Shift into Turbo (2) - Recap

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Elgar summons Piranhatrons, and Justin morphs to fight them. Meanwhile, Kat, Adam, and Tanya are worried about Justin and leave the ceremony to help him. However, Divatox arrives with Piranhatrons and fight them in the parking lot. Adam stays and fights while Kat and Tanya go to the power plant. Adam then morphs but is outnumbered. Zordon contacts Tommy, who quickly comes to Adam's aid. Divatox retreats, so they also head to the plant. After a brief battle, Elgar and the Piranhatrons teleport away, and the rangers split up to find out what Elgar did. Justin goes to the Power Chamber to get a Turbo Navigator. When he gets there, he sees that Alpha is watching a wormhole and is excited. Alpha shuts off the screen when he notices Justin and then gives him the Turbo Navigator, which the rangers then use to find the bomb. However, Rygog and Piranhatrons attack. Tommy grabs the bomb and places it on the R.A.M., which speeds off and explodes. Elsewhere, Alpha tells Zordon that the wormhole is nearly ready. Zordon then instructs him to contact Lerigot.
At the graduation ceremony, the principal is stalling until the others return. The rangers then arrive, and Kat gives a speech. Afterwards, the rangers graduate and go to the Youth Center, where Lt. Stone brings the Bulk and Skull chimps. Meanwhile, Lerigot arrives at the Power Chamber. Alpha states that the wormhole is nearly ready for them to leave. Elsewhere, Divatox also sees the wormhole and realizes that the Zordon is going to try and use it to return to Eltar.