Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers (4) - Recap

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After attacking the rangers with Cogs nonstop for two weeks to make them exhausted, King Mondo sends Somnibot to Earth, and she begins putting everyone to sleep.
Meanwhile, Lt. Stone puts Bulk and Skull in charge of a safe. A thief overhears him saying that the contents inside are priceless. He later dresses up as a locksmith, claiming to have been sent by Lt. Stone to check it out. He says that the safe needs repairs and then takes it to be fixed!
Back at the Power Chamber, Alpha adjusts the rangers' power frequency to protect them from Somnibot. They morph and fight her, but her singing is stronger than they expected. As the rangers begin falling asleep, Billy tells Alpha that he's going to try something and walks off. The Gold Ranger then saves the rangers and destroys Somnibot. When the rangers arrive at the Power Chamber, Billy returns saying that he had an idea about the frequency block but was too late.
After receiving a phone call from Lt. Stone, Bulk and Skull discover that he didn't send a locksmith. They then go looking for the thief and find him, but the new and improved Somnibot appears and puts them to sleep! Somnibot is detected, and the rangers go after her. Seeing that Klank is drawing power from the city's power system to strengthen his creation, Billy tells Alpha to isolate a powerline and send a power surge through, and as Alpha does so, Billy disappears.
Meanwhile, the Gold Ranger arrives to help, but he and the other rangers are put to sleep. However, the power surge short-circuits Somnibot, freeing everyone from her spell. Cogs attack, but after a brief fight, the Gold Ranger defeats Somnibot. She grows but is destroyed by the Zeo Ultrazord.
Later, Bulk and Skull bring the safe back just as Lt. Stone arrives with the client. She opens it, revealing it to be the secret recipe for her blue-ribbon egg salad sandwich! Elsewhere, Rocky tells the others that he's figured out that Billy is the Gold Ranger, but he denies it. The others believe Billy, but Rocky still suspects.