My Name is Trouble - Recap

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Spencer is having a hard time and doesn't want to be alone. She is scared, because someone broke into her house while she was gone. Melissa won't even spend time with her while she's scared. She has found out that Toby has a new job and it is a construction job with Jason building a fence. She is worried, because she is suspicious of Jason. Spencer worries that Ian is inside. She goes and steals Melissa's engagement ring and then pawns it. She goes and gives the money to Toby so he can quit. A decides to buy the ring. There is someone inside of Jason's house that he seems to be hiding. There is also blood in his trash.

"A" is going around breaking into houses. Emily is dealing with her scholarship woes and she makes a fake scholarship letter because the real one wasn't as good as she wanted it to be. She wanted to send it to her mother, but she doesn't do it. She throws it in the trash, but somehow it gets sent to her mother anyway. Spencer thinks about a time when Alison comes crying to one of her sleepovers, because she was at one of Jason's parties and something happened but nothing informative is given out of that flashback.

Aria has decided that she is going to take a course at Hollis so that she is closer to Ezra. They are kind of more open to being a couple in college, but her parents do not know about that at all. This needs to stay a secret for a while longer according to them. Ezra's ex saw them kissing at school. Aria sees that Jenna is taking a course with her and she is not happy about that. She pretends to be "Anita". Jenna is really disappointed that she can't see her work and gets even more frustrated when she realizes that Aria hears it all.

Melissa has been sneaking around and she is sneaking around again. She gets followed by Spencer and it turns out that she has snuck out to see that Wren is back and they wonder why he is back.