To Kill a Mocking Girl - Recap

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In the beginning, Emily decided to take the girls to the shed and they think it is weird and the wrong place to remember Alison. Emily doesn't want to give the detective more reasons to question them. Hanna tells them that she thinks that they should make sure that their friend is dead before they begin mourning her. Everyone is made uncomfortable by this and they tell her that they obviously went to her funeral so she is very much dead. Hanna says that they all received messages from her after that, so how exactly is she dead? The rest of the girls think that it is someone else messing around. Hanna asks how "A" knows stuff that only Alison new. Emily asks if Spencer has gotten anymore messages and then they hear something.

They decide to turn around and leave and then they all get a texts and it says "Heads up, BFFs. It's open season on liars and I'm hunting...--A". Hanna goes downstairs and her mother's new boyfriend is downstairs trying to figure out what makes the spread spread. She is dating the detective and will be until the charges are dropped. Hanna tells her mother that she wasn't expecting to have to buy him a father's card, either. Aria is reading To Kill a Mockingbird at a cafe with her parents. Her father tells her that she should read the author's biography next. He asks if she likes her English teacher and she says that she does. While they are talking a woman comes up and interrupts their breakfast. The woman that comes over is the woman that he was having an affair with.

He tells her that she is a teaching assistant and her office is across the hall. Aria also asks Ezra to go on a date with her to an art gallery, but he denies her because he doesn't want to get caught or have her look a lot more mature than she really is. The woman her father had an affair with kept showing up at her mother's gallery and she would not listen to Aria when she gave her the boot--twice! The second time, Meredith told her to let the adults attend to their own business and to stay where she belongs as a child--in quietville. After that, Aria is upset and decides that she is going to go to her new teacher boyfriend's place so that she had someone to talk to and then things really don't go as she would have preferred them to go.

In fact, there is another woman that may be causing some problems for her with Fitz. Spencer comes down and walks in on her sister and mother speaking about how she isn't getting married now. They argue about it and she is still getting accused of kissing him back. She tells them that she didn't kiss him back, but Melissa doesn't want to hear it. No one seems to be giving her a break in her house, either. Hanna is waiting outside the school and she runs into her boyfriend. He and his friend talk about there being a big party at Sean's because the parents won't be around. Her friend tries to convince her to have sex, but Hanna seems to think that she can wait if she wants to. Go, Hanna.

Spencer has made the decision that she is going to go see Wren and convince him to tell Melissa what really happened. He tells her that he is definitely sorry that she's going through what she is but he only regrets not falling for her instead of Melissa. Spencer gets back to her house and decides to work on her paper. It's not working out for her so well so she actually makes the decision to take one of her sister's papers and plagiarize it. Finally, Melissa comes home and tells her that she got a phone call from Wren. He owns up to making the first move, but she really doesn't believe it--or seem to care what the truth really is because she snaps and tells her that they deserve one another.

They are at school and they realize that Jenna's brother is back and wonder how long it has been. Hanna isn't having luck when it comes to the detective. She's called back to the office in school and he starts questioning her in regards to weight loss and whether or not her missing/dead best friend had anything at all to do with it. She has a flashback of asking Sean out on a date when she was still a bit chubby and Alison helped her. Soon she decides to turn the tables on him calling him about about being such a party boy and that she doesn't like the way he does his job. Everyone is getting ready to go party at Sean's and the detective offers to bring her there in his car. Hanna and Ashley aren't for it and Hanna leaves. Her mother decides to ask when everything is going to be dropped.

He doesn't answer her, but he does start digging around when she isn't paying attention. She finds that friends bracelet that had been given to the girls--including Hanna from Alison. Ashley has actually caught him and calls him out on it. She realizes that he's searching her things and pretty much only dating the mother just to be able to do that. She will be having none of that and she kicks him out of the house. The girls are at the party and Hanna is just watching her boyfriend play Foosball. Mona comes back and starts talking to her about sex and how important it is. After a bit of that, she decides that she is going to actually have sex with him. He isn't feeling it and she is sad about it. She asks him why not and he says because she seems too desperate.

She's angry and hurt so she leaves. She gets a text from A again and it says "Heads up, hon. Hefty Hanna never gets the guy." She completely freaks out and then gets into her boyfriend's car. She then crashes his car into rocks. After she gets out, she decides to walk home and is crying because apparently it has been a rough day. Ben comes up to Maya and Emily and he invites Emily to the party. She decides to also invite her new squeeze Maya. Ben isn't pleased by this at all. Later on in the school day, she is getting ready to get dressed after gym. Her boyfriend shows up and out of nowhere he is ready to get down and dirty. She is not into that and fights him on it. For whatever reason, he decides to ignore her saying no and then a guy named Toby Cavanaugh comes into to save the day. He beats Ben up pretty badly and she breaks up with him.

The break up is good news because now she doesn't -really- have to hide Maya. They go to the party together and still try to act like they are just friends and go into a photobooth. They get the pictures and one of them has them getting pretty kissy with one another. Before they could get out and take the developed pictures it seems that someone has already stolen them. It is time for Emily to go home and she notices that Toby is working on something on his front porch. She says thank you and he just smirks at her. His blind sister asks what it was about and he just kind of keeps doing what he was doing and ignores her. Emily did tell the rest of the girls what happened in the locker room but the other girls are suspicious of him.