The Goodbye Look - Recap

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The girls are not allowed to really hang out, so their parents have been keeping them all separate. Things have calmed down a bit. Aria decides to go over to Spencer's anyway. She gets knocked down by someone that was masked when she walked into her empty house that looks to have been broken into. They believe it may have been A, but there are a lot of signs pointing to Ian.

Aria and Ezra are not having a good time of it. She is thinking about breaking upwith him. Ezra has her come over and he ends up getting stuck at a prior commitment. She decides based on this that she is going to break up with him. She does. It is the last day at his job and he gives a speech to his students. It is really directed at Aria. It works and she ends up chasing after him into the parking lot and giving him a kiss in front of everyone now that he doesn't work there.

Toby wants to get his GED and a job so that he can get away from his parents. Unfortunately, he gets fired due to his past. Hanna talks to her dad and calls him out on leaving her and her mother for a new family. Hanna starts hanging out with Mona again, because she can't see her other friends.

It turns out that Emily is not leaving. She was offered a swim scholarship, but she cannot leave Rosewood to do it because she will fail if she leaves that school. Emily's mother is thinking this move through again.

Jason is back, but he would like privacy. Someone has broken into Spencer's house and she is being lied to by Melissa who has been getting texts from Ian.