Salt Meets Wound - Recap

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The episode begins with the girls hanging out with Hanna, who is just back from the hospital. While they are occupied Hanna knocks some boxes over. Inside one she finds a bunch of cash. She lies about it to the girls and tells them to leave. Once the three are gone she gets the following text from A: "Like Mommy, like daughter. Can you run from the law on those legs?" Hanna later confronts her mother about the cash she found. Ashley admits she borrowed the money from a bank customer with the idea of replacing it later. Hanna wonders how she'll pay back essentially stolen money and Ashley ignores her. During dinner Emily's mother awkwardly asks about Maya's dietary needs.

When she leaves the table Emily tells her father they should cancel if it will be too difficult. Colonel says Pam was up all night working on the menu. Spencer meanwhile is upset when she feels her mother is taking Melissa and Ian's eloping so passively. Veronica says should doesn't like what happened but advises her youngest to try and be happy for her sister. They see Toby walking into city hall and Veronica tells Spencer he is out on bail and probably visiting with his attorney. At school Maya asks Emily if dinner is still on and Emily advises her to wear a dress. Aria gets a strange wave from Noel. Emily tells Maya her parents have been a little strange about her gay announcement and basically warns her that Pam isn't as easy-going as her mother.

After class Aria tells Ezra that Noel was the one who wrote on his car. She tells him Noel promised not to tell anyone but Ezra seems concerned. He wants them to talk about it later. Emily meanwhile tells Spencer she worried about dinner. Mona tells them she wants to have a welcome home party for Hanna. Noel meanwhile, comes to see Ezra about a paper. Noel threatens that if the grade doesn't get changed from a 'C' to an 'A' he'll go to the principal about his relationship with Aria. Later, Ezra tells Aria that Noel isn't who she thinks he is. Jenna arrives with a slip for him to sign and hints that she may have overheard them. Alex meanwhile, tells Spencer the pro recommended him for a tennis clinic over in Sweden.

She thinks it's an outstanding opportunity but he says he's going to turn it down to stay in town and work construction. He tosses the form into the trash. Meanwhile, the Maya dinner couldn't be much more awkward: Emily forgot to tell her mother Maya was allergic to seafood. Maya's parents were anti-war protesters, her parents did not get married until she was old enough to be a flower girl in the ceremony and they tattooed their wedding ring. Colonel seems to be enjoying Maya but Pam is having trouble. She goes to the kitchen to look for something else to make Maya and begins weeping. Mona meanwhile, surprises Hanna with a huge group of people at her house. Among them is Noel, who gives Hanna huge smile. She seems worried. Lucas is getting drunk and is still bitter about their break-up.

Meanwhile, Emily and Maya sneak onto the porch. Maya says the experience was exhausting and bails on Hanna's party. They kiss just as Pam walks out with some food for Maya's family. Meanwhile, Spencer suggests she and Alex sneak away to her parents' cabin. She spots Noel while they kiss and gets freaked out. Aria confronts Noel about his blackmail of Ezra. He lies about the whole thing, denying Ezra's accurate version. Emily meanwhile, goes to see Toby and tells him that she tried to contact him in jail. She tells him she wasn't the one who talked to the police. He says he's been getting death threats. She asks him if she believes her about not calling and he turns the question back around on her. After she leaves he begins to remove the police tracking bracelet on his ankle.

Meanwhile, Aria asks Hanna if she can leave the party and it starts an argument about Ezra. Hanna is hurt Aria didn't tell her about the relationship. Spencer meanwhile, finds a furious Alex outside. He just got word that an application for the clinic in Sweden was submitted electronically on his behalf. Spencer is the only one he told and he's angry she didn't honor his wishes. She swears it wasn't her but he leaves. Immediately Spencer gets a text from A: "Point, set, match!" The increasingly drunk Lucas meanwhile mocks Sean while he tells a story. Sean goes after him but Noel breaks them up before anything happens. Hanna meanwhile, takes Lucas outside and asks why he even came.

He rants about not letting people walk over him and lets slip that, "considering what (Alison) did to me I should have done way worse to her." He admits to destroying the memorial because "dying doesn't make you a saint". She says she won't tell the cops. Sean comes outside and Hanna asks him how well he knows Noel. She asks him to tell everyone to go home. Spencer meanwhile, tells Aria that she still thinks Noel is A. He walks by and she gives him a death stare. Meanwhile, Toby continues to work on breaking his bracelet. Jenna walks out to the porch and he tells her about Emily trying to contact him. He says Emily wasn't the one who turned him in. She says she knows, because it was actually her. She says he needs to be home where he's safe and strokes his face.

Toby responds "you can chain me to this porch and I'd still never touch you like that again." She slaps him and walks inside. While Hanna cleans up she hears something near the front of the house. She goes to investigate with a crutch and sees a shadow flash by. She backs into the kitchen and turns out the lights. Ultimately it turns out to be her mother. She goes to the pasta box and sees that the money is missing. Pam meanwhile, tells Emily that Colonel is leaving at the end of the month. Emily thanks her for the evening, but Pam responds that she isn't okay with it, that "it makes me sick to my stomach." Emily is stunned. Spencer's father meanwhile, indicates to her he doesn't love Ian.

He says a police friend told him the blood stain found on the sweater at Toby's was a match for Alison and they probably won't investigate anyone else. Spencer looks at a Hilton Head tag on Ian's golf clubs and flashes back to Alison returning from a low-key weekend with her grandmother. The same tag was on Alison's suitcase but she brushed it off as nothing. Hanna meanwhile, offers to call Sean to see if anyone saw anything but her mother cuts her off. She gives Ashley a pain killer to help her sleep. Once Ashley leaves Hanna finds a $100 bill rolled up in one of her pill bottles with a note from A: "You'll get your $$ back. If you do what I say. Sweet dreams." Meanwhile, gloved hands are shown loading $100 bills into a piggy bank of some sort. The episode ends at this point.