Reality Bites Me - Recap

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After having the experience of the lipstick writing on the mirror. They decide that they are going to unblock the mysterious messages from "A". As soon as they do that they receive a video sent to their phones of themselves from Spencer's bedroom closet. They still feel like Jenna could be the culprit despite her being blind. Spencer figures that Jenna is going to need a lot more than just her GPS phone to do all of the things that were happening to all of them.

Ezra has invited Aria to watch him read his short story at the local bar. The bar has promoted his reading all over the internet and that is bringing in Ezra's college roommate who may be named Artie or may be named Hartie. Lets go with Artie. Aria pretends to be on their level for a while and she even makes some jokes. Artie is drinking quite a bit and talks about what he and Ezra used to do back in college. They even had bunk beds! Unfortunately for Ezra, his roommate often had "visitors" so he could not concentrate on being the sensitive writer that he is. Aria and Ezra do not hide their relationship at all and are quite affectionate in public. This does not bode well for anyone. Aria gets a text from "A" that her teacher boyfriend ends up coming across. He gets really, really worried about that and may want to break up with Aria due to that.

Despite that misfortune with Aria, it doesn't end there. The last episode showed that "A" sent her mother a letter about her father having an affair and telling her everything. Aria knew the whole time which will end up causing a world of trouble for her too--you know, outside of destroying the family entirely.

In chemistry class, Emily and Toby are getting much closer. They are having a lot of fun getting to know one another. They enjoy to study for their school work late at night and love rocking out to Circa Survive. They seem to be getting along great due to this thing they have in common. They are also making mix CD's for one another which is pretty cute.

Hanna has decided to start looking into what Jenna does. Jenna wears the same lipstick that A wore (jungle red) and she also sees a therapist that happens to have their practice in what looks to be a store front. Her mother has taught her that she should never let any man that she manages to get no matter what. She has also taught her that true love doesn't actually wait. Eventually, you will be divorced for a younger woman.

Unfortunately for Emily and Maya, whoever stole their photobooth pictures has sent Hanna them through an IM. She needed to talk to Emily about it, but didn't want to be super aggressive about it or come off judgmental. Elsewhere, Spencer has been sent to practice for a match that she is supposed to throw (her father asked her to). She did meet a pretty nice looking dude there at the courts and she has also told her father that she got her prize by stealing the essay from her sister.