There's No Place Like Homecoming - Recap

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It is that time of the year where the girls get to go to the high school dance. This was a pretty incredible dance that pulled out the stops. It had a carnival theme with live music and mysticism. Unfortunately, everyone has to work on getting Aria to even want to go. She is all sad about her teacher ditching her after having read the text from "A". She says that she is really depressed over the fact that her parents marriage has been pretty shaky and things might be ending at some point so she really just wants to not go.

Spencer tells her that she could win a car and Emily says she could take her as her date but Aria obviously doesn't want that to happy. Eventually she got some weird note from "A" that made her decide that she will go to the dance. Elsewhere, Hanna is starting to wonder about her feelings for Lucas. She wants to be homecoming queen, so it might be weird to date someone under her "level". She's into him, though. He tries to avoid her advances. Then her friend Mona comes around and decides to make fun of Lucas and try to snap Hanna out of her curiosity.

Spencer has asked Alex to the dance. She thinks about setting up the raffle so that Alex could win the car that is up to be won. She thinks he is super poor due to going to public school. Unfortunately for the two of them, her sister Melissa treats him like trash and he goes off to his side of the world. Also, Aria and her teacher get into a pretty loud argument.

Emily is having a hard time with her sexuality, especially after Aria makes a bit of a homophobic comment. She goes with Toby to the dance and everyone is up in arms by this. Everyone tells her that she shouldn't be around him especially considering how he wants to kill all of the girls and well...she has a girlfriend. Toby wants to talk to her in private so they go to an empty classroom together. He starts telling her that he used to sleep with Jenna...who is his step sister.

She notices that he has a tattoo that says "901 Free At Last" and she stops wanting to listen. She gets super feisty as he continues to try to tell her everything. She throws her fist into his face and then slams him into a shelf full of glass and other dangerous objects. He won't let it go despite that and she books it screaming.