
Guest Stars: Michael Sorich as Triskull
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

368 :08x30 - Trakeena's Revenge (2)

The Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers unite against the power of Tri-Skull and his legion of phantoms, whilst Trakeena begins to absorb the collected life energies of her captives to regain her insect form. However, a treacherous act from Olympius leads to Trakeena gaining more power than she can bear or sanely control and she becomes an unholy terror that lays waste to Mariner Bay, leading to a colossal confrontation with both Ranger groups in their Zords...
Guest Stars: Michael Sorich as Triskull
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

369 :08x31 - The Last Ranger

Dana is left on her own when her fellow Rangers are stricken with amnesia whilst battling the latest Demon...
Director: Worth Keeter

370 :08x32 - Sorcerer of the Sands (1)

Ryan locates the wise and powerful Sorcerer responsible for banishing Bansheera and her horde, and asks that he help the Rangers in their time of need. Meanwhile, The Gatekeeper of the Demon Underworld confronts The Rangers and sends them into the depths of the Demonic graveyard itself, where The Rangers must contend with an old adversary
Guest Stars: Michael Sorich as Gatekeeper
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

371 :08x33 - Olympius Unbound (2)

Olynpius carves his way through the Demon Underworld, and gains stronger powers from the spirits he defeats. Returning to Mariner Bay with Gatekeeper, Olympius disguises himself as a carnival magician and places a hypnotic spell on Captain Mitchell, instructing him to place a Star Power card at the heart of the Aquabase's power source, destroying the base entirely.

The Rangers are divided as Olympius uses his new power to attack Mariner Bay, whilst the crew of the Aquabase face the threat poised by the hypnotized and relentless Mitchell
Guest Stars: Michael Sorich as Gatekeeper
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

372 :08x34 - Neptune's Daughter

Chad's mermaid love Marina returns asking for his help in retrieving her father's powerful trident from the Demons...

373 :08x35 - Web War

Carter tries to get the hang of mastering the Trans-Armor Cycle, when the spider demon, Arachnor, starts webbing up the Aquabase.
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

374 :08x36 - In the Limelight

While out on a rescue mission, Dana is approached by fashion designer Koko Kashmere to become the Glitz Girl. After she takes up the offer to pay her way into medical school, doing various fashion gigs get in the way of Dana's Power Ranger duties, and her friendship with Kelsey.
Director: Judd Lynn

375 :08x37 - Wrath of the Queen (1)

The Queen uses Vypra's life energies to restore her body to it's full form. The limitlessly powerful Bansheera then manipulates the last of her active Generals, Loki, into confronting the Rangers at Mariner Bay Stadium, intending to lure them all into her domain
Director: Judd Lynn

376 :08x38 - Rise of the Super Demons (2)

When testing the new Lifeforce Megazord, The Rangers find that their life-energy is taxed by using it, and question whenever or not the Zord should be utilized. Meanwhile, Olympius and an enslaved Diabolico both attack Mariner Bay, gaining incredible power, and taking the Rangers Zords to their limits, forcing the necessity of the dangerous Lifeforce Megazord
Director: Judd Lynn

377 :08x39 - The Fate of Lightspeed (1)

Jinxer places a Battling card on one of the Ranger's Megazords, allowing Bansheera's' foot soldiers to stage a "Trojan horse" coup on the Aquabase and begin to cripple it from within. Seizing control of the Lifeforce Megazord, the Battlings slowly dissect the base piece by piece, causing major flooding, rendering the trapped Lightspeed Rangers helpless. Meanwhile, cut off from the remainder of the team, Carter and the returning Ryan face the might of a hijacked Omega Megazord as Queen Banshera makes preparations to restore her fallen army of demons to life
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

378 :08x40 - The Fate of Lightspeed (2)

The Lightspeed Rangers struggle to escape the crippled Aquabase and destroy the hijacked Lifeforce Megazord before it can do further damage. Queen Bansheera's palace is placed in the center of Mariner Bay as she begins the ceremony to restore the armies trapped in the Demon Underworld to life. Carter and Ryan succeed in halting The Omega Megazord's rampage, but can they reunite with the remaining Rangers in time to prevent the resurrection of their fallen foes and end Bansheera's dominion?
Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Children | Super Heroes
Status: Returning Series
Network: nickelodeon ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 12:00 pm
Runtime: 25 Minutes
Premiere: August 28, 1993
Episode Order: 22
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