Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone - Recap

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This week is time for the memorial for Ali. They are donating a bench and fountain. This is when Ali's brother has magically appeared into the mix. The detective started to work on the case of his sister's murder when it came back. There is also another missing person in the area. Apparently Toby called the missing girl the night that she went off and disappeared.

Jason and Spencer interacted and he told her that they got into each other's faces a lot, She and Alison. Also, Allison also apparently told her brother that Spencer is why Jenna is blind now. Hanna is having her own issues with the whole money thing. She needs to get money pretty badly and her mother is having financial issues, too. Hanna decided to sell many of her purses so that she could buy food. She ended up selling one for ten percent of what it was worth and her mother was very much angry.

Emily has finally asked Maya on a real date. They go to see a movie and end up hooking up in the theater. Her father has just gotten back from tour duty and she is not really hiding her relationship with Maya at this point. They also do a lot of flashbacking to when Aria had a bit of a crush on Noel. She wanted to go on a double date with Sean, Hanna, and him. She is still thinking about Ezra who is out of the picture entirely. Noel wanted to make out with her but she just wasn't into it because she is so depressed. He's accepting of that due to wanting to keep it open with her anyway.

There was a lot going on with Jenna this week, too. We got to see what she used to look like and we also got to see her take down Spencer in a bit of a verbal "war" telling her that she thinks that her little group is careless and destroy everything without thinking about paying for whatever they destroy. At the end, someone was definitely taking down the memorial bench.