A Different Shade of Pink (1) - Recap

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Gunthar Schmidt, the famous gymnastics coach, comes to the Youth Center and is impressed by Kimberly. He convinces her to try out for the Pan Global gymnastics team and even offers to train her! Rita, not wanting Kimberly to participate, sends monsters to attack different locations. Aisha and Rocky fight Artistmole and Vampirus, Adam and Billy fight Tengas, and Tommy fights Goldar, Rito, and Tengas. When Tommy is in trouble, Alpha contacts Kimberly. At first she doesn't go, but she eventually does.
Realizing that they're stronger as a team, the rangers gather the monsters together and fight them, forcing them to retreat. Kimberly goes to the Youth Center, but is soon called back into action. She joins the rangers, who are fighting the monsters on their Shark Cycles. When the monsters retreat again, Kimberly collapses from exhaustion.
She is later dropped off at the Youth Center by Tommy. She is told by Ernie that Schmidt had another appointment and couldn't stay. After Ernie locks up and leaves, Kat teleports in outside but has flashbacks of Rita turning her evil and hitting her head on the diving board during the Pan Global Games. She feels terrible for what she has done to Kimberly and runs inside. She then watches in horror as Kimberly loses her balance and falls off the balance beam.

To be continued...